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Xfinity, an United States telecommunication business, provides top-notch, next-generation internet services to its members. Even though the install speed works fine, users frequently encounter a sluggish upload rate.

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It can be done to boost upload rate on Xfinity by upgrading the Computer to your latest variation, utilizing a wired connection in place of WiFi, scanning the device for spyware, restricting WiFi access, and ensuring the modem or router is working fine.

Slow internet rate could be irritating for you personally if you’d like to upload a sizable file, upload a presentation or document straight away, or/and backup crucial data.

Fast uploading speed is absolutely essential in this point in time. We’ll explore why Xfinity’s upload rate slows and show you with step by step ways to fix the matter.

  1. Why Is My Xfinity Upload Speed So Slow?
  2. Increasing Xfinity Upload Speed
    • Method # 1: Resolve OS Issues
      • Step # 1: enhance Windows
      • Step # 2: Delete Temporary data
      • Step # 3: utilize a Wired Connection
      • Step # 4: Scan Your PC
    • Method # 2: Limit WiFi Access
    • Method no. 3: Troubleshoot Modem/Router
    • Method no. 4: Disabling Third-Party fire walls
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Why Is My Xfinity Upload Speed So Slow?

There could be many and varied reasons for sluggish upload rate. Several of the most frequently occurring ones could be:

  • Too numerous products are attached to an Xfinity system.
  • Presence of Malware.
  • Outdated os.
  • Corrupted junk files.
  • Use of third-party fire walls.

Increasing Xfinity Upload Speed

Boosting Xfinity upload speed could be a daunting task for the average individual. Nevertheless, our step by step guidelines will need you through the whole procedure by maintaining you far from most of the techy material.

We’ll additionally discuss disabling third-party fire walls for better upload rate. But, first, here you will find the three mainstream techniques that one may make an effort to increase Xfinity upload speed.

Method # 1: Resolve OS problems

Sometimes, an outdated OS, short-term junk files, and an unstable WiFi connection may be the real cause for the upload rate problem on Xfinity. Fortunately, you’ll decide to try the next actions in a sequence to solve the situation.

Step # 1: enhance Windows

From your desktop, go through the Start button during the bottom-left part. Head to Settings > modify & Security and go through the Windows Update tab in the remaining sidebar. Then, select the Check for Updates switch to begin getting available updates.

Step # 2: Delete Temporary data

Click in the Start symbol in the desktop and key in Disk cleaning within the search dialog package. Now, choose Disk Cleanup, select the drive you intend to tidy up, and then click OK. Select the short-term junk file kinds under the Files to Delete option and click OK to delete.

Deleting temporary files on Windows

Step no. 3: utilize a Wired Connection

If the aforementioned two actions neglect to improve the upload rate, disable WiFi on your computer and use an Ethernet cable to get in touch it towards the Xfinity router/modem. Wait for net connection to restore immediately.


If online will not connect immediately, troubleshoot your connection by visiting Network Connections and hitting the Ethernet choice within the remaining pane.

Step no. 4: Scan Your PC

Click in the Start symbol in the desktop and head towards Settings > modify & Security. Navigate further to Virus & threat security > Scan choices > Windows Defender Offline scan. Choose Scan Now and wait for Windows to accomplish the method.

Fixing these PC-related problems will help enhance Xfinity upload speed.

Method # 2: Limit WiFi Access

  1. Open your web browser and input the router target within the target club.
  2. Input your Xfinity login qualifications (username and password).
  3. Open the Wireless tab, simply click in the package labeled Password, and change it out with an original one.
  4. Click on Save after upgrading the password.

Method no. 3: Troubleshoot Modem/Router

  1. Check the lights in the Modem/Router.
  2. Check the Power Supply and Cables to ensure that the connections aren’t curved or loose.
  3. Reboot the modem/Router to clear any short-term technical problems.


Place your Xfinity router/modem in a ventilated area and also at minimum 6-inches away off their products, as overheating may cause slow upload speed.

Method no. 4: Disabling Third-Party fire walls

Third-party firewalls become locked gates and block hackers or intruders from accessing important information on your pc by allowing the safe passing of necessary applications.

They’ll appear whenever an app on your computer begins an outgoing connection in order to control the apps that may access the world wide web and may threaten the system. Nevertheless, these fire walls could cause connectivity issues.

You can disable these third-party fire walls to boost Xfinity upload speed. Nevertheless, doing this may compromise your whole system and may introduce prospective threats. So that you should just decide to try disabling them if absolutely nothing else works.


In this guide on how to increase Xfinity upload speed, we talked about the causes behind the sluggish upload speed and shared numerous techniques you need to use to solve this problem. We’ve additionally discussed the chance of active third-party apps causing sluggish rate.

Hopefully, one of many repairs struggled to obtain you, and today you’ll upload such a thing quickly in the Xfinity network. Nevertheless, in the event that problem continues, contact Xfinity support staff to enable them to resolve backend hiccups.

Frequently Expected Concerns

Does Uploading Affect Download Rate?

Yes, it can. In the event that you upload a sizable file or a few papers, the files you’re getting could easily get delayed, or the method might decelerate.

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