How To Have 3 Monitors on Laptop

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The dependence on multitasking has increased steadily, particularly using the advent of more remote jobs. Having numerous monitors is a shortcut to increasing efficiency regarding the get-go. Having 3 monitors on your own laptop computer can feel just like a pain in the event that you don’t know very well what you do.

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To connect 3 monitors on your own laptop, you’ll have to first identify your needs as to whether your laptop computer has enough show ports or if you’ll need a dongle. From then on, you’ll need certainly to link the shows. Then, it is possible to set them through to either macOS or Windows to take pleasure from 3 monitors as opposed to one.

whilst it might seem effortless, linking significantly more than 1 monitor is tricky, particularly if your laptop computer doesn’t have actually the real ports. 

In this informative article, we’ll be providing you a total guide how you could have 3 monitors on your own laptop computer. 

  1. Understanding your needs 
  2. Connect Your shows
  3. Setting Up Your Screen
    • Windows
    • macOS
  4. Finetuning
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently expected concerns

Understanding your needs 

Intel Multi-Monitor Setup Screen

First things very first, not all laptops help three monitors in the past. As an example, Apple’s M1 Macs just support up to two. Therefore, you’ll need certainly to make yes whether your laptop’s visual card also supports the capacity to do have more than three shows.

If you’ve got an NVIDIA / AMD / committed graphics card, your laptop computer will, in many cases, offer the capacity to do have more than three monitors. Having said that, the story may well not continually be similar for an integral Intel pictures chip.

If your laptop has movie output ports like an HDMI or a Display Port and has at the very least three of them, you’ll be able in order to connect your monitors to your laptop computer straight. Otherwise, you’ll need certainly to choose for a laptop dock over USB-C / Thunderbolt.

After you’ve identified that which you need, it is time to get the laptop computer all completely set up and operating with three monitors.

Connect Your shows

After you’ve collected your toolbox, it is time for you connect all three of one’s monitors. Since utilizing simply your generic cables is very a straightforward affair, we’ll be utilizing a laptop dock/dongle with this specific instance because it is considered the most complex setup:

  1. Connect your laptop computer to your Laptop Dock / Dongle using USB-C.
  2. After doing therefore, link your monitors towards the dongle employing their appropriate display cables (HDMI / DP / DVI / VGA).
  3. Windows / macOS should immediately recognize these displays and reflect your laptop’s show.


If more than one of your shows are amiss whenever you link numerous monitors, your laptop computer will not help significantly more than one to two monitors. 

Setting Up Your Screen

Once your shows are linked, they’ll be mirroring much of your display. You almost certainly wish to extend those displays to have extra screen genuine property in many instances. If that’s the truth, here’s the method that you maximize from the triple monitor setup:


  1. Right-click on your own desktop and mind to “Display Settings”.
  2. Once here, go through the right tab and alter the dropdown to “Extend desktop to the display”.
  3. Repeat similar procedure for all you other shows.
  4. Once all of the shows are extended, you’ll adjust their position by dragging them around and selecting one that’s most aware of your real setup.


You also can vertically turn your display, as shown into the image above, by hitting the display, scrolling down, and changing Show Orientation to Portrait.


  1. Click in the Apple menu and check out “System Choices”.
  2. Now, check out “Displays” after which simply click on “Display Settings”.
  3. After doing this, you’ll have actually to pick the “Extend Display” choice through the pop-up menu.

For both macOS and Windows, when you are completed with your initial setup, make yes the person refresh prices and resolutions for every single monitor are set for their optimum limitation. In the event that choice does not be seemingly available, use a unique cable. 


Once you’ve got 3 monitors create along with your laptop computer, you can start fiddling around along with your display settings getting an ideal design. Here’s just what we suggest trying:

  • Change Orientation: Having a vertical monitor is quite accommodating, particularly if you utilize numerous text-based tools like Slack or Discord. Therefore, have you thought to provide it a whirl?
  • Change Color Profiles: Not all monitors are made exactly the same way. You may notice lots of color discrepancies, particularly if you are employing various monitors. Consequently, we suggest adjusting your color pages to attain an even more monotonous look.
  • Change Placement: We recommend keepin constantly your primary display into the middle while your entire other monitors are towards the part. This helps to ensure that all windows always open in your peripheral vision.


While the original setup may feel tiresome, having 3 monitors linked to your laptop computer funds you an excellent boost in efficiency and assists you multitask much simpler. Generally speaking, after learning your needs, it is a matter of fine-tuning and tweaking getting an optimal multi-monitor setup. 

Frequently expected concerns

Does having 3 monitors on my laptop computer reduce performance?

Yes, while insignificant, you will notice a decrease in performance when you plug in numerous monitors. The reason being your GPU needs to pull in additional work in order to make up for the additional shows and render them. With regards to the strenuous task, there can be an even more significant decrease.

Can I create 3 monitors if i’ve fewer display ports?

Yes, you can make use of a USB-C dongle with multiple ports to pay for the huge difference. Nevertheless, your integrated/discrete GPU will have to offer the power to make 3 monitors. 

Should i take advantage of a dock or a splitter with my laptop computer? 

A splitter virtually halves each port’s bandwidth to production to an individual monitor. Therefore, yes, it will have an important effect. Having said that, a dock makes use of each slot separately, so it’s a much better choice. 

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