How To Lock Your SIM Card on an iPhone

Besides the Lock screen password, iPhones integrate additional security features as an example the SIM card lock function. Such a handy function provides extra security to quit anyone from utilizing your iPhone to text, make calls or utilize your data without your authorization. This security function is critical in just about any smartphone hence why it may possibly be totally on Android os os products.

But just how are you going to lock your SIM card in your iPhone? To enhance your iPhone’s security, you must consider this concern. But because the SIM card lock concept is not unique, those things it is in addition crucial to follow are extremely easy.

Quick Answer

Here’s overview of those things it is in addition crucial to follow.1. Begin the Settings app

2. Choose “Phone”
3. Touch within the “SIM PIN” option to gain access to this security function. 
4. Activate SIM PIN by moving the toggle next to it. 
5. A prompt will appear in your iPhone’s screen, requiring anyone to enter your selected SIM PIN6. Touch the chance “Done”

7. Restart your iPhone, plus the SIM Locked pop-up can try looking in the screen. After after these actions, you might be confident that nobody can use your iPhone to text, make use of the info plans, or text without entering the SIM PIN (specific recognition volume). Continue reading to learn more on how best to lock your iPhone’s SIM card. 

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