How To Make Android Faster

  1. Method # 1: clean up Your Storage
  2. Method number 2: Uninstall Unnecessary Applications
  3. Method # 3: utilize Lite-Version of Applications
  4. Method number 4: upgrade to your current Software
  5. Method # 5: Changing Animation Speed
  6. Method # 6: Restart Your Phone
  7. Method # 7: take to a new Launcher
  8. Method #8: Install a Personalized ROM
  9. Method # 9: Factory Reset Your Phone
  10. Conclusion 

Method # 1: clean up Your Storage

Your storage space will need to have enough space for the operations to operate efficiently. More often than not, individuals don’t spend much heed towards the storage area and only delete applications to help make room. But, to wash the storage area, you need to remove images and videos, clear the cache, as well as move apps to your sdcard

Your priority must be maintaining the storage area below 75%. Even though the internet claims that phones are ok to get results if you have 10% storage space available, we recommend limiting it to 75%.


You may use Google Drive or just about any cloud storage space to move papers, images, and videos from your own interior storage space. This may clean up your storage area, and you will access the files on any device.

Method number 2: Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

There are applications you never use but prefer to carry on your phone. Does something one thinks of? Those, and lots of comparable applications that you definitely have not been making use of lately, have to go in to the bin.

However, at peak times, built-in applications just take up probably the most room in your phone. May very well not have the ability to uninstall them, you could disable them. To accomplish either, head to Settings > “Apps” > “Uninstall/Disable“.

Method no. 3: utilize Lite-Version of Applications

Many popular social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Messenger, LinkedIn, and also Instagram have actually lite-edition options. These are typically primarily under 10MB and will be set up on any lower-version Android phone. 

The primary application features are mostly all here, nevertheless the quality additionally the graphical user interface may seem somewhat down for you. But that’s simply regarding the first try because obtaining the social media encounter through these lite-edition apps is nearly exactly the same. And it will save your valuable phone from freezing constantly. 

Method number 4: upgrade to your current Software

If your phone isn’t updated towards the latest variation, you may experience a slowing in its operations. When you yourself have an adult Android os model, you may well be not able to update the program.

But nowadays, within the present models, so as to your phone gets regular computer software updates. It is crucial to not ignore them because they help run operations smoothly and increase the phone’s speed. Ergo, make certain you keep your phone updated with the most recent computer software.

Method # 5: Changing Animation Speed

This is a lot more of a trick than a strategy to improve rate, nonetheless it will definitely affect your phone’s performance. By changing the animation speed, your phone’s software works faster to some extent. This is what you must do.

  1. Go to your Settings of the phone.
  2. Scroll down and then click “About Phone“.
  3. Tap “Build Number” seven times.
  4. Confirm the screen lock.

This will allow the Developer choices. Now, to improve the animation rate, follow these actions.

  1. mind back again to Settings.
  2. Go to your “System” tab.
  3. Go towards the “Developer choices” category.
  4. Scroll down unless you begin to see the “Drawing” section. Touch about it.
  5. In the animation tab, you will have three choices. Replace the animation rate of most from 1x to 0.5x.


In the “Animation” tab, you can find three choices; the “Window Animation Scale” for menu pop-ups, the “Transition Animation Scale” for the rate between changing displays, plus the “Animator Duration Scale” for anything else. 

Method # 6: Restart Your Phone

This technique is pretty fundamental but will help optimize the phone’s performance. Once you restart your phone, the apps and operations operating within the history are closed. It will help in producing a standard smooth environment for operating procedures. But we advise to not set up high hopes with this specific trick as it can maybe not make a substantial enhancement with present models.

Method no. 7: take to a new Launcher

If your phone seems to hold, you can try installing a different app launcher to provide your phone a new face. They cannot simply make your phone smooth while processing functions, but inaddition it provides a customized appearance

Method #8: Install a Custom ROM

Many older phones often cannot support the present Android os updates as the manufacturers design them to guide at most of the two latest computer software updates. That’s where you are able to install a custom ROM and change your skin of the old phone.

We recommend researching properly before setting up any sort of customized ROM. If you should be looking for popular viewpoint, LineageOS and Paranoid Android are sought after these times.


Installing a custom ROM has effects. May very well not have the ability to make use of the guarantee if that is nevertheless legitimate. Plus, it could also harm your phone forever.

Method # 9: Factory Reset Your Phone

This could be the final measure if none for the above choices work away for you personally. It removes every thing in your phone and makes your phone transform back again to its standard period. This might be an extreme measure, nonetheless it improves the phone’s efficiency. 

right here is how.

  1. Go to your Settings of the device.
  2. Head to “Backup and Reset“.
  3. Go to “Factory Information Reset“.
  4. Tap on “Erase All Data“.


Whenever factory resetting your phone, ensure that you keep a backup regarding the important things as you will lose most of the photos, videos, connections, applications, and records in your unit until you return them up in a safe area.


The older Android os models and a lot of budget-friendly choices carry these issues using them. Eventually, you are going to experience lagging and freezing your unit. But develop our weblog surely could make suggestions through some effortless cheats to inhale oxygen into the phone.

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