How To Fix Lag on PlayStation 4

  1. What Is Control Lag?
  2. What Causes Game Lag?
  3. Effective how to rectify this problem
    • Option # 1: check always Your net connection and Network Settings Optimization
    • Option # 2: Make Space
    • Option # 3: Ensure Your PS4 Is put into a Well-Ventilated Space
    • Option # 4: Restart Your PS4
    • Option # 5: upgrade Your Console 
    • Option number 6: test thoroughly your hard drive Drive
    • Option # 7: Reconstruct Your Database
    • Option #8: make fully sure your PS4 is attached to an electrical Source
    • Option # 9: try to find Other cordless Connections
  4. Conclusion

What Is Control Lag?

A PS4 control or controller lag is once you as a user cannot successfully input control commands. It’s either due for some wait of this input demand or your controller’s incapacity to see your demand. 

at these times, you go through a sudden end, sluggishness of game characters, or complete disconnection from your own game. For you personally once the game individual, your pleasant video gaming experience on your own PS4 is unfortunately disrupted and changed by frustration.

What Causes Game Lag?

Your PS4 games can be sluggish and annoying as a result of different reasons. When you yourself have a lagging experience, you’re almost certainly confused about feasible reasons. You could also hesitate your PS4 is most likely a couple of days far from packing down entirely (so to express). It’s appropriate you understand some likely reasons. They truly are.

Effective methods to rectify this issue

From the currently stated reasons, modification or placing right these causes are methods for you to fix the problem. Nonetheless, there clearly was nevertheless more to the. Here you will find the outlines of effective rectification alternatives for your PS4 lagging issue.

Option # 1: always check Your net connection and Network Settings Optimization

One instant and effective selection for making your PS4 lag end would be to check your internet. Your internet is either being disconnected or exceptionally sluggish in cases of intermittent lags. When you consider this possibility, it is simple to link once again to a reliable internet or reconnect in instances of disconnection.

You may use a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection. A Wi-Fi booster may also assist increase a slow connection.

The after methods are how exactly to set your system connection in your PS4:

  1. Go to your “Settings” after which “Network”.
  2. Select “Test web connection” to make sure of this functionality of the system.
  3. Select “Set up Web Connection” along with your connection type, i.e., LAN or Wi-Fi.
  4. Go to “Custom Settings” to pick your selected system.
  5. Click regarding the “IP Settings” and choose “Automatic”.
  6. When pay a visit to the “DHCP HOST Name” click “Do not specify”.
  7. In the “DNS Settings” choose “Manual”
  8. As your “Primary DNS” input “”; while for “Secondary DNS” input “”.
  9. After that, choose “Next” and go directly to the “MTU Settings”
  10. Click “Manual” and input “1476”.
  11. Under your “Proxy” choose “Do perhaps not use”.


After doing all of these, take to your web connection once more to observe how it will with packages. A download rate of 10MB and above signifies that the system problems are rectified.

Option number 2: Make room

The area on your own system determines its receptivity to command. Minimal storage space could cause game hampering. To release area on your own PS4 console, follow these actions:

  1. In your “Settings” head to “System Storage Management”.
  2. Check for junk files, folders, and applications that aren’t in use for removal.
  3. Select just what content you’ll want to release of and strike “Delete”.

Option # 3: Ensure Your PS4 Is put into a Well-Ventilated room

The performance of the system will often depend regarding the number of atmosphere your PS4 gets. And also this stops it from overheating. Whenever you encounter a slowdown in your video gaming experience, this might be a probable cause.


Lack of air flow can cause a lag. Note that your PS4 is put in a breeding ground with sufficient atmosphere.

Option number 4: Restart Your PS4

For many mild deviations in gadgets’ functions, a restart can be sufficient to create things set up. This will additionally work with your PS4. Whenever a casino game freeze happens, take to turning off your PS4 to turn it in a few momemts later.

Option # 5: improve your Console 

An outdated system software could be the explanation for lag inputs from your own system. To repair this, check out the internet for possible updates. Where your computer software is outdated, update towards the latest variation and restart your PS4. You’ll download your PS4 upgrade file at Sony’s site.

Option number 6: test thoroughly your hard disk drive Drive

A reasonable portion of this fault arises from your hard drive. Whenever you hear strange sound from your PS4, it is mostly an indicator your difficult disk signals some abnormalities. To repair this,

  1. Power off the console by pushing the energy switch for 7 moments.
  2. Disconnect your PS4 from its energy supply along with other connected cables. 
  3. Remove the hard disk drive bay address.
  4. Check and make fully sure your hard disk drive is well screwed and seated on its board.
  5. If you’ll be changing it, unscrew it from the board and install a different one. With a new difficult disk, you’ll have actually to reinstall one’s body computer software.


A breaking sound from your own system is an indicator of you need to check always your equipment. Probably, it really isn’t correctly seated or screwed on its board. Nonetheless, maybe it’s that it’s complete. Don’t neglect this sign.

Option number 7: Reconstruct Your Database

You could have a jammed database in the event that you encounter game lags. To have this database problem fixed, 

  1. On your PS4, press down the “Power Button” for around 7 moments.
  2. After this, you are able to hear a dual beep which signals your PS4 is down.
  3. Press down regarding the “Reset button” for 2 moments to reboot the system in “Safe Mode”.
  4. Connect “Dual Shock 4 controller” with a “USB”.
  5. After some mins, you’ll have your database rebuilt.


Your PS4 effectively switching on and restarting is a sign its database was revamped.

Option #8: make fully sure your PS4 is attached to an electrical supply

If your system is low on energy, it may lag. Therefore, getting this fixed, plug your PS4 into a steady power. If you will find indications your system is not getting charged, take a look at power cable. In the event that energy cable is bad, you’ll have to get a different one.

Option no. 9: try to find Other cordless Connections

If your PS4 is where multiple cordless connections are employed, its function could be intercepted. This can then impede input processing and cause your game to freeze. 

To avoid this, you will need to turn off these cordless connections or relocate your system elsewhere.


Your game keeps stopping and experiencing slowdowns due to some of the shows above. The very next time you’re confronted with this matter, you can look at any choices. If a choice appears to not have rectified the lagging problem, you are able to think about attempting another.

Moreover, if you’re facing this dilemma as a result of your game disk, you are able to contact the merchant and tender your complaints. Regardless of this, guarantee your PS4 gets enough air and now have it rebooted often to optimize function.

Also, you can look at as much options as you can. Now, you are able to enjoy your PS4 video gaming experience without fretting about an abrupt end or halt. 

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