How To Fix “Phone Not Allowed MM#6” Error


If you merely purchased yourself an utilized phone from eBay or Facebook market, there is certainly an extremely high possibility you may wind up dealing with the infamous “Phone perhaps not granted MM#6″ error. The major reason behind this mistake is a locked phone, meaning when you use any provider solutions onto it, you’ll be prompted because of the mistake message rather.

Quick Answer

To fix the Phone perhaps not Allowed MM#6 mistake, you will need to carrier unlock your phone. There are some methods for you to carrier unlock your phone. These processes include calling customer care, making use of third-party computer software, and tweaking your mobile system settings.

However, remember that making use of third-party computer software to unlock your unit may compromise your privacy. Along with that stated, let’s keep on with this guide to acquire rid of that annoying error.

  1. Method # 1: calling customer care
    • Find Your Phone’s IMEI
    • Call customer support
  2. Method # 2: utilizing Third-Party Software 
  3. Method number 3: Resetting Your system Settings
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Method number 1: calling customer care

Contacting the provider of the locked phone is your main concern as they possibly can allow you to unlock your unit. But, don’t get the hopes up, as this technique just isn’t a sure-fire method. Since we’ve founded the rate of success with this technique, let’s carry on because of the technique it self.

Find Your Phone’s IMEI

Before you choose to phone customer care, once you understand your phone’s IMEI is a must. Every provider on the market utilizes your phone’s IMEI to trace it. Just from then on can they also take to unlocking your phone. To locate your phone’s IMEI, simply stick to the steps below, and you will certainly be ready to go.

  1. Go to your phone’s keypad.
  2. Dial *#06#, and a window will pop-up together with your IMEI.

If you’ve got the package of the phone lying around, you are able to just check out the straight back of the package. Your phone package constantly contains the serial and IMEI amounts of your device.

Call Consumer provider

Now which you have actually the IMEI number for the phone, visit your carrier’s site to see their customer care quantity. After you have their client care representative on the phone, let them know regarding the issue. After which it, they’ll ask you a number of concerns, as well as your phone’s IMEI. When they think your answer checks out, they’ll unlock your device.


Contrary to appropriate belief, unlocking your phone is appropriate in america. If you’re about to unlock your phone, contact your provider, and they’re going to allow you to unlock it.

Method no. 2: utilizing Third-Party Software 

Using third-party tools to unlock your carrier-locked phone is indeed simple that the person can perform it in just a matter of mins. All you have to do is install the recommended computer software for the unit. With this guide, I will be utilising the iTool Lab SIMUnlocker. However, you can make use of other computer software which you prefer.

iTool Lab SIMUnlocker is especially tailored for Apple products, meaning when you have an Android, you’re best off making use of an app like Dr.Fone. With that in mind, here’s how you need to use iTool Lab to unlock your phone.

  1. Install iTool Lab SIMUnlocker from their site.
  2. Run the app and connect your mobile together with your PC.
  3. Wait for the Jailbreak device Package to down load.
  4. Press Unlock to confirm it.

Once you unlock your phone, be sure to restart it. iTool Lab is wholly protected and offers users with a 30-day money-back guarantee. But, its biggest flaw is the fact that it needs your phone become jailbroken before utilizing it.

Method number 3: Resetting Your system Settings

Sometimes to blame behind the MM#6 error is not your provider nevertheless the faulty system settings. If you’re attempting to reconfigure your system settings manually, it may be an actual discomfort. But, you don’t suffer from reconfiguration, as resetting your system settings will suffice.

Since you’ll be resetting your system settings, take to copying your entire WiFi settings ahead of time. After you have copied your entire system settings, feel the after actions to reset your unit system settings.

  1. Go to your mobile Settings.
  2. Navigate to System & Update > Reset > Network Settings.
  3. Select your SIM Card and press Reset system Settings.

After resetting your system settings, remember to restart your phone. Whenever it turns in, visit your mobile system settings and select your selected provider solution. By doing every thing mentioned, it is possible to manage any system dilemmas you may be dealing with.


We know how annoying the MM#6 Error can be, specifically for an individual who is not surviving in the states. But, this guide will allow you to handle the MM#6 Error right away, with the aid of the mentioned techniques. 

To conclude, network providers SIM lock their phones for individual reasons, you as a consumer have actually the right to unlock them when you want, and also this guide will allow you to do this.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do i understand my phone is locked?

If you’re concerned your unit is locked, you are able to just phone your carrier’s customer care and have them. In the event that you don’t wish to phone customer care, you can make use of an on-line IMEI checker. All you have to do is place your IMEI within the needed field, and it surely will tell you whether your unit is locked or perhaps not.

Do SIM cards expire?

The brief response is, no, your SIM card does not expire. But, the credit which you have actually on your own SIM card will expire after a lot of time.

Can a vintage SIM card cause dilemmas?

Generally talking, SIM cards don’t really get damaged because of the use. But, for those who have a truly old SIM card, often it may begin malfunctioning which could cause system dilemmas. Consequently, it is usually an excellent training to displace your SIM card after 8 years roughly.

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