How To Install Third-Party Apps on LG TV

  1. Method # 1: making use of LG information Store
    • Uninstalling Apps from an LG television
  2. Method # 2: Installing Apps making use of Firestick
    • Using the Downloader App
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Method # 1: making use of LG information Store

LG information shop is a collection containing a number of apps, films, and shows which can be accessed on an LG Smart television. If available, the information store provides its users having the ability to install their desired third-party pc software effortlessly. More over, all of the apps on the LG content shop are optimized in accordance with your television, ergo offering you an even more pleasing experience.

LG Content Store

To install an App through the LG content shop, you will need to:

  1. Press the house button in your LG Remote.
  2. Inside the Menu, visit your Apps > LG information Store.
  3. Now in the shop, find the Apps category.

Once you are in the App category, all you have to do is search for the desired application and set it up. Into the App category, you may either utilize the search bar to find an app all surf through all of the apps current inside the Hot part.

After choosing the application you are interested in, all that’s necessary now could be to click it, and it’ll just take one to another screen. Inside this window, press the Install switch to install the App in your unit. Following the application is installed, it is possible to access the application from the LG television Home Menu.

However, take into account that you won’t have the ability to install any apps in your television without adequate storage area. Therefore this is how you are able to uninstall apps from your own television for a few additional area.


Low Space for storage can invariably cause performance dilemmas in products, so ensure you also have room enough in your television.

Uninstalling Apps from an LG television

LG Edit Mode is a neat function enabling users to uninstall and swap apps. Therefore with regard to this guide, we are going to simply be covering the uninstalling aspect associated with the Edit Mode. Nevertheless, please feel free to tinker with the Edit Mode to find out more. Therefore to uninstall an app:

  1. Go to your Home Menu.
  2. Swipe towards the until the thing is a Pencil Icon.
  3. Press the Pencil Icon to come into Edit Mode.
  4. Now scroll towards the application you need to uninstall and press the Up Arrow key and select it.

By following mentioned steps, you’ll be able to help make some storage area for the brand new apps.

Method no. 2: Installing Apps making use of Firestick

By now, i do believe you have got recognized that downloading third-party apps on LG TV with no assistance associated with the LG information shop is a no-go. But that doesn’t signify there aren’t any methods to help you bypass it.

Firestick is a streaming unit that enables its individual to put in different apps to it. Nevertheless, it is perhaps not truly the only unit that will achieve this. But simply with regard to this guide, I will be utilizing Firestick to show for you ways to run third-party apps in your LG television.

To run third-party apps in your LG television that aren’t available regarding the LG information shop, you must first connect your LG TV to your Firestick. To get in touch your Firestick, insert it into any available USB ports and then link it to your Wi-Fi.

Using the Downloader App

Firestick Downloader App

Once your Firestick is attached to your LG TV, be sure you go directly to the Install Unknown App window and turn On the Downloader app. To complete install the downloader application, you will need to:

  1. Navigate to My Fire TV > Developer Options.
  2. Inside the Developer Options, scroll down until such time you begin to see the Install Unknown App and then click about it.
  3. Inside the Install Unkown App window, turn On the downloader app.

Once you switch on Downloader App, choose it from your own home Menu and enter the URL for the application you need to install. After going into the Address, an installation screen will pop-up. Press Install to start out the installation.


Installing your desired apps on a TV could be taxing on one’s psychological state, particularly when it’s an LG TV that does not use Android os OS. Nevertheless, this guide can help you save your valuable some time your sanity by walking you through all of the necessary actions you should employ third-party apps on an LG TV. Therefore, prepare to help make your LG television experience better still now with a few assistance from us.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do I install from unknown sources on my LG Smart television?

Unfortunately, you can’t! Nevertheless, you can find workarounds that can be used to down load and install unknown sources in your LG television. These workarounds primarily rely on making use of other streaming service products such as for example Firestick.

Is LG television an Android?

As of right now, LG is not an Android-based unit. LG makes use of Linux instead of Google solutions. What this means is it makes use of Web OS on its television line instead than the greater commonly used Android os OS on other TVs.

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