How To Hide Contacts on Android

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Do you have got lots of associates conserved in your Android os phone but don’t desire one to see or access them? Fortunately, there are many workarounds because of this task.

Quick Answer

Follow these steps to cover associates on Android.

1. Transfer or include most of the associates in one location, such as for instance mobile, Bing account, or SIM.
2. Introduce the Contacts app in your Android os phone.
3. Start Settings by pushing the three straight dots in the display screen. 
4. Tap “Display Preferences”, and also at the base of the display screen, tap “Customize”.
5. Unselect the positioning you wish to conceal the associates from (age.g., “Phone”). 
6. Touch the “✔” symbol towards the top.

We have created a comprehensive, step-by-step guide with simple practices on what it is possible to conceal associates on various Android os products.

  1. Hiding connections on Android
    • Method # 1: Hiding All Contacts making use of the Contacts App
      • Step # 1: move the Contacts
      • Step # 2: conceal the Contacts
    • Method # 2: Hiding connections in Samsung
      • Step number 1: Create a Secure Folder
      • Step # 2: Add associates to your safe Folder
    • Method # 3: Hiding connections utilizing Third-Party Apps
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  3. Frequently expected concerns

Hiding connections on Android

If you’re wondering exactly how to cover associates on Android os, our 3 step by step practices can help you finish this task quickly. 

Method # 1: Hiding All Contacts utilising the connections App

Use the strategy below to cover all associates in your Android os phone utilising the associates app.

Step # 1: move the Contacts

You might possibly not have noticed, however your Contacts app shows most of the associates you have got conserved from various places (age.g., Phone, Bing Account, SIM) unless set otherwise. In your Contacts list, touch the contact you wish to conceal, and move it to one location (age.g., Phone).

If you can’t move associates, delete them after copying their details and produce a new contact, ensuring to save lots of all of them in one single location. 

Tap the “+” icon in your connections app and add the contact information. Touch the arrow icon towards the top and choose “Phone” due to the fact storage space location. Touch the “✔” symbol

Step # 2: conceal the connections

Now that most the associates you wish to hide have been in the exact same location, go directly to the Contacts app in your phone. Start Settings by pushing the three straight dots in the display screen and tapping “Display Preferences”.

At the base of the display screen, faucet “Customize”. Now, unselect the location with associates you wish to conceal (age.g., Phone), and tap the “✔” symbol towards the top.

All Done!

Now, most of the contacts conserved on “Phone” are concealed. 

Method # 2: Hiding associates in Samsung

Even though Samsung products have actually Android os OS, they’ve somewhat various settings than many other phones. Should you want to conceal associates on a Samsung Android os unit, proceed with the actions below. 

Step # 1: Make a Secure Folder

Secure Folder is an app available particularly on Android os products, where you are able to go associates, communications, and files. To produce a Secure Folder, go to Settings > “Biometrics and safety” > “Secure Folder” and indication directly into your Samsung account

Once finalized in, pick a lock type and faucet “Next”. Enter your selected lock kind and faucet “Continue”. Enter it once again and touch “OK”.

Step # 2: include associates to your safe Folder

Now that you have got create the Secure Folder, it is simple to import and conceal the associates from your own Android os unit. Start the Contacts app in your phone and faucet in the contact you wish to conceal. Touch the info icon to available contact information. 

On the top-right part associated with the display screen, faucet the three straight dots, and select “go to Secure Folder”. Authenticate the move making use of your pattern, PIN, or password predicated on your lock kind and faucet “Continue”.

That’s It!

Go to your safe Folder and available the Contacts app to look at your concealed associates. It is possible to unhide the contact you would like by going them from it exactly the same way you relocated them in. 

Method # 3: Hiding Contacts Using Third-Party Apps

If you wish to conceal associates in your Android phone, you can make use of a third-party app called HiCont to do this quickly. 

  1. Download the HiCont application in your phone. 
  2. Set up your chosen lock type
  3. Add a recovery e-mail and faucet “Finalize”.
  4. Give the application permission to get into your contacts.
  5. Tap the hide icon beside the contact you wish to conceal and touch “OK” to conceal the contact.

Quick Tip

You can unhide any contact you would like within the “HIDDEN CONTACTS” area by tapping the unhide icon and selecting “Restore Selection”.


In this guide, we now have talked about just how to conceal associates on Android os. We’ve additionally discussed hiding associates on a Samsung Android os unit utilising the Secure Folder and a third-party app.

Hopefully, with your methods, you’ll be in a position to get a handle on the privacy of the associates. 

Frequently expected concerns

How do we hide texting?

Open your phone’s Settings app and tap “Notifications”. Into the “Recently sent” area, faucet “More”. Scroll down and soon you discover the Messages app and touch the toggle to show it well. You won’t get a notification once you get a note, plus it won’t show up on your lock display or the drop-down menu.

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