How To Hook Up Bose Surround Sound to Samsung Smart TV

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Bose surround noise systems are one particular quality brands which make you’re feeling the strength of each and every noise which comes out of one’s speakers. All models can handle creating quality noises that make you’re feeling like every noise taken from the speakers is occurring around you. Through the screeching wheel noises in your action films to your cocking gun noises in your video gaming, you need to love Bose surround speakers. 

Unlike some brands, you should use your Bose surround noise speakers with some of the Bose surround soundbars. They have been suitable for the Bose Soundbar 300, Bose Soundbar 500, Bose Soundbar 700, Bose Soundbar 900, plus the SoundTouch 300 Soundbar. 

  1. 4 Ways To Hook Up Bose Surround Sound to Samsung Smart television
    • Connecting With HDMI Port Cable
    • Connecting With Bluetooth
    • Connecting With Optical Cable
    • Connecting With Auxiliary Cable
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  3. Frequently expected concerns

4 How to Hook Up Bose Surround Sound to Samsung Smart television

After linking your Bose surround speakers to a Bose Soundbar and establishing utilising the manual, it really is now time for you to connect it together with your Samsung Smart TV. You can find three simple solutions to do that. You could utilize an HDMI port cable, auxiliary cable, or Bluetooth.

Connecting With HDMI Port Cable

The HDMI cable is considered the most widely used electronic cable for connection. To get in touch Bose surround noise to a Samsung Smart television, do the next:

  1. Ensure your television and Bose surround sound are turned off.
  2. Connect the HDMI “in” port to your Bose surround noise and the “out” port to your Samsung Smart television. 
  3. Now turn in the two products. Head to “Settings” on your own Samsung TV and choose “Source.”
  4. After picking “Source,” choose “Function” and pick the choice to connect Bose surround noise plus the television. 

Connecting With Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection is a kind of cordless connection. This implies there is no dependence on cables by using this technique. 

  1. Press the “Pairing” key on the Bose Soundbar or the remote.
  2. Go to Settings on your own Samsung Smart television.
  3. Select “Sources” into the settings.
  4. Select “Connection Guide.”
  5. A variety of speakers will show on your own television display. Research and select your Bose Soundbar out of this list. 

Connecting With Optical Cable

  1. First, switch on the Bose surround noise as well as your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Press the “Source” switch in the soundbar and set it towards the “D.IN” setting.
  3. Connect the optical cable to the “Optical Out” port behind your Samsung Smart television and link one other end to your “Digital Audio In” slot in the Bose surround sound.
  4. Go to “Settings” on the television.
  5. Select “Sound” then “Sound Output.”
  6. Lastly, select “Audio Out/Optical,” and you will now tune in to your television sound with all the Bose surround noise. 

Connecting With Auxiliary Cable

  1. Connect the main one end associated with the auxiliary cable to your “Aux Input” slot in the Bose Soundbar, and connect the other end to your “Aux Output” port on your own Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Use the Bose Soundbar remote to select “Source Option” and choose “Aux.”
  3. You is now able to start your television noise to try. 


The most typical approach to connect Bose surround noise to an intelligent television is utilising the HDMI cable. This technique is principally useful for older models of Bose surround noise. When you have the present type of the Bose Soundbar, you might choose the Bluetooth connection approach to avoid wiring. 

We’ve offered four techniques to select from. Therefore, just what technique can it be likely to be?

Frequently expected concerns

Can we link my Bose surround noise speakers to my PC?

Bose surround speakers are made to use the Bose Soundbar systems; 300, 500, and 700.

Can We link significantly more than two Bose surround sound speakers to my Bose Soundbar?

No. The Bose Soundbar can only just hook up to a set of surround speakers at any given time. 

Are the Bose surround noise speakers cordless?

The Bose surround noise speakers are believed cordless. Although, there is certainly a wire that links them to an electrical supply.

Can We mount my Bose surround sound speakers to your roof?

No. You’ll just install them on walls or make use of a floor stand. 

Is it feasible to place every one of my Bose surround noise speakers in various spaces? 

Bose surround noise speakers should be held in identical space since the Soundbar. 

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