How To Fix a Double-Clicking Mouse

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Have you realized that your mouse has started acting up and double-clicking for a passing fancy simply click? Even though this issue is aggravating and compels one to replace the mouse; but, the clear answer is relatively simple. 

Quick Solution

You can fix a double-clicking mouse with a few practices such as for example checking double-click mouse settings, changing the mouse double-click speed, checking battery levels, upgrading or reinstalling mouse motorists, or cleaning/repairing the mouse precisely. 

If you don’t learn how to fix double-clicking the mouse, we now have written an in depth guide to endure the complete means of resolving the issue with ease.

  1. Fixing a Double-Clicking Mouse
    • Method # 1: cleansing Your Mouse
    • Method # 2: Updating & Reinstalling Mouse Driver
      • Step no. 1: Updating Mouse Driver
      • Step number 2: Reinstalling Mouse Driver
    • Method no. 3: Checking Folder and Mouse Settings
      • Step # 1: Checking Folder choice Settings
      • Step number 2: Adjusting Mouse Settings
    • Method number 4: Checking Battery & Connection 
      • Step no. 1: Checking the Battery
      • Step number 2: Bringing the Mouse nearer to the PC
    • Method # 5: fixing Mouse Switch
  2. Using Another Mouse
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Fixing a Double-Clicking Mouse

A double-clicking mouse is a fairly irritating issue while you may possibly not be in a position to choose and drag files precisely. This issue additionally decreases your work-related tasks and video gaming performance since you depend on the keyboard a lot more than your mouse. 

However, if you’re wondering just how to fix a double-clicking mouse, our 5 step by step practices can help you quickly fix this matter without much work. 

Method # 1: cleansing Your Mouse

If your mouse double-clicks for a passing fancy simply click during the incorrect time, the probabilities are that dust or debris within it has effects on its performance. To eliminate this matter, clean your mouse with your basic steps.

  1. Disassemble your mouse, eliminate any grips or other added-on components, and make use of a pin to remove any dirt.
  2. To clean the top of mouse, use alcohol, cotton swabs, and cotton rounds.
  3. Let most of the pieces dry out before you reassemble the mouse.
  4. Clean the surface on that you spot your mouse if the double-click issue was fixed. 

Method number 2: Updating & Reinstalling Mouse Driver

Corrupted mouse drivers may also result in the double-clicking problem. To upgrade and reinstall them, follow these steps.

Step no. 1: Updating Mouse Driver

In the Windows Start menu, type “Device Manager” and then click onto it. Next, click “Mice along with other pointing products” to grow the menu. Now, right-click in your installed mouse, choose “Update Driver“, and then click “Search immediately for motorists” to put in the motorist.

Step number 2: Reinstalling Mouse Driver

If an update just isn’t found, reinstall the mouse driver by right-clicking in your mouse under “Device Manager” and choosing “Uninstall device“.

Check the container in the remaining part of this “Delete the motorist computer software because of this device” choice and then click “Uninstall“. Finally, allow the computer detect the mouse and reinstall drivers in the next boot.


You may also download the drivers through the manufacturer’s website and install them manually.

Method no. 3: Checking Folder and Mouse Settings

Sometimes, folder choices are set to double-click to start on a Windows Computer. You’ll resolve this with all the after actions.

Step no. 1: Checking Folder choice Settings

Open Files Explorer and choose the “View” choice through the ribbon interface. Next, click “modification folder and search choices” to gain access to the “Folder” choices. Under “Check things the following“, choose the “Single-click to start an item” choice. 

Step number 2: Adjusting Mouse Settings

Type “Mouse Settings” into the Windows search menu; click it. Next, navigate to “Additional mouse options” and adjust your mouse double-click rate. Decide to try several settings and hit “Apply” after every anyone to set it. Simply click “OK” as soon as you get the most appropriate environment. 

Method number 4: Checking Battery & Connection 

A poor connection involving the mouse and computer may also cause a mouse to double-click as opposed to an individual simply click. Fortunately, you are able to troubleshoot the problem with all the after actions. 

Step # 1: Checking the Battery

If your mouse operates on batteries with low energy, replace them to repair the problem. 

Step number 2: Bringing the Mouse nearer to the PC

If the problem does not resolve by changing the battery pack, the probabilities will be the mouse has difficulty interacting together with your computer wirelessly. Therefore, bring it nearer to your computer and place it far from other interfering products. 

Method # 5: fixing Mouse Switch

This method is fairly time intensive and fairly tricky, if the above fixes did not work with the double-clicking issue, do these steps.

  1. Remove the batteries through the mouse and unscrew it with good care. 
  2. Find and available the mouse switch making use of a set screwdriver.
  3. Remove the copper stress spring in the mouse switch and fold it with a screwdriver. 
  4. Bend the tab up and reinsert the tension spring.
  5. Push the curved tab back place. 
  6. Put everything right back together and verify that your mouse double-click problem has been fixed. 

Using Another Mouse

If your mouse continues to be double-clicking on a regular basis, link it with another computer and discover how it works. In the event that problem continues, buy a brand new mouse and link it together with your Computer. 


In this guide on repairing a double-clicking mouse, we now have explored various techniques to eradicate this issue. We’ve additionally discussed changing the mouse in the event that problem continues. 

Hopefully, your mouse isn’t any longer double-clicking, and you will do your tasks effortlessly.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do I reset my sensitive mouse?

It can be done to reset your personal computer mouse by unplugging it through the computer, holding straight down the left and right mouse buttons, and plugging the mouse straight back while keeping these buttons. 

After a matter of seconds, launch both the mouse buttons. Only at that minute, an LED flash will likely to be exhibited, that may make sure the mouse has reset successfully.

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