How To Fix a Keyboard That Got Wet

Wet keyboard

Liquids would be the riskiest items to have near your personal computer. Everyone knows that, and also you would genuinely believe that would discourage us from having a hot sit down elsewhere on our work desk. We’ve all had to manage damp keyboards sooner or later. If you’re scanning this article, you’re probably working with a spill.

Quick Answer

once you spot the problem, isolate the keyboard by disconnecting or unplugging it through the computer, drain the fluid, and allow the keyboard dry for at the least a day before testing it. If it does not work, go to a technician for further repairs.

The very first short while after a spill frequently determine the harm to the keyboard. This informative article details the actions you’ll follow to repair your damp keyboard. We additionally offered an alternative way for people who spilled fluid on the laptop computer keyboards as opposed to outside keyboards.

  1. What to think about before selecting a Repair Method
  2. Method # 1: just how to Fix a damp External Keyboard
  3. Method # 2: just how to Fix a Wet Laptop Keyboard
  4. Conclusion

What To start thinking about before selecting a fix Method

When you’re working with a spill, time is associated with the essence. The sooner you observe dripping and commence repairing it, the greater. Nonetheless, you can find facets you must think about just before can fix a wet keyboard.     

  • Type of fluid: Although any fluid could cause serious harm to the keyboard, water may be the simplest to manage as it does not have any salt, sugar, or alcoholic content that will cause permanent harm to the keyboard. 
  • Time elapsed considering that the spill: in the event that you took a long time to note the spill, the possibilities are that the fluid has made its option to the internal components for the keyboard or laptop computer. You may have to take into account specialized help, particularly if you’re working with a laptop keyboard. 
  • Type of keyboard: repairing an external keyboard varies from a laptop keyboard. Additionally, spilling fluid on a laptop keyboard is more threatening since the fluid can distribute to many other sensitive components
  • Amount of spill: the total amount of fluid that spilled on your own keyboard would additionally figure out the kind of do the repair requires.

Method no. 1: just how to Fix a Wet outside Keyboard

An external keyboard poses less issues than an inside keyboard while there is often no danger that the fluid within the keyboard will get towards the the different parts of the Central Processing Unit and cause serious harm. Additionally it is easier and cheaper to displace in the event of permanent harm.

To fix a wet outside keyboard, stick to the steps below.

  1. Unplug or disconnect the keyboard through the computer. Making a wet keyboard attached to the computer causes harm to the computer elements. In case it is a radio keyboard, switch it off and remove the battery
  2. Turn the keyboard upside down. This task stops the liquid’s movement to the keyboard’s internal part and forces the fluid to move right back away. 
  3. Clean the keyboard with a lint-free fabric or towel. Paper towels, napkins, or lavatory documents could be more available, but don’t allow the situation tempt you into with them to mop up the fluid. Always use lint-free since paper towels leave behind particles which may harm your keyboard. 
  4. Disassemble the keycaps. If you’re utilizing a mechanical keyboard, take away the keycaps and clean all of them with a lint-free fabric. Before getting rid of the keycaps, just take an image associated with the keyboard to make sure you won’t have issues placing them right back. 
  5. Place the keyboard upside down for at the least a day allowing the fluid to strain totally.
  6. Reassemble the keycaps within their initial place and link the keyboard towards the computer to test if it really works completely. 
  7. If the issue continues, visit a technician.

Method # 2: just how to Fix a Wet Laptop Keyboard

So numerous things can fail once you spill liquid on your own laptop computer keyboard. When this occurs, the keyboard may be the minimum of one’s issues, along with your focus must be on restricting the harm to the barest minimum.

Since you can’t separate the keyboard through the laptop computer, follow these actions to repair the issue.

  1. Unplug the ability supply and shut down your laptop computer. In the event that you delay this procedure plus the fluid reaches the laptop’s internal elements while it’s still working, it may cause permanent damage towards the computer. 
  2. Remove external cables, hard drive, USB drive, disk drive, mouse, and battery. Be sure you eliminate all of the effortlessly removable elements. 
  3. Tilt the laptop laterally and upside down seriously to empty out of the liquid. 
  4. Use a lint-free fabric or towel to sop up fluid from the keyboard’s surface. Don’t use paper towels or napkins. 
  5. Flip the laptop computer upside down and then leave it here for no less than 24 hours.
  6. Insert the battery pack and switch on the laptop computer to test the keyboard
  7. If the keyboard can not work, visit a technician.


Modern-day laptop computers aren’t simple to disassemble; consequently, it’s best not to ever dismantle them. Any harm will void the warranty and cause a more impressive problem than you’re wanting to fix.

If your guarantee continues to be legitimate, we suggest using the laptop computer towards the manufacturer for repairs. Otherwise, go to a technician whom relates to your laptop computer brand name.


While there is certainly a need to apply the fix as quickly as possible after a spill, don’t panic or hurry things. By after the actions in this essay, you stay an increased possibility of repairing your damp keyboard. But keep in mind, prevention of a challenge is obviously much better than the cure.

Rather than finding a highly effective remedy, steering clear of the issue continues to be the simplest way to prolong your computer’s lifespan. Consequently, why don’t you consider going fluids from your work desk? This really is easier in theory because absolutely nothing beats having a hot sit down elsewhere on your own desk while focusing on your personal computer. Instead, it could assist in the event that you considered getting a keyboard address or a water-resistant keyboard.

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