How To Fix iPhone Overheating

iPhone Overheating

It’s a little worrying once you get your iPhone in order to find that it’s too hot to the touch, particularly if you weren’t deploying it. And even though some heat is not a concern, it could feel just like your iPhone is mostly about to melt in some instances.

But don’t worry; when your iPhone is overheating, it is maybe not a huge issue and will occur to both brand new and old iPhones. It may be a software problem, a faulty battery pack, or many other reasons.

This article discusses all of the feasible grounds for an overheating iPhone and you skill to correct it.

  1. iPhone Overheating – What is it?
    • Reason no. 1: Direct Sunlight
    • Reason number 2: defective Battery
    • Reason no. 3: Too Many Background Apps operating
    • Reason # 4: Outdated Apps or Software
    • Reason no. 5: Online Streaming
    • Reason # 6: Crashing Apps
    • Other reasons
  2. How To Fix an Overheating iPhone
    • Tip # 1: make certain Things Are Updated
    • Tip # 2: Reboot Your iPhone
    • Tip # 3: remove it associated with Cover
    • Tip # 4: Reset Settings
    • Tip # 5: Factory Reset Your Phone
    • Tip # 6: get the Phone Repaired
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently Asked concerns

iPhone Overheating – What is it?

The ideal running temperature for an iPhone is between 32o and 95o F, plus it won’t cause any dilemmas. In reality, it may also withstand more serious climate if it is maybe not being used. However in some situations, your iPhone can overheat even though it is utilized at the perfect running temperature. Therefore for anyone who is concerned?

Well, it is normal for the iPhone to warm up if:

  • You setup the device for the first time.
  • You restored the product from a previous back-up.
  • You got a screen replacement, along with your phone has to calibrate the newest display.
  • You utilized CPU-intensive apps like AR or graphics-intensive applications.
  • You done an iOS change.


Updating the program calls for plenty of resources and frequently overheats the Central Processing Unit. And since iPhones don’t have actually fans, it will take time for the Central Processing Unit to cool off.  

If your phone is warming up over these procedures, there’s absolutely nothing to bother about. It’s going to go back to its regular running conditions in some time. However, if it continues to overheat, there may be other grounds for it, such as:

Reason # 1: sunlight

Leaving your phone away within the sunlight, such as for instance in an automobile parked under sunlight, may also lead it to overheat. Increase that the additional temperature produced when you yourself have mobile information, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or location services started up, along with an overheating iPhone.

Reason number 2: defective Battery

A bad or faulty battery pack outputs energy extremely irregularly and will overwork it self for no explanation. As well as heat is among the indications of the. Therefore if your iPhone is overheating, you need to take a look at battery’s health insurance and status by visiting Settings and then Battery

Reason no. 3: Too Many Background Apps operating

When you have got plenty of procedures operating simultaneously, your iPhone needs to work much harder, causing it to overheat.

If you have got an iPhone with a house switch (iPhone 8 Plus or previous), double-press the switch, and you’ll see all of the open apps. Swipe up on the apps to shut them. For those who have an iPhone X or later on, then swipe up through the base associated with display to create up the software switcher. Then, swipe up to close all of the apps.

Reason no. 4: Outdated Apps or computer software

Developers are constantly focusing on updates that improve an app’s functionality or launch a software improvement with an essential safety area. In case your iPhone is overheating, it’s likely you have a mature software or computer software variation that may overload the processor. Decide to try upgrading your phone towards the latest computer software launch and app version to avoid it from overheating.       

Reason # 5: Online Streaming

Keeping your phone’s screen awake is quite power-intensive and gets hotter your phone. Other comparable power-intensive pursuits like on the web streaming or playing a tremendously CPU-intensive game causes the iPhone to overheat.

Reason number 6: Crashing Apps

If your iPhone began to overheat after getting a specific software, that could be why. You should check this when you go to Settings, then Privacy. From right here, head to Analytics & Improvements after which Analytics information. You’ll then see a summary of entries and logs. If you notice the exact same software detailed over repeatedly, there’s a challenge using the software causing your phone to overheat.

