How To Install Fonts on Android

  1. Method # 1: Using iFont (Unrooted)
  2. Method number 2: making use of iFont (Rooted)
  3. Method number 3: making use of a Launcher (Unrooted)
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: Using iFont (Unrooted)

The simplest way to set up fonts on Android os, with an astonishing quantity of flexibility, is with iFont. Here’s tips on how to utilize it.

  1. Install the iFont application.
  2. Open the Settings application.
  3. Head to “Security”.
  4. Use the search club to look for “Unknown Sources”.
  5. Tap on “Install unknown apps” and find “iFont”.
  6. Press the toggle switch to “Allow with this source”.
  7. Open the application form.
  8. Find and touch the font you wish to install.
  9. Tap “Download” in the front side page.
  10. Tap “Set” and stick to the on-screen directions to set up the font.
  11. After installation is complete, available Settings in your Android.
  12. Head to “Display” and head to “Font” > “Font Style” to utilize your brand-new font.

Method number 2: making use of iFont (Rooted)

A rooted unit allows you to install any .TTF file as a font in your Android os unit and make use of it for the entirety of one’s operating-system. Therefore, you aren’t limited by exactly what a credit card applicatoin could possibly offer. Fortunately, you’ll nevertheless utilize the iFont application to set up these fonts. Here’s just how.

  1. Open iFont.
  2. Locate the “MY” screen and faucet on “My Font”.
  3. On the most effective will show up a “Click this” option; press that.
  4. Locate any installed TTF file you’ve got installed and faucet “Set”.

If you aren’t certain of where you find .TTF files once you’ve rooted your phone, we suggest deciding on web sites like Font Squirrel or Free Fonts Download. When you’ve downloaded a font you love after that, utilize the technique mentioned previously in your rooted Android os, and you ought to be ready to go.

Should I Root My Android os To Install Fonts?

No, you must not root your Android os to set up fonts. It Is Because rooting your Android Os unit may result in numerous issues.

• Your phone warranty are going to be void.
• Your phone can be confronted with weaknesses like spyware and spyware.

Rooting your Android os unit does permit you to select from a larger number of customized fonts. The reason being you can install .TTF files of one’s option. Having said that, when using an unrooted phone, you might be limited to choosing a font that’s available within the application you might be making use of. 

Even though rooting your Android os enables you to install more fonts for the Android os phone. It really is not suggested which you root your Android os to set up fonts. The reason being rooting your phone includes a security danger, a trade-off we don’t recommend.  

Method number 3: making use of a Launcher (Unrooted)

Using a third-party launcher additionally allows you to improve your Android phone’s fonts and install brand new people. Keep in mind that this technique does maybe not change your whole phone’s font settings. Rather, the font changes are just limited by the launcher.

We’ll be utilizing GO Launcher because of this specific demonstration. Nonetheless, virtually every launcher, such as Nova Launcher and Microsoft Launcher, permits customized fonts.

  1. Open the launcher’s settings in your Android.
  2. Press and hold anywhere in the house display to gain access to GO Settings.
  3. Tap “Font” and select “Select Font”.
  4. Pick a font of one’s option or press scan to include a font pre-installed in your device.
  5. Tap the selected font to save lots of modifications. You ought to will have an alternate font inside your launcher.


Changing your font is not too difficult on Android os. Nonetheless, the quantity of modification and variety you’ve got regarding these fonts is based on your initial Android os epidermis and whether you might be ready to root your phone or otherwise not. For some, we feel just like iFont is plenty of to meet their craving for change.

However, in the event that you certainly realize the possibility of rooting your phone and so are ok aided by the repercussions, go ahead and, do it!

Frequently Expected concerns

Do i must root the device to improve the font?

No, rooting your Android os unit is not truly the only solution to setting up brand new fonts. Third-party applications like iFont permit you to alter fonts on unrooted phones. 

Can I install TTF fonts on an unrooted Android os phone?

No, you cannot install TTF fonts on an unrooted Android phone. You’ll just decide for downloading and changing fonts in your phone. You’ll want to root your phone to set up TTF fonts from any supply.

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