How To Fix Dead Pixels on iPhone

  1. Different Ways of Fixing Stuck Pixels on an iPhone 
    • Method number 1: utilizing JScreenFix 
    • Method # 2: making use of Pressure 
    • Method no. 3: making use of Heat 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently expected Questions 

Different Ways of Fixing Stuck Pixels on an iPhone 

Before we enter into the task to repair dead pixels on your own iPhone, why it happens to begin with? As soon as the pixel on your own iPhone is stuck or dead, the transistor element at the rear of the TFT industry failed. More often than not, this is certainly brought on by manufacturing defects. In other cases, it may be due to particles of dust getting back in the incorrect spot. 

You can inform in the event that pixel is stuck or dead on the basis of the color associated with the pixel. In the event that pixel is brightly colored (e.g., white or green), it’s probably dead, and repairing it indicates getting a screen replacement. If the pixel on your own iPhone display is black colored, it indicates it really is stuck, and you may effortlessly correct it utilizing some of the practices below. 

Method # 1: making use of JScreenFix 

Several third-party apps are downloaded on your own iPhone to aid fix stuck pixels. Nevertheless, JScreenFix is easy to utilize and free. Whenever you install this application, you don’t have to do such a thing since the application uses HTML5 JavaScript to repair the matter. With this specific pc software, you need to be in a position to fix most screen kinds, such as LCD and OLED, for the mobile and tablet Apple products. 

Here’s how exactly to utilize pc software to fix a stuck pixel.

  1. Download the JScreenFix on your own iPhone and introduce it. 
  2. Tap regarding the black window, and a square package will show up with blinking pixels. 
  3. Move the pixel fixer to your area where in actuality the pixel is stuck and allow it to stay for 10 minutes
  4. Within ten minutes, the JScreenFix algorithm will need care associated with the dead pixel and correct it; then, it is possible to reboot your iPhone and revel in. 

Method # 2: Using stress 

Another way it is possible to fix a stuck pixel on your own iPhone would be to attempt to actually eliminate it. This technique is most effective once the problem is due to dust or debris. If you utilize this method, simply take additional care in order to avoid breaking your iPhone display. Because of this technique, you’ll need a piece of lint fabric and a pencil eraser

Here’s how exactly to utilize force to repair a dead pixel on an iPhone.

  1. Take the lint cloth and put it over a pencil eraser
  2. Use the conclusion associated with the covered pencil to gently apply force throughout the faulty area. 
  3. Push regarding the defective areas if you want to remove the dust or debris from your own display through the closest advantage. 
  4. Be careful to not press too much in order to not harm your iPhone display further. 

Method no. 3: Using Heat 

You also can use heat to repair the matter of stuck pixels. This technique is specially helpful when you’ve got a liquid crystal display. Therefore, if regions of your display aren’t correctly full of fluid crystal flow, it could end in pixel problems. Nevertheless, if you should be likely to utilize this technique, be acutely careful to not utilize too much temperates, which could further damage your display. 

Here’s how exactly to utilize temperature to repair a dead pixel on an iPhone.

  1. Boil some water and dip a lint fabric into the water. 
  2. Use a glove in order to not burn off both hands; you need to select the fabric, place it in a plastic bag, and seal it. 
  3. Use the synthetic case to massage the area of the iPhone display that is faulty. 

Quick Info

A standard iPhone has over 3 million specific photo elements, while its bigger display variation has over 6 million illumination devices. Therefore, it’s normal for two pixels to behave away in the long run. 


When working with pixel errors on your own iPhone, constantly pay attention to the sort. A stuck pixel is a lot easier to repair than a dead pixel. In many instances, a dead pixel will need you to definitely replace the entire display. However if you don’t wish to replace the entire display and keep fix expenses low, you should use just one associated with the practices elaborated on in this guide. 

Frequently expected Questions 

Does a dead pixel on an iPhone spread? 

A dead pixel does perhaps not spread. Nevertheless, in certain infrequent cases, they do spread. This occurred perhaps not since the very first dead pixel influences the following dead pixel but since the other location is impacted exactly the same way initial pixel ended up being. Whenever you spot the ratio of dead pixels on your own iPhone increases, you need to take your iPhone to a specialist to test it. 

Why can’t we fix a dead pixel? 

You can’t fix a dead pixel due to the complexity associated with the nature associated with the display. Therefore, if you do not is as accurate as a pc and possess a really big magnifier, there isn’t any point attempting to correct it. The strategy explained above just work since the pixel is stuck, along with some fortune, perhaps you are in a position to unstick it. Otherwise, the pixel is basically as effective as a dead pixel. 

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