How To Format External Hard Drive for PS4 on PC

  1. Why you will require to Format
  2. Formatting Your exterior Drive
    • Method # 1: The Command Prompt Method
    • Method no. 2: The Disk Management Method
    • Method number 3: The File Explorer Method
    • Method no. 4: utilizing a Mac OS
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Why you will have to Format

You have actually gotten your outside drive and plugged it into your PS4, however your system will not identify it. Exactly what perhaps will be the issue? Well, I’ll inform you this: it is really not everything you think. Your PS4 isn’t defective.

While the PS4 supports either a FAT32 or exFAT storage space partition, the conventional storage space device utilized on a Windows Computer utilizes a completely various partition: the NTFS system. This is why it could won’t show on your own PS4.

Formatting Your External Drive

Many formatting procedures occur for both a Windows 10 and an Apple Computer. Even though procedures on a Windows 10 OS could possibly be more complicated than transforming it on an Apple’s OS, a plus is it offers plenty of choices.


Ensure you link your outside drive to your Computer before commencing any procedure.

Method no. 1: The Command Prompt Method

Accessing your demand prompt must be the very first thing to complete, frequently by looking regarding the text area at the end of the display or right-clicking the Windows symbol regarding the underside of the display. The following you will have to do is:

  1. Navigate for the “Run” choice. 
  2. Now, kind in “cmd.”
  3. In the container,  kind in “Diskpart.”
  4. On the verification package, click the “Yes” choice. 
  5. Select the disk by typing “select disk 2.” 
  6. After that, erase the disk with an easy, clean demand. 
  7. Type in an easy “create partition primary” demand to generate a brand new partition.
  8. Then, key in the partition you need (example: fs=FAT32). 
  9. You are now able to mark this brand new file with a letter (example: assign page z).

Method no. 2: The Disk Management Method

For this process, you’ll need certainly to simply take the next actions:

  1. Navigate to your Windows icon regarding the base of the display.
  2. Click regarding the right part of the mouse.
  3. Select “Run” after that, write “diskmgmt.msc” in the supplied area.
  4. This action should produce a box.
  5. Navigate to and right-click on the concerned storage space device.
  6. Scroll through your options to pick “New Simple Volume.” 
  7. Continue this method before you reach the “Format Partition” portion.
  8. Select the partition you need, and you ought to be achieved aided by the procedure.


Additionally, you might start this procedure simply by right-clicking the Windows logo design at the end of the display and navigating the supplied alternatives.

Method number 3: The File Explorer Method

This one is through far the simplest way to format a storage unit. Let’s check out the actions to follow:

  1. Select “File Explorer,” “My computer,” or “This computer.” 
  2. Please navigate the external drive (it ought to be appropriate below the present drive).
  3. Right-click regarding the storage space unit.
  4. Select the “Format” choice.
  5. Look for file system options. Select whichever you need.

Method no. 4: utilizing a Mac OS

If you’re a Mac individual, read the following actions to format your outside drive:

  1. First, open a “Finder” window.
  2. Navigate till you discover “Applications.” 
  3. Now, click the “Utilities” section, then choose “Disk Utility.”
  4. Click on the concerned drive, then clear the files by selecting “Erase.”
  5. Finally, choose “exFAT” and “Erase” once again.


If you’ve got very carefully been through these actions, at this point you realize that formatting a drive for the PS4 is just about the simplest thing you’ve got ever done. Take pleasure in the space.

Frequently Expected concerns

Why won’t my PS4 format my outside hard disk?

While the PS4 supports either a FAT32 or exFAT partition, the conventional drive utilizes a completely various partition: the NTFS file system. This is why it could will not work along with your PS4.

exactly why is my PS4 not reading my outside hard disk?

Your PS4 only supports particular storage space partitions different through the outside drive’s partition. This will make it impossible for a PS4 to identify another storage space device.

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