How To Lock a Discord Channel

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Lock discord channel

Locking a Discord Channel

How to secure a Discord Channel?

Method # 1: Lock a Discord Channel on Desktop App

Method # 2: Lock a Discord Channel on Cellphone App


  1. Frequently expected concerns
  2. Locking a Discord Channel
    • Discord stations are a terrific way to build a residential area of one’s individuals and talk about particular things or subjects. But often, you will get offended by the folks into the channel, or your channel is dead, and no one interacts.
    • So, you need to secure it, however you don’t desire most of the communications or content to be lost. In this matter, you’ll have to secure it for everybody except you or one other channel administrator.
  3. Let’s discuss ways to do this with two easy practices.
  4. How to secure a Discord Channel?

Locking a discord channel is simple, nevertheless the technique is different for mobile and desktop. The explanation for here is the software. You could understand that the Discord app’s interface and settings are somewhat distinctive from the mobile app.


You can only just secure or modify a channel’s settings when you yourself have needed permissions through the channel owner or perhaps you will be the

Channel Administrator

. For those who have do not require, you can’t secure the channel anyhow.

So, let’s discuss both practices in more detail.

Method number 1: Lock a Discord Channel on Desktop App

You can secure a Discord Channel using the desktop software. Below are a few easy steps as you are able to follow.Open the Discord app on your own computer.

Go within the


by which you wish to secure a channel.

  1. Now, look for the targeted channel
  2. you wish to secure and acquire the cursor about it.You might find a settings icon
  3. beside the channel title; click it.It will start the channel settings, where you will notice a choice named “Permission.
  4. ” Click it.Some authorization settings are going to be exposed on your own right side called “Advanced Permissions.
  5. You will need to go through the “@everyone
  6. ” choice.This will open some “General Channel Permissions.
  7. Here you’ll have to select “Disable all of the permissions”
  8. .After disabling them, click the “Save modifications
  9. ” icon as you are able to find in the base right part.This will secure your channel in the Discord system. You may want to restart the software to verify that the channel is locked successfully.Method # 2: Lock a Discord Channel on mobile phone App
  10. If you employ the Discord App on your own mobile and wish to lock a channel, here you will find the easy steps that will help you.Open the Discord app and await it to load.

Go within the


by which your target channel is established.

  1. You will need to click on the three dots
  2. as possible see into the top right corner.Now click the “Settings,
  3. ” and it surely will open Server Settings.right here, you certainly will scroll down and then click in the “Channels
  4. ” choice.It will demonstrate most of the stations. Therefore, you’ll have to spot and then click in the channel you wish to lock.This will start channel settings. Right Here you’ll have to click on “
  5. Permissions.Right Here you’ll have to click on “
  6. @everyone.
  7. It will start all the “General Channel Permissions.
  8. Now, disable most of the permissions by hitting the RED X
  9. sign.After disabling most of the permissions, go through the Blue Icon as possible see into the base right part.This will save you modifications and secure the channel.
  10. Conclusionright here I’ve talked about tips on how to secure a Discord channel simply by using a desktop software or mobile software. The process is the identical for both products, many actions are changed as a result of various individual interfaces.I hope this guide can help you effectively secure a channel. In the event that you nevertheless have concerns or something like that at heart, do share that beside me by composing into the remark area below.
  11. Frequently Expected concerns

Can we delete a Discord channel?

Yes, you’ll delete a Discord channel. To take action, visit your host and right-click the channel you intend to delete. You can click “

Delete Channel

” and verify the removal by pressing once again. You’ll simply be in a position to delete stations you’ve got authorization to delete or handle.

Does it cost money to become listed on a Discord channel?

You don’t have actually to pay for such a thing to become listed on a Discord channel. It is because the software is free-to-use for anybody with an internet connection. You are able to make your stations or join one of many thousands developed by other users. Joining a channel on Discord does not set you back money.

Do you’ve got a channel on Discord that you would like to secure for all your users? Or possibly you don’t desire you to see or communicate in your Discord channel any longer? If yes, you might be during the right destination. It is simple to secure a Discord channel by after a couple of simple steps.Quick Solution

You can start channel settings and disable most of the permissions. This can effectively secure a Discord channel. But, for this, you need to be a Server Administrator.

So, let’s discuss how exactly to secure a Discord channel detail by detail. The procedure is simple, however it is various for both Discord Desktop and Cellphone App.

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