How To Make PC Fans Quieter

  1. Reasons for noisy PC Fans
  2. Making PC Fans Quieter
    • Method number 1: make enough space for Ventilation
    • Method # 2: Clean the Fans and Vents
    • Method # 3: Force avoid products
    • Method number 4: utilize Fan Controlling Applications
      • Step no. 1: Install and Run the applying
      • Step # 2: Switch the Fan Control
      • Step # 3: Adjust the Fan Speed
      • Step number 4: conserve Settings
  3. Replacing Computer Fans
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Reasons for noisy PC Fans

There are the key reason why your personal computer fans are operating louder than prior to.

Making Computer Fans Quieter

Every significant component has a dedicated cooling fan for many gaming PCs, like the graphics card and processor. Because of extra use as well as heat generation, the Computer fans might be loud.

So, let’s discuss making Computer fans quieter with the use of 5 step by step techniques.

Method no. 1: make enough space for Ventilation

CPU ventilation

The very first technique is approximately adjusting one’s body device in the right way to increase the airflow

Method # 2: Clean the Fans and Vents

CPU cleaning

PC fans gather dirt because of excessive blood circulation. To completely clean the fans, follow these steps.

  1. Carefully remove the medial side panel of one’s system device. 
  2. Use an air blower to pass through high-pressure atmosphere through fans and ports within the casing. 
  3. You may use a brush with soft bristles to get rid of dirt particles from atmosphere ports.
  4. Attach the side panel firmly to secure.


Do perhaps not clean the dirt through the interior aspects of your personal computer with a wet cloth because it might leave moisture inside the electric elements causing a short circuit.

Method # 3: Force avoid products

If your computer is working under much workload because of background processes, it raises pressure on the Computer, creating excessive temperature. In this situation, fans operate louder, even yet in an idle state. You’ll easily disable background operating programs by after these actions.

  1. Right-click the taskbar and select “Task Manager” through the pop-up menu.
  2. Open the “Processes tab and scroll down to the “Background Processes” area.
  3. Find the method eating probably the most CPU and RAM usage and right-click on its name.
  4. Select the “End Task” choice to end the method from operating within the back ground.
End task on Task Manager


The processing product is considered the most affected component because of extra workload. Give consideration to using the thermal cooling paste to your processor to keep conditions under anxiety.

Method number 4: utilize Fan Controlling Applications

If the body remains operating hot and you also don’t learn how to handle temperature, follow these four actions to regulate the fan rate to produce Computer fans quieter manually.

Step no. 1: Install and Run the applying

First, you must install and install Argus Monitor for the computer system. It’s going to just simply take a few momemts for the program to acknowledge the fan setup plus the range fans on your own system. After installation, run the Argus track from your desktop or Start menu.

Step # 2: Switch the Fan Control

Since system BIOS automatically controls the fans, you’ll have actually to really make the modifications manually. After starting the Argus Monitor Application, head to “Main Board” > “Fan Control“, and you’ll find the names of all of the fans on your personal computer. Find The menu beside the fan RPM and alter the choice to “Manual Managed“.

Argus Monitor Manual Controlled

Step # 3: Adjust the Fan Speed

A slider will be beside the fan title as soon as you change to the “Manual managed” settings. The slider suggests the fan rate portion next to it within the rectangular package. Fall the seek to your cheapest point for reducing the specific fan rate and click “Apply“.

Step number 4: conserve Settings

Finally, you must repeat actions # 2 and #3 with all the current fans showing in Argus Monitor. Thoughts is broken done adjusting all of the fans, check to mark the “Apply Settings at Startup” switch before shutting the application form.


You have effectively made fans quieter by manually managing the fan speed.

Replacing Computer Fans

If none of this above practices been employed by to produce Computer fans quieter, it is time for you to give consideration to replacing or upgrading them. Follow these actions to change fans on your own system unit.

  1. Unplug your personal computer and take away the part panel of this system unit.
  2. Take a Philips screwdriver to detach fans from your own PC’s casing carefully.
  3. disconnect the fans you’ll want to change by detatching their wired connection through the motherboard.
  4. Install the newest fans by screwing them in identical spot.
  5. Attach the newest fans because of the motherboard and very carefully place right back the lid.
Installing new fans


In this guide on how to make Computer fans quieter, we shared advised steps you are able to perform in the home on your own. After the above practices, you won’t need certainly to bear noisy screaming fans