How To Fix Invalid SIM Card or No SIM Error on Android and iOS

Method # 1: Restarting Your unit

Method # 2: Switching Airplane Mode On/Off

Turning On Airplane Mode on Android

Turning On Airplane Mode on iOS

Method # 3: Clearing SIM Toolkit’s Cache

  1. Method # 4: Resetting Network Settings
  2. Method number 5: Re-Inserting Your SIM Card
    • Method # 6: changing Your SIM Card
    • Method no. 7: always check Whether Your SIM Is Disabled
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns
  5. Method no. 1: Restarting Your unit
  6. Whether you’re utilizing an Android os or an iOS unit, a
  7. soft reset
  8. of one’s unit could be the quickest option to handle any problem, including a missing SIM card mistake. To restart your Android or iOS unit,
  9. press and support the energy button

until your unit turns down. 

Once your device is down, restart it and check always perhaps the problem is fixed. In the event that issue isn’t fixed, you don’t need to worry since the below-mentioned actions could nevertheless assist you to handle it.Method # 2: Switching Airplane Mode On/OffActivating your Airplane Mode enables your unit to suspend electronic information solution. Consequently, by switching it off and on, you will get a resetting impact on your SIM card; this, in change, make your SIM card detectable by the unit. 

Turning On Airplane Mode on Android

Follow the directions below to show in the Airplane Mode on an Android unit.

Open your Mobile Settings.Go to “



  1. Toggle Airplane Mode
  2. on.You also can access the Airplane Mode throughout your phone’s Quick Settings
  3. , which you are able to start by swiping straight down in your display screen. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you’ll want to toggle it back away when you switch on the Airplane Mode.Turning On Airplane Mode on iOSIf you have got an iPhone or iPad, turning on Airplane Mode isn’t that not the same as Android os. All you have to do is

swipe up in your display screen, and it surely will start an instant Settings tab. Within the Quick Settings tab, you will observe an Airplane

symbol; press it to toggle your Airplane mode on or down. 

You also can access the Airplane Mode from your own Settings menu. If You’d Like To just take the Settings menu approach, proceed with the same actions mentioned for Android.Method number 3: Clearing SIM Toolkit’s CacheIf you face difficulties with an app, the quickest option to handle it’s to clear your app’s cache. Nevertheless, clearing an app’s cache will restore it to its initial state, meaning you will need to create that application up once again. 

Sometimes clearing your SIMToolkit’s cache

might help delete files that got corrupted and are usually causing invalid SIM card mistakes. Consequently, by after the below-mentioned actions, you could be in a position to fix your SIM card issue.

Go to your

Mobile Settings. Search “Apps

  1. ” in the Research Bar.Look for “SIM Toolkit
  2. “, and go right to the storage space tab.On the bottom-left of one’s display screen, press on “Clear cache
  3. “.Keep in your mind that this process just works on an Android device.
  4. Method no. 4: Resetting Network SettingsResetting your system settings is among the final resorts for you personally. Consequently, prior to going with this particular technique, make sure that you have actually followed all the recommended techniques. If you wish to reset your system settings, follow these actions for Android os products.Open your

Mobile Settings.

Go to

General administration > Reset

  1. .Inside the Reset
  2. menu, select “Reset Network Settings“.
  3. Right Here would be the directions for iOS devices.Tap Settings and get to “General


  1. Go to Reset > Reset Network Settings.Enter your
  2. passcode to verify it.Before you reset your device’s network settings, decide to try burning your WiFi and Bluetooth
  3. setup. You’ll backup your system settings by syncing them to your account.Method number 5: Re-Inserting Your SIM CardIf none of the mentioned previously struggled to obtain you, it is the right time to just take your SIM card down and reinsert it. Often dirt particles or other residues will get as part of your SIM card jacket and cause dilemmas. To re-insert your SIM, you will require an

ejector tool or something like that comparable. Here you will find the actions to follow along with.Turn off

your phone.

Use the ejector device to open your SIM card tray.

  1. Take your SIM card down and clean it carefully.Put the SIM card back and
  2. power on your phone.Method # 6: changing Your SIM Card
  3. Usually, your SIM card is not the real reason for an invalid SIM card mistake, but we can’t exclude that you might be rocking a
  4. faulty SIM card. You can examine whether your SIM card is operating or perhaps not by placing it on yet another unit. In the event that SIM card is unresponsive, there was a top possibility that the SIM card is either damaged or disabled. If your SIM card is damaged, you’ll want to visit your carrier provider and get for an upgraded. Nevertheless, if the SIM card is disabled alternatively, proceed with the next step.

Method no. 7: always check Whether Your SIM Is Disabled

Lastly, it is the right time to phone your carrier’s customer support. It might assist in the event that you asked your provider whether your SIM card is disabled or perhaps not. Ifit is disabled, question them to help you through most of the necessary actions you need to get the carrier solutions right back and reactive your SIM card


Furthermore, there’s always the opportunity that the unit is carrier-locked. When it comes to a carrier-locked unit, you need to phone the carrier solution that locked it and get them to unlock it. 

Summary Trying to identify grounds for an invalid SIM card mistake is aggravating, as a few facets is causing this matter. Nevertheless, by after all the actions mentioned previously, it is possible to repair the issue very quickly.  Furthermore, you won’t only have the ability to fix this unique problem, however you will additionally be in a position to resolve other carrier-related problems.Frequently Expected QuestionsWhat happens in the event that SIM isn’t employed for a few months?

When a SIM isn’t employed for a long duration, there was a tremendously high possibility so it can get suspended. Furthermore, any credit you have got in your SIM will even expire. You’ll keep your SIM from deactivating by it once per month.

Can We reactivate a SIM Card?

No. When a SIM card is deactivated, it is impossible for you yourself to reactivate it. The amount related to that SIM extends back to a pool of available figures. If you wish to recover the exact same quantity, you should be fast and get your company to check on for the number’s availability.

Can a SIM card be damaged?

It is improbable for a SIM card getting damaged because of its location, however it is nevertheless feasible. Learning whether a SIM card is damaged is aggravating as sometimes they appear to work fine but can wind up causing connectivity dilemmas. 

What happens once you place a SIM card an additional phone?

By putting your SIM card an additional phone, nothing much would change. You are going to be in a position to make telephone calls and also have the exact same quantity. Nevertheless, you could lose some connections from your own SIM since you didn’t conserve them in your SIM card.

In this age, utilizing a phone with no provider solution is obsolete. Consequently, you as a person can’t afford that the SIM isn’t working. Perhaps the issue you’re dealing with is an invalid SIM card or the lack of one, you’ll want to obtain it fixed as quickly as possible. Today, we now have written this guide in order to resolve that issue in a jiff.

Quick Solution

You can decide to try several solutions to fix the invalid SIM card mistake. To begin with, you might restart your unit. If that does not work, you need to reset your system settings or reconfigure it. Finally, if you should be nevertheless not able to handle the problem, you can test changing your SIM card or calling your mobile provider solution.

Before you plunge into fixing this matter, you’ll want to keep in mind that resolving your missing or invalid SIM card mistake will need you to definitely troubleshoot your unit, and that means you will have to proceed through a few actions until such time you get the the one that works completely for you personally. Let’s carry on with your guide on repairing invalid SIM cards or “no SIM” errors on Android os and iOS.

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