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What is a GPU Sag?

Fixing the GPU Sag

Method number 1: Rerouting Power cable

Method # 2: GPU help Bracket

  1. Method number 3: Vertical Mounting of GPU
  2. Quick DIY practices
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    • What is a GPU Sag?
  3. Graphics cards take place at two points with 1 or 2 screws within the situation. One point may be the PCIe slot, and also the other may be the situation bracket at the rear of the computer case.
  4. When the GPU’s fat is beyond the threshold degrees of the truth bracket or PCIe slot,
  5. it bends downwards regarding the slot causing a GPU sag that will break your build


Most of that time period, solid connectors within the slot may take the extra weight anxiety of this photos card. But, in the event of extreme sag, the harm is serious and certainly will break the slots or other elements within the situation.

InformationGPUs are engineered

to tolerate a lot of sag. But, an

11mm or higher sag

underneath the angle of this GPU slot part can compromise the integrity of this setup.Fixing the GPU SagFixing a GPU sag is simple and challenging at exactly the same time. Our step by step directions will need you through the whole process in order to avoid any serious harm to your computer’s interior components.We will even discuss fast DIY solutions to avoid sagging quickly. Therefore with no wait, here you will find the 3 ways to correct the GPU sag and protect your build. You’ll select any technique with regards to the accessibility to the resources.Method number 1: Rerouting energy cable

Many of us want to route the energy cables linking the PSU to GPU through the base of this Computer for a cleaner feel. To avoid GPU sagging, reroute the cables from over the card to just take the extra weight away from it.


This technique just isn’t a permanent fix because the cables may

start to give

slowly and then leave the GPU to its

original sagging state.

Method # 2: GPU help BracketQuite several brands add a GPU support bracket as an accessory using the card. It really is a lengthy bit of steel or synthetic set up underneath the GPU, which supplies extra help to your card to prevent sagging.However, if the GPU will not include a support bracket, you should buy one effortlessly. Some help brackets also include RGB illumination for a funkier feel. Follow the steps to put in the GPU bracket:

Disconnect the

power connection

of this PC.

Remove the

  1. side panels regarding the case.Now, you can view the GPU attached to the slots.
  2. Mount the help bracket to your situation near the graphics card.Next, connect the
  3. cardholder
  4. to your primary support supply
  5. .Finally, adjust the cardholder to aid the card and stops the GPU from sagging.Method # 3: Vertical Mounting of GPU
  6. Some of this systems have actually an area where you are able to mount the GPU vertically. Keep in mind, it really is just feasible in the event that computer instance has room enough inside.

Visit your manufacturer’s internet site to test in case the system has got the area for vertically mounting the photos cards.

If you do have the required area, purchase a PCIe riser to put on the GPU within the straight place.The vertical jobs move the GPU’s center of gravity causing extra help and repairing sagging.Quick DIY practices

Using cables such as for instance zip ties, yarn, and even floss, it is possible to

hang the GPU

to your top of this Computer situation. But, in the event that you decrease that route, usage a fishing cable. The

fishing wire

holds the card securely and certainly will remain mostly away from sight.Another DIY fix is always to prop up the sagging part of this GPU making use of tall doll figures such as for instance Legos or Funky

pop music numbers.Most GPUs have tiny gaps between your card and also the case that can cause sagging. To counter the matter, wiggle

your GPU carefully and look for any indications of play—next, wedge foam pads or device screws between your areas to cease any motion.SummaryIn this guide about repairing the GPU sag, we’ve talked about rerouting the energy cables, setting up GPU help brackets, and vertically mounting the card. We’ve additionally discussed a couple of fast DIY practices that will include a little bit of charm and character to your setup.GPU sag just isn’t a severe problem since it will perhaps not influence the performance of one’s system. However it would be most useful if you would not ignore it. Ideally, with this specific guide, it is possible to enjoy and boost your experience.Frequently Expected Questions

Is it safe for GPU to droop?

In many instances, GPU sag just makes your build looks less visual. It generally does not influence the performance of one’s setup and just harms the system’s internal parts in extreme cases. GPUs and PCI-e slots are made to withstand a lot of stress. You don’t have actually to concern yourself with the GPU sag unless it is too apparent.

Should We spot the GPU horizontally or vertically?

Horizontal GPU installation provides better air flow and enhanced performance, even though overclocking. Moreover, GPUs being placed horizontally have actually an extended life. A vertically set up GPU calls for a vertical accessory cable which makes your build looks sloppy.

Can GPU sag break the motherboard?

Heavy graphics cards put to the motherboard slots with small to no help could cause the GPU to droop and harm the GPU, motherboard, or both in serious instances.

A GPU is a superb friend to your CPU to enhance the system’s speed and processing energy for an extremely demanding task, such as for instance a graphically demanding game.

However, the extra weight of this GPU frequently causes sagging which can be fixed by mounting it vertically, rerouting the energy cables from over the card, or setting up help brackets.

You might think deciding on a bigger GPU is the most useful bet, that is real generally in most instances, but often this causes extreme sagging dilemmas. Don’t have actually an idea that which we are speaking about? Browse our comprehensive step-by-step guide which explains the word and ways to repair the problem.

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