How To Install a Second SSD

Second SSD Installation

How To Install a 2nd SSD: whatever you have to Know

Prerequisites: Things That You’ll Require

Installing a 2nd SSD to Your ComputerInitializing this new SSDWrapping UpHow to put in a 2nd SSD: all you need to KnowInstalling an extra SSD on your computer is a systematic procedure that will require an effective approach. Without doubt the whole procedure is an impression complicated, but as soon as you’ve got the resources and sufficient knowledge prepared by the part, you’ll end up sitting regarding the convenient end. To simply help our visitors, we’ve sectioned the guide into three components.



  1. Initialization.
    • Keep reading once we unfold each product in probably the most digestible manner.
    • Prerequisites: Items that You’ll Require
    • Before anything else, be sure you’ve got all of the resources sorted. Listed here is a fast consider the products you’ll need for setting up an extra SSD on your computer. 
  2. A

vacant drive bay

within the CPU of your personal computer.An available SATA information connection

  • in the motherboard.
  • An
  • external SSD


to set up.

Some tools like a

  • screwdriver. This may assist you to start the situation and place the drive precisely.A precisely working
  • SATA information cable.A well-operational
  • SATA power connector. When and in case your motherboard does not have a port for SATA connections, a SATA controller
  • Keep in your mindRemember, the body may have one or
  • two various drive bay sizes. For SSDs, you’ll generally need a 2.5-inch drive bay
  • . If you’re trying to install an SSD inside a bay typically intended for a 5.25-inch drive, you’ll need an adapter to secure the bond.
  • Installing a Second SSD to Your PCNow you’ve got the devices prepared with you, it’s time to install the SSD. Take into account that if at any phase you’re feeling things are growing to be tricky, please feel free to seek some expert guidance

. Nonetheless, in the event that you adhere to just what I’m going to unearth, dealing with difficulty is an unlikely occasion.

Unplug all of the energy cables when you haven’t already.Use the screwdriver to unscrew and open the Central Processing Unit instance.Locate the available drive bay. Search for usually the one scaling to 2.5-inch

. In the event that you can’t find any, find the

5.2-inch drive-bay rather.Carefully take away the

  1. drive caddy and place this new SSD into it.
  2. Check every thing before setting up the caddy back to the drive bay.Sort the connections. Find an available SATA information cable port
  3. (within the motherboard) and plug one end of a well-working SATA information cable to the free SATA energy connectorComplete the text by plugging the information connectors to the compatible ports
  4. into the brand new SSD.Verify all of the cables and wires once more.
  5. Close
  6. the Central Processing Unit instance, and that wraps up the physical installation.Initializing this new SSDAfter concluding the real installation, plug in most the ability cables and start your personal computer. Because the system boots up, mind towards the system information web page and verify that this new SSD happens to be identified. In the event that you can’t see any modifications to the body storage space, that’s most likely because your
  7. OS hasn’t recognized the newest SSD. Don’t stress; stick to the under actions and obtain every thing ready to go in moments.Launch the
  8. Control Panel through the Windows Start menu.
  9. Find the option that says “Disk Management”

and then click onto it.

If you discover a prompt asking to initialize the disk, select the “GPT” option.Click “OK”

  1. and proceed.Wait for automated detection. If it does not take place, scroll down and select the newest SSD
  2. .Right-click it, and then click
  3. “New Simple Volume” through the listing of choices.Click
  4. “Next”.You’ll then see a
  5. set of two numbers. Make sure that both match each other for seamless functioning.Desirably
  6. pick a drive letter or opt for the default one. Simply click “Next” once more.
  7. Choose the NTFS file system because the favored choice and enter the
  8. volume label.Click
  9. “Next”, verify everything, and conclude the procedure by striking the “Finish” button.Wrapping Up
  10. So there you have got it; a simple and seamless guide to setting up an SSD on your desktop. Even though procedure smells tricky up front, knowing how to approach it, the others is a cakewalk. I really hope the write-up has aided you improve the storage space energy of one’s PC.

    Have you been banging your mind on multilple web sites, searching for how to install an extra SSD? If that’s the truth, the quest comes to an end here.Quick AnswerTo install an extra SSD on your desktop, grab yourself a

  11. new storage space solution, available the CPU compartment, find the drive bay

, position the brand new SSD involved with it and shut the situation right back. As soon as done, start your pc, help the OS recognize the newly set up SSD, and you’re good to go.

Whether you intend to install an extra SSD to serve certain requirements of a faster main drive or perhaps wish to expand your storage space amount, the next guide may help atlanta divorce attorneys feasible manner.

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