How To Hide a Folder in the Android Gallery

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Method # 1: Create a concealed Folder

Method # 2: Hide an Existing Folder

Method # 3: Hide data Using a Third-Party App

How to get into a Hidden FolderConclusionFrequently expected concernsMethod no. 1: Create a concealed Folderonce you simply take an image or document a video clip, it adopts your gallery. Within the gallery, a curious group of eyes can easily see your pictures and videos, that you don’t would like them to see. 

To prevent your own personal information from visitors to see, it is possible to produce a concealed folder to keep your private information.

Follow these instructions to produce a concealed folder in your Android os to truly save important computer data from other people’ eyes.

  1. Look for
  2. “File Manager”
  3. and introduce the app.
  4. Examine File Manager settings and select the
  5. “Create New Folder”
  6. choice.

Type the

desired name

of this folder.

Insert a

  1. dot during the launching of this file title to produce a concealed folder.Move your entire
  2. personal information in to the concealed folder.Method # 2: conceal a preexisting Folder
  3. There could be once you’ve some individual information in a folder currently kept into the gallery, and somebody peeked at it. Now you intend to conceal it through the gallery. Just how do you want to take action?Follow these easy steps to full cover up a preexisting folder in your Android.Find the
  4. File Managerapp in your Android os and introduce it.
  5. Navigate towards the folder you intend to obscure.Open the chosen folder and faucet the “Create New Folder”


Name the brand new folder


  1. After producing the NoMedia folder, leave the File Manager and reboot your Android.When you introduce the gallery, your folder is currently concealed and protected.
  2. Method number 3: Hide data Using a Third-Party App
  3. Someone that knows about producing a concealed folder may also access your concealed files. Now, your files continue to be perhaps not guaranteed. Exactly what do you are doing now? Wouldn’t it is significant to own an app having its protected gallery, which somebody can simply access along with your authorization?You could possibly get the assistance of third-party apps
  4. to full cover up your private information. Every application follows various protection parameters to get into the information which makes it a far more protected choice. Let’s reveal
  5. Vaulty, a third-party software that offers you the function to full cover up and secure your pictures and videos.Vaulty
  6. provides you with the function of making a gallery of pictures and videos. You may want to produce files within files like inception. 

Every gallery into the Vaulty application is


, letting you show the information you merely wish to show. One of the finest reasons for having Vaulty is it allows cloud backups

of one’s information. Therefore, it is possible to nevertheless get individual information in case there is losing your phone. How To Access a Hidden FolderAfter producing a concealed folder utilizing file supervisor, it’s mandatory to learn just how to access these files. 

To access the concealed files in your Android os, follow these actions.Launch the

File Managerapp.

Select the “Show Hidden Files” function within the file supervisor settings.

View and usage

all information kept in concealed files.

Things To appear For

  1. To access the concealed files created by the NoMedia folder, you’ve to delete the NoMedia file.Conclusion We all have actually individual information on our phones and don’t want everyone else to simply take a peek at it. To secure important computer data
  2. , you need to produce concealed files for security purposes. A person with familiarity with utilizing File Manager options that come with hiding data in your Android os can get access to it. In order to avoid this, shop your data in a third-party application and password protect it. Frequently expected concerns
  3. How do we hide gallery pictures on an Android phone with no application?You can conceal your gallery pictures on an Android phone having its indigenous features available on

File Manager

. Introduce the software and produce a fresh folder. Insert a

dot ahead of the name

of this folder in order to make it concealed. Now, keep your gallery pictures into the concealed folder.How do we produce a personal folder in an Android gallery?You can cause an exclusive folder in your Android os gallery by introducing the gallery. Here find the pictures and videos you intend to proceed to the personal folder. Choose the

three-dot choice

at the very top left and select the

“Create a personal Folder”

choice. Type the desired title of this folder and press “Create”.

We all have actually personal information on our phones, and quite often our phones alter hands. You’ll never want your friends and relations to get into your files. But exactly how do you want to conceal them?

You’ll need certainly to produce a concealed owner and go your private information compared to that folder.

Quick AnswerTo create a concealed folder, open File Manager and touch the “Create New Folder” choice. Type the folder’s title from right here and place a dot ahead of the title. Now, a concealed folder is made, and you may move your private information for this concealed folder.In this short article, we’ll discuss how exactly to produce a fresh concealed folder or conceal a preexisting folder to secure individual information.

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