How To Fix Spectrum Router Red Light

Router Red Light

Blinking red lights on routers is extensive, and Spectrum Routers aren’t an exclusion for this guideline. In the event that indicator light in your Spectrum Router is red for reasons uknown, there clearly was an extremely high possibility your net connection may be the anyone to blame.

However, if the net connection is not the primary cause associated with the blinking, i’d like to ensure you that the fix is straightforward. This guide can help you fix the red light in your Spectrum unit very quickly.

  1. Fixing Red Light on Spectrum Router
    • Method no. 1: smooth Resetting your Router (Red-Blinking)
    • Method no. 2: Factory Resetting your Router (Red-Both)
      • Manual Factory Reset
      • Software Factory Reset
  2. Summary
  3. Frequently expected Questions

Fixing Red Light on Spectrum Router

To fix the red light on your own Spectrum unit, you should know just what each light state implies in your Spectrum router.

Firstly, you should know a couple of things. Every range router light may either be red or blue at a given time, and next, each color may be in just one of two states: Blinking or everlasting.

State Meaning
Blue Permanent Your router is attached to the net.
Blue Blinking Your router is wanting for connecting towards the online.
Red Permanent Your router ran into a crucial mistake and requires troubleshooting.
Red Blinking Your router struggles to hook up to the net.

The mentioned graph represents all of the states your router may be in. When you can correctly diagnose your router state, stick to the below-mentioned solutions to eradicate dilemmas pertaining to your Spectrum Router.

Method no. 1: smooth Resetting your Router (Red-Blinking)

Soft Resetting your router, also referred to as Power Cycling, could work miracles in certain cases. Consequently, soft resetting your router is all you have to obtain it moving in many cases.

To power cycle your router, you will need to:

  1. Turn down the Router through the straight back of the device.
  2. Unplug the ability cord and ethernet cables.
  3. Wait 15-30 moments before plugging it back.
  4. Connect right back the ability Chord while making yes all of the cables have been in the best order.
Spectrum Router

Once your router restarts, the red blinking light in your Spectrum will switch off.

Method no. 2: Factory Resetting your Router (Red-Both)

If Power Cycling does not exercise for you personally, you can factory reset your router. There are two main easy-to-follow techniques to factory reset your Spectrum Router:

  • Manual Factory Reset
  • Software Factory Reset

Manual Factory Reset

To manually Factory Reset your router, just take the router in your hand while making sure the router remains getting energy. Now go right to the rear of the router to check out a little button marked “Reset” about it.

Reset Button on Spectrum Router

To reset the unit, just take a pin, pencil lead, or virtually any product with which you yourself can press the Reset Button. Press and support the reset button for 15-30 moments for the router to reset. When the router begins resetting, wait a few momemts for the method to perform.

Software Factory Reset

If your router is found in a spot where manually resetting is not possible, then Software Reset is ideal for you. To Software Reset your device, follow these steps:

  1. Go on your own web browser and place the IP Address of the unit into the Research Bar. Its generally speaking bought at the rear of the router.
  2. Once you might be during the Login webpage, enter your Username and Password. The default Username while the Password could be offered in the straight back of the router.
  3. Once within your Router Settings, search for Factory Reset and hit confirm.

Once you click on the Factory Reset option, your router will reset it self. If all goes well, the red light on your own router will turn blue.

When you successfully initiate the Factory Reset, all of the lights in the router will illuminate.


Seeing a red light on your own range router can be quite daunting, specially to a person that isn’t really tech-savvy. But, more often than not, troubleshooting your range router can be achieved also by an 8-year-old toddler. By after this guide, you’ll be able to to fix your Spectrum red light problem very quickly and you will be in a position to jump right back on the net.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do i understand my Spectrum Router is working?

You can always check whether your Spectrum Router is working or otherwise not by seeing the indicator light on your own router. In the event that Indicator light is completely blue on your own router, your router is attached to the online.

Why is the Spectrum Router blinking red and blue?

The blue blinking light on your own router represents that your particular router is wanting for connecting towards the online. As the red blinking light informs you that there clearly was a challenge linking to your ISP.

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