How To Leave Group Text on Android

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Why keep Group Text in Android

Leaving or Muting Group Texts in Android

Method # 1: Mute Group Text in Android os communications Method # 2: Leave or Mute Group Texts on WhatsAppLeaving or Muting Group Texts upon Other Android os AppsSummaryFrequently expected concernsWhy keep Group Text in AndroidYou may choose to keep team texts on Android os because of many reasons. Here are some of those.

Group text

notifications are bothering

  1. you.
  2. Group text conversations have grown to be
    • annoying or boring
    • .
  3. The
  4. conversation topic
  5. changed, and you’re no further interested inside it.

Leaving or Muting Group Texts in Android

If you’re wondering just how to keep or mute team text on Android os, our 2 step by step practices can help you do that task without much work.

  • Method # 1: Mute Group Text in Android os Messages Android users cannot leave team texts; nevertheless, talk does enable them to mute
  • their conversations.By muting team texts, you will definitely nevertheless get communications delivered to the team; nevertheless, your phone will stop ringing or vibrating
  • whenever somebody delivers a text in a specific team. here’s how to mute team text in Android.Open


Messages application on


Tap in the team discussion you intend to mute and touch the menu (three straight dots) icon towards the top.

Tap “People and Options” in the drop-down menu.

Swipe the “

  1. Notifications” toggle to “Off“.
  2. If only one individual is causing havoc in an organization text, you simply cannot conceal communications simply from that individual; you will need to entirely mute team discussion. Nevertheless, you are able to block the person so that they cannot deliver communications for you straight. 
  3. Method # 2: Leave or Mute Group Texts on WhatsAppNowadays, WhatsApp
  4. can be used significantly more than the Android os communications application for conversations. Fortunately, you are able to both leave and mute an organization discussion on WhatsApp.Here’s just how to keep conversations.Launch
Muting group texts on Android Messages

WhatsApp and touch the Chats icon

to browse active chats.

Select the group talk you wish to keep or mute.Tap the group’s title to open “Group Info“.

Scroll down seriously to the underside and select “

  1. Exit Group“.Right Here would be the actions in the event that you just desire to mute the team talk.Perform steps 1 and 2
  2. in the last guidelines.Tap the
  3. menu (three straight dots) icon.Select “
  4. Mute” into the drop-down menu.Choose the period for muting (i.e., 8 hours, 7 days, or one year).
WhatsApp Exit Group option


  1. the container next to “Show Notifications“.
  2. Tap “OK” to ensure the action.
  3. TipYou can quickly unmute
  4. the team chat by simply clicking the
  5. menu icon. A drop-down menu will start. Select “Unmute“. 
  6. Leaving or Muting Group Texts upon Other Android AppsSeveral Android os apps allow users to go out of or mute team texts, like Telegram
WhatsApp mute duration


Textra, etc.Users can easily keep team text on Telegram by visiting the team discussion they would like to keep and tapping on “Delete and Leave Chat” or “

Mute Notifications

“.On Textra , users can start the team talk, faucet on the icon into the upper-right corner

of this discussion, and tap the bell icon to mute the discussion.SummaryIn this guide about making team text on Android os, we now have talked about the causes for leaving or muting team conversations and exactly how you are able to utilize numerous practices.  Ideally, one of these simple practices spent some time working for you personally, now you are able to mute team text on Android os and then leave team conversations on WhatsApp as well as other apps. Frequently expected concerns

How do we keep team texts on my iPhone?It can be done to go out of team text in your iPhone. For This, faucet in the group text you need to keep, choose the top header associated with discussion, scroll down, and faucet “Leave This Discussion“. Every member in team talk will need to have an Apple unit so that you can keep that team. 

Telegram delete and exit chat option

How do we delete an organization on WhatsApp?

You can delete an organization on WhatsApp if you should be the

group admin

. First,

remove all participants

through the group, start the team chat, touch the team topic and click on “Exit Group” > “Exit“. From then on, start the WhatsApp Group talk to delete the group.

Group text could be handy to keep associated with everybody else at any given time, such as for instance preparing a meetup or informing a buddy or family members about an occurring in your lifetime. Nevertheless, these conversations in your Android os phone can frequently become annoying, and also you may want to keep them.

Quick AnswerIt is impractical to keep team texts into the Android communications app since it is an integrated function. Nevertheless, you are able to mute team conversations into the communications application. Meanwhile, you are able to keep and mute team text on WhatsApp along with other comparable apps supported by Android os. We’ll discuss why you might like to keep team text on Android os and exactly how it’s with your step by step guidelines.

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