How To Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phone

  1. What Is Causing Vertical Lines to look on mobile Screen?
  2. Fixing Vertical Lines
    • Method # 1: Restart the Phone
    • Method # 2: Tweaking the Battery Charge Cycle
    • Method # 3: utilizing secure Mode
    • Method # 4: Resetting the Phone
    • Method # 5: pressing Down on mobile Screen
  3. Seeking Professional Help
  4. Summary

What Is Causing Vertical Lines to look on mobile Screen?

The straight lines can show up on your Android os phone when you yourself have unintentionally fallen it, spilled fluid onto it, or overheated it. Additionally, a glitch into the phone’s computer software or a corrupted software could cause the display screen to get haywire.

Before choosing any solution, you may want to find out in the event that problem relates to the equipment or the application for the Android os phone.

First, just take a screenshot in your phone and examine it by very carefully zooming in in the image. If you learn lines into the screenshot, then problem is software-related of course maybe not, prepare to vacation to a repair store.

Fixing Straight Lines

Troubleshooting straight lines are a daunting task for a nomad. Nevertheless, our proven techniques will make certain you can do all of them quickly and resolve your condition.

We’ll also discuss changing your phone display later on into the guide. But very first, here you will find the five ways to fix straight lines in your Android os phone.

Method number 1: Restart the Phone

Restarting the Android os phone frequently fixes temporary insects or problems into the computer software. Therefore doing this gets your display screen back into normal.

Method no. 2: Tweaking the Battery Charge Cycle

The straight lines may be as a result of a fault into the phone’s electric circuit and battery pack. Numerous users have actually stated that completely charging you the telephone to a 100% fixed the problem for them.

If it does not do the job, you ought to do a battery period by looking forward to it to discharge completely then charging you it back once again to 100per cent. Cycling the battery might fix the problem for you.

Method number 3: utilizing secure Mode

In this process, you can expect to reboot the telephone in safe mode to repair the short-term glitch into the phone’s computer software. To get this done,

Enter the safe mode in your phone by keeping the energy button until the energy Off symbol seems. Touch and support the symbol for an additional or two. Find the Reboot to secure Mode option whenever it appears and touch on OK, as well as your unit will enter the safe mode.

Rebooting to Safe Mode

If the line vanishes after going into the secure Mode, the problem is brought on by a third-party software set up. Uninstall the most recent installed applications, as well as your display screen should restore to normalcy.

Method number 4: Resetting the Phone

Performing a factory reset will restore the telephone to its standard state and will fix the straight lines issue in your Android os phone.

To factory reset your Android os, press the Volume Up and Home button and press the Power key. As Soon As You begin to see the logo design in the display screen, launch the keys and choose the choice of  Factory Reset. As soon as your phone resets to default settings, concur that the straight lines have left.


Create a backup of one’s phone’s information in your PC or online on Bing Drive or other cloud platforms before trying a factory reset.

Method no. 5: pressing Down on mobile Screen

If you’ve got dropped your phone and also have been dealing with the problem ever since then, your phone’s LCD may have disconnected, causing straight lines showing up in the display screen.

To troubleshoot, press the phone display screen securely and push it down. This might re-establish the LCD connection and so, resolve your issue.

Seeking Specialized help

If most of the techniques mentioned above didn’t meet your needs, using your phone to a repair store may be the final measure.

The problem are along with your phone’s LCD, that might need changing. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an expert by firmly taking it to a certified solution center.


In this guide on how to fix straight lines on an android phone, we talked about different techniques to be able to troubleshoot the situation your self. We’ve additionally discussed using your phone to a repair store if all else fails.

Hopefully, now you don’t need certainly to face the problem of a blurry screen with straight lines. Among the techniques into the article struggled to obtain you, and today you’ll continue your day-to-day phone tasks with no inconvenience.

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