How To Fix Ghost Touch on Android Phone

  1. What Exactly Is a Ghost Touch?
  2. How To Fix the Ghost Touch Problem
    • Method number 1: The Simple Approach
      • Step number 1: eliminate the Charging Cable
      • Step # 2: Kill history Apps
      • Step number 3: eliminate the Screen Protector or Tempered Glass
      • Step no. 4: Clean the Screen
    • Method # 2: Technical Approach
      • Step number 1: Factory Reset
      • Step # 2: Dismantle the Screen
      • Step # 3: get back the unit to your Manufacturer
  3. Summary 

What Is a Ghost Touch?

When your display responds to pushes or inputs you aren’t doing, that is known as ghost touch. The touch problems additionally happen whenever part of your phone display is totally unresponsive to your touch. The ghost touch differs per unit, though it does occur in particular products a lot more than others.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 are infamous if you are susceptible to ghost touch difficulties. This particular fact shows that a ghost touch are a software problem. 

While different external facets result in the ghost touch problem, users can correct it with fundamental troubleshooting. But often, a call to your solution center is unavoidable, particularly if the real cause is a hardware issue.

If the thing is much more serious, it may be a hardware issue together with your phone’s screen and exactly how it is housed in the human body. If you prefer to correct things, disconnecting the display through the information connectors might work for you personally since it has proven great for many people.

However, because there is not one cause or fix for the issue, you must attempt to take to once again even though you’re away from warranty and don’t want to cover a site see. 

How To Fix the Ghost Touch Problem

There are a couple of simple approaches to resolve the ghost touch issue on your own Android os phone. Check always them down below.

Method # 1: The Simple Approach

This method is quicker to perform, therefore it must be the initial thing you stay away from overcomplicating the method.

Step # 1: take away the Charging Cable

Ghost touch issues usually happen when phones are connected to a wall socket, which is more predominant by using a charger or cable that is not appropriate your smart phone. The digitizer, the sensor that reads your touch inputs, does not work nicely whenever these chargers and cables are employed.

You can take to charging you a unique unit utilising the exact same charger. In the event that ditto takes place, it is time for you to get a new charger or recharging cord.

Step number 2: Kill Background Apps

Having plenty of apps operating into the history causes plenty of difficulty. Open apps can frequently influence the application adversely, causing ghost touch issues, so clearing them is a superb option to mend the problem.

A good guideline for products is starting the overview panel. This can be done by pushing the overview button on your own phone. it is feasible to swipe up through the base of one’s display, hold, after which release. So long as you have actually two-button navigation, you swipe up from the midst of your display. Should your unit has a swipe up or “Close All” key, you’ll nevertheless do what you should do. 

Step # 3: take away the Screen Protector or Tempered Glass

Your screen protector may have a bit of dirt stuck behind it. Eliminate the display protector, clean your screen, after which place it right back on. If you wish to replace the display protector, use a high-quality one alternatively.

You could easily get poor-quality display protectors and tempered cup in the event that you you will need to conserve money. These kinds of “protectors” do more damage, and also the disappointing quality regarding the materials found in these display protectors can tamper with screen sensitiveness

A more extreme choice will be to not make use of display protectors at all. Most contemporary smart phones have scratch and autumn security because of better cup produced by Corning or AGC (DragonTrail).

Step no. 4: Clean the Screen

Ensure the screen is clean before attempting other troubleshooting practices. To get this done, wipe the screen with a somewhat moist fabric and clean it with a dry fabric. It’s good to completely clean your display every couple weeks to help keep smudges or dirt from amassing. 

Method number 2: Technical Approach

If none for the preceding solutions struggled to obtain you, your phone could have worse ghost touch problems. Because of this, you can look at the next options.

Step # 1: Factory Reset

The easiest option to see whether the issue is defective computer software would be to do a factory reset on your own phone. A factory reset probably will work in the event that issue is made by a corrupt application or a faulty pc software update. Observe that restoring your phone to its factory settings deletes all information. Therefore, copying your files before this is actually the easiest way to retain important computer data. 

Step number 2: Dismantle the Screen

This is one step for users using the technical knowledge and also the appropriate gear. Opening a smartphone, dismantling it, and reassembling it really is a painstaking task, and it will possibly mend the problem. 

Of course, you might employ a third-party repair business to function regarding the display for you yourself to see if it solves the issue. This method saves additional money compared to purchasing a fresh panel. 

Step # 3: get back the unit to your maker

The easiest way to correct a screen glitch would be to get back the unit to your maker, preferably whilst it’s under guarantee. A lot of companies provides you with a fresh unit in return for a faulty one when it is nevertheless under warranty.

However, some may want to change the display. Despite the fact that that is a straightforward option to correct it, it is most likely not the quickest unless you’re likely to a shop to change it for a fresh one. Should your phone is going of warranty, it’s likely you have to cover repairs and obtain a fresh one.


The factors behind ghost touch issues are of the most extremely simple & most technical faults. In some instances, you must undergo a few actions before finding out what’s going in. Until you may do it your self, the more difficult practices are well done by some body qualified.

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