How To Invert Colors on iPhone

The iOS devices frequently include numerous exciting features, and inverting colors on iPhone is certainly one of these. it is a fun task and it is pretty ideal for colorblind individuals. Nevertheless, lots of people don’t understand how color inversion works on the iPhones.

  1. Quick AnswerTo invert colors on iPhone, available Settings and navigate to
  2. “General”> “Accessibility”. Underneath the
  3. “Vision” part, faucet “Daily Accommodations”
  4. and “Invert Colors”. Regarding the next display, touch the toggle for either
  5.  “Smart Invert”
  6.  or 

“Classic Invert”


We have assembled an in depth guide on the best way to invert colors on iPhone with easy step by step directions. We shall additionally discuss inverting colors on Photos in your iOS device.

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