A phone that makes use of plenty of battery pack places plenty of anxiety in your phone’s Central Processing Unit, causing it to overheat. Plus it’s feasible that an app making use of plenty of battery pack could possibly be crashing into the back ground. To check on this, head to Settings after which to Battery. Right here, you’ll see a Battery use area that lists apps utilising the many battery pack. 

Other reasons

Some other grounds for your iPhone overheating include:

  • Memory leaks in apps that put an encumbrance regarding the CPU
  • Higher brightness, that is more intensive for the device to manage than reduced brightness.
  • System mistakes.
  • Placing your phone near devices that create temperature (like fridges along with other electric devices) whilst it’s asking.

How To repair an Overheating iPhone

If your iPhone is overheating, first thing you must do is turn on the Airplane mode and disconnect it through the charger. Opt for switching from the mobile information, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location solutions, iCloud, and Background App Refresh.

Then, follow these tips:

Tip # 1: make certain Things Are Updated

Apple releases updates often, and plenty of included in these are fixes that solve overheating or target pests causing your iPhone getting hot. So make fully sure your iPhone has got the latest computer software variation set up. You should check this by visiting Settings, General, after which Software Updates. If there’s an update available, it is better to set it up. If you fail to install the improvement due to not enough room, you’ll simply link your phone to some type of computer with Finder or iTunes and upgrade the program.

Similarly, make fully sure your apps are up-to-date. Only a few software updates have actually brand new features; some simply have actually bug repairs. Therefore, simply mind up to the App Store and verify that updates are pending. Simply press on Update All to upgrade your apps at once.  

Tip # 2: Reboot Your iPhone

This is a straightforward trick, however it’s well worth a go. Often, small dilemmas can accumulate, such as for instance a software problem causing your unit to overheat. Just switching the iPhone don and doff again can fix this problem.

We additionally suggest going it to someplace cool and shaded with good air-con.

Tip no. 3: remove it associated with Cover

Most of us keep our iPhones inside a protective address. Even though that is great training to help keep the device secure, it has a tendency to trap temperature. Therefore, when your phone is overheating, take away the address.

Tip no. 4: Reset Settings

If your phone continues to overheat, you should think about resetting all of the settings. To take action, head to Settings, General, Transfer, or Reset iPhone, Reset, then Reset All Settings. It will also help fix difficulties with problematic apps.


Resetting all settings restores your entire settings into the Settings app with their factory defaults. This implies it’ll forget your Wi-Fi password and Bluetooth device and also reset your wallpaper. Nevertheless, it won’t delete your computer data, which means you have actually absolutely nothing to bother about. 

Tip # 5: Factory Reset Your Phone

If your phone continues to be hot, it may be due to a deeper computer software issue that may need you to do a factory reset. Be sure you backup your phone to iCloud, reset your phone making use of Finder or iTunes, and then restore your computer data utilising the iCloud back-up.

Tip # 6: get the Phone fixed

If all else fails and you’re nevertheless left with a hot iPhone, it may be due to a hardware issue. This can specially function as the situation in the event that you recently dropped your phone in water or in the event that interior elements had been subjected to water.

Note that a lot of iPhones overheat due to a software issue, so be sure you decide to try all the actions before turning in your phone for repair.

If your phone continues to be under guarantee, you’ll simply let Apple manage the repairs. Remember to help make a consultation during the Genius Bar prior to going towards the shop. Of course you need help with a few software-related issue, Apple provides support via mail, throughout the phone, and online.


If your iPhone is overheating, you don’t have to worry in excess. It’s a rather universal problem and will be resolved without much hassle. At this point you understand all of the feasible grounds for your iPhone overheating and prospective repairs to test. Just be sure you decide to try all feasible guidelines before choosing a factory reset.

Frequently expected concerns

how does my iPhone overheat with no explanation?

Your phone frequently gets hot since the equipment inside, including the battery pack, yields temperature, whether or not it is simply connected in. And even though the iPhone does dissipate temperature, facets like a lot of apps employed in the backdrop and a vintage battery pack causes your phone to overheat.

Can We keep my iPhone in a fridge to cool it?

Remember that winter may also harm your phone, so be sure you never place it in a fridge or fridge. 

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