How To Fix Left AirPod Pro Not Working


Method # 1: Reconnect Your AirPods Pro

Disconnecting AirPods Pro From Your Phone

Connecting AirPods professional to Your Phone

Method # 2: Resetting Your AirPods

Method # 3: Resetting Your Audio Balance

  1. Method number 4: ensure Both Your AirPods Are Fully Charged
    • Method # 5: upgrading Your iOS
    • Summary
  2. Frequently expected concerns
  3. Method number 1: Reconnect Your AirPods Pro
  4. Whether it’s the Samsung Buds, AirPods professional, or other cordless headphones, all of them are at risk of connectivity dilemmas. One of the greatest reasons your AirPods go wrong may be your Bluetooth connection.
  5. Disconnecting AirPods professional From Your Phone
  6. Sometimes, while using the your AirPods, one of your AirPods immediately loses connection, plus it doesn’t reconnect it self. You will need to reconnect your AirPods Pro with your phone once more to correct this matter.
  7. To reconnect your AirPods Pro:

Go to your

Phone Settings.

Inside Phone Settings, navigate to



  1. Now choose your AirPods Pro
  2. and press Forget this unit.
  3. Now which you have actually disconnected your unit, you will need to reconnect it. Before reconnecting your unit, put your AirPods within their instance using their lid shut for at the very least 10 moments.Connecting AirPods professional to Your PhoneIf you’ve got an Apple unit, reconnecting your AirPods is an item of dessert. In order to connect your AirPods, just take it close to your iPhone and start its lid and then press connect on your own iPhone and will also be linked. However, in case where you don’t own an Apple unit in order to connect your AirPods along with your phone, you will need to:Turn on your own AirPods



by pushing the key in the straight back for a couple moments.

Then visit your

  1. Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Now select AirPods through the selection of available products.Method # 2: Resetting Your AirPodsIf reconnecting your AirPods Pro doesn’t appear to fix the issue readily available, you can reset your AirPods. Often you can find pc software insects that don’t enable certainly one of your AirPods to exert effort properly. To cope with the insects, it is possible to simply
  3. HardReset your AirPods.

Here’s just how you’ll difficult reset your AirPods:

Disconnect your AirPods from your own Phone. Place them back the truth for 30 secs


  1. Now press the key on your own AirPods Case
  2. before the status light blinks from amber to white.Now reconnect your AirPods along with your phone, and will also be ready to go.Method # 3: Resetting Your Audio Balance
  3. Audio stability permits iPhone users to manage their AirPod noise. By going the slider, users can select whether or not they want the remaining part or right part become principal. Often in the event that slider is totally in the right part, you can expect to lose all of the sound in your Left AirPod.To always check whether that’s the situation along with your AirPods professional, you will need toGo to



Navigate to


  1. > Audio / Visual.Make yes the
  2. slider is within the center.Method no. 4: ensure Both Your AirPods Are Fully ChargedThis might appear like an extremely apparent thing in the beginning, however the period of time it takes place to AirPod Pros users it’s mind-boggling. Consequently, making sure your Left AirPod is completely charged is a possible fix for the situation.
  3. To check out the charging of your AirPods:Open your AirPods professional Case


Now visit your iPhone Home screen and swipe left until the

Search Bar

  1. appears.Check the Left
  2. AirPod professional battery pack portion.This technique is especially targeted toward those who utilize AirPods professional with Android os, as checking the battery pack of these AirPods requires them to install an app.Method no. 5: upgrading Your iOS
  3. Last yet not minimum, often, as a result of outdated software AirPods professional faces numerous connectivity dilemmas. Nevertheless, the fix because of this is a somewhat simple one. You will need to visit your iPhone Settings and

update your iOS

. After upgrading your iOS, simply reconnect your AirPods Pro with your iPhone, and will also be all set.

SummaryWe understand how discouraging it could be whenever one of the AirPods does not work. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stress over it any longer. By after this guide, you’ll be able to to correct your left AirPods professional. More over, this guide will even assist you to handle other pc software insects you may be dealing with along with your AirPods Pro.Frequently Expected concernsCan AirPod Pros reset?Yes, you are able to reset your AirPods Pro. To reset your AirPods Pro back again to its default Factory Setting. Press and contain the key on your own instance for 15 secs. As soon as your light lights begin blinking amber, it’ll suggest which you have actually effectively reset your AirPods Pro.

how come my AirPod situation blinking red?

Your AirPods Pro Case flashes red if they come across some connectivity dilemmas. Nevertheless, the fix is a simple one; you may either reset your AirPods Pro or reconnect them to eliminate the red blinking light on your own AirPods Case.

How do we always check AirPods Pro asking on Android os?

To check your AirPods battery pack portion on your own Android os, you have to install a third-party application on your own phone. Following the application is set up, link your AirPods, and will also be in a position to see your AirPods Battery portion.

Did one of the AirPod professional simply go wrong, along with no clue just how to fix them? Well, you’re in fortune cause we now have had this issue within the past, so we may find a fix. Today we’ve made this guide to ensure that we are able to assist you to fix your left AirPod professional very quickly.

Quick Solution

Many reasons may cause one of the AirPods Pro to quit working. These issues cover anything from easy connectivity dilemmas to complex software insects. Nevertheless, don’t worry, once we will allow you to fix your Left AirPod Pro very quickly.

Before we continue with this guide, without a doubt a very important factor. These repairs appeal to the program problem you could face; if somehow your remaining AirPod professional gets damaged, this guide is probably not for you personally. Having said that, let’s carry on with your guide. This is how it is possible to fix your Left AirPod Pro.

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