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Cash App

A popular peer-to-peer repayment deal system like money App allows you to definitely result in the deal when you arranged your account. The deal history is consistently held conserved in your money App, and you might desire to conceal or delete it sooner or later.

Quick Answer

Unfortunately, there isn’t any choice to delete or hide money App deal history. You’ll just completely eliminate your money App history by disabling or shutting your account; this clears all associated information and deal history.

This article will show you on the best way to conceal money App history by after three easy techniques. We shall additionally share the preventive measures and options to help keep your money App history safe.

  1. Hiding Cash App History
    • Method # 1: Closing Cash App Account From a Mobile Device
    • Method # 2: Deleting Cash App Account From a PC
    • Method # 3: Saving and Deleting money App Transaction History
  2. Things To start thinking about Before Deleting money App Account
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Hiding money App History

Don’t learn how to conceal money App history? Our 3 step by step techniques can help you have the procedure without wasting time. 

Method # 1: Closing Cash App Account From a Mobile unit

To completely delete your money App deal history, you’ll have to close the bucks App account by after these simple actions.

  1. Log in to your registered Cash App account.
  2. Tap the profile icon within the upper-right part of this display screen.
  3. Scroll down the menu and tap the “Support” option.
  4. The Help menu will make you another menu; tap “Something Else”.
  5. Find and faucet “Account Settings” regarding the brand new menu.
  6. Select “Close My money App Account” and faucet “Confirm” to finalize the procedure.


You have finally disabled your money App account and completely deleted the associated deal history.

Method no. 2: Deleting money App Account From a PC

If you don’t have a smartphone, it is possible to shut your money App account through the pc following these basic steps.

  1. Go towards the money App internet site and log directly into your account utilizing the exact same mobile application qualifications.
  2. Navigate the cursor to “Settings” through the menu regarding the remaining part of this display.
  3. Click “Personal Information”, scroll down, and choose the “Delete Account” option.
  4. Input the reason for account removal.
  5. Click the “Confirm” choice to delete your account completely.


Before closing the bucks App account, remember to cash down your funds through the application to your money.

Method no. 3: Saving and Deleting money App Transaction History

If you wish to keep a secure record of the money App deal history before deleting your account, you’ll install the real history as a receipt by after these steps.

  1. Go towards the Cash App website and log on to your account.
  2. Click the “Statements” choice regarding the upper-right part of the account dashboard. 
  3. Click “Export CSV”, as well as your deal history is likely to be installed in a CSV file in your device.
  4. After saving the deal history, delete the account when you go to “Settings” > “Personal Information” > “Delete Account”.

Things To think about Before Deleting money App Account

Before completely deleting your money App account, you need to make sure two things in order to avoid monetary loss.

  • Transfer your Cash software funds through the wallet to your connected bank-account.
  • If you have got any shares or bitcoin, you will need to sell them down before you decide to can shut your account.
  • Make certain to unlink the credit or debit card from your own money App account.
  • Delete the non-public information from your own account profile.
  • Disable your money App debit card before completely unlinking the account.


In this guide on hiding money App history, we shared three ways of deleting your money App account to cover up or take away the deal history completely. You’ll be able to save your valuable money App history before disabling your account.

We have talked about two things to think about before you continue utilizing the account closing procedure. Ideally, our guidelines helped resolve your inquiries.

Frequently Expected concerns

Why do i have to conceal my Cash App history?

Most Money App users are worried that when another person experiences their account, they may check the real history to know about their financials. Consequently, insecurity leads users to cover up or delete their money App history.

Can We make a fresh money App after deleting one?

Once you have got completely deleted a Cash App account, you possibly can make a fresh one utilizing the same credentials like email target and phone quantity. You may also connect the same bank account, however it won’t restore the old deal history.

Does deleting money App close the account?

No, it’s going to just delete the application form. This is actually the most typical myth among some users while they genuinely believe that the account is deleted once your delete the Cash App from your own unit. Alternatively, it just signs out of the account. Deleting or shutting the account calls for an entire brand new procedure.

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