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With the future updates in Apple’s iOS, the organization is constantly increasing its usability and launching brand new features. Certainly one of that is AirPods announcing your notifications. This particular feature enables your AirPods to read out loud your notifications that you could miss as a result of some task you are doing.

Quick Answer

To make AirPods read your texting and notifications, follow these actions.

1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad.
2. Look for the Settings application by swiping straight down on your own unit to gain access to the search club or by looking the application manually.
3. Scroll down and soon you find “Siri & Search” and tap it.
4. Find “Announce Messages”, touch it, and switch on “Announce Notifications”.
5. Scroll down seriously to find “Messages” and turn that on.

This article will examine most of the issues and solutions you may face when using Announce Notifications.

  1. Does AirPods (Gen 1) Support “Announce Notification”?
  2. Why Can’t I Hear What My AirPods Are Reading?
    • Method #1
    • Method #2
  3. How to halt your AirPods From researching Out a Message
    • For AirPods (Gen 2)
    • For AirPods (Gen 3) & AirPods Pro
    • For AirPods Max
  4. How To forward communications utilizing Siri Without verification?
    • On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
    • On Apple Watch
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked concerns

Does AirPods (Gen 1) Support “Announce Notification”?

Unfortunately, the “Announce Notification” feature is unavailable in the very first generation of AirPods because it comes down with a W1 chipset that does not have the equipment abilities to operate it. 

To utilize this function, you should be on iOS 13 or more and also have AirPods with an H1 chipset or newer that has been introduced into the 2nd generation of AirPods.

Quick Note

The last iPhone to get the iOS 13 up-date had been the iPhone 6 while the iPad Pro (very first Generation), meaning that any unit before these models won’t have the function of AirPods announcing your texts or notifications.

Why Can’t I Hear What My AirPods Are Reading?

Often, you may face the problem of you being not able to hear what’s being look over or the writing being read is uncomfortably noisy. There are two main options for you to definitely adjust the amount for the text read by your AirPods.

Method #1

Wake Siri up by speaking, “Hey, Siri”. As soon as Siri reacts to your call, offer it a command to “Speak Louder” or “Speak Quieter” to boost or reduce steadily the level of the writing being talked.

Method #2

While the AirPods are talking the writing, make use of the volume buttons on your own Apple device’s top-left part to modify the amount to your desired degree.

How To halt your AirPods From researching Out a Message

If you’re busy or perhaps not into the mood to be controlled by your notifications or communications, it is possible to stop them. Before switching the function down, it is crucial to notice that Apple makes use of Siri to announce your communications and notifications.

You may use Siri for almost any generation of AirPods; although the text will be look over for your requirements, activate Siri by saying, “Hey, Siri”. As soon as Siri happens to be triggered, the next demand must certanly be something appropriate to “Cancel” or “Stop”. This may stop your AirPods from reading out texts.

Moreover, if you’re in a loud or rushy spot and not able to offer vocals commands to Siri, there are more approaches to turn fully off the writing notices that vary for every generation of AirPods.

For AirPods (Gen 2)

Double-tap either of your AirPods. This may stop the notices being produced by your AirPods.

For AirPods (Gen 3) & AirPods Pro

  1. Hard press either of your AirPods.
  2. This will stimulate the Force Sensor and prevent the statement. 

For AirPods Max

Press the Digital Crown of the AirPods Max to end the notifications from being established for you.

How To Forward Communications Making Use Of Siri Without Verification?

Before giving any message, Siri wants a confirmation away from you, you could turn this down by after these actions.

On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Search for “Notifications” and touch onto it.
  3.  Find “Announce Notifications” and switch on “Reply Without Conformation”.

On Apple Watch

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down unless you find Siri and tap it.
  3. Tap “Announce Notifications”, and turn “Reply Without Confirmation”.


Apple’s Announce Notification function is very handy for busy those who can’t immediately get for their phones. This particular feature can help you recognize the crucial communications you need to answer straight away. 

Turning this down is relatively simple if you’re frustrated with all the constant notifications or wish to forever lessen the amount of notifications announced for you.

Frequently Expected concerns

Does Beats support the “Announce Notification” function? 

Beats headphones produced after belated 2021 merge similar chipset as AirPods (Gen 2). Thus, they’ve the same functionality and help the “Announce Notification” function. 

How do we get fewer notifications established through my AirPods?

If you intend to limit the amount of notifications spoken into the ears, head to “Settings” > “Siri & Search” > “Announce Notifications” > scroll right down to “Messages” > tap on “TIme fragile & Direct Messages” in the place of All Notifications.

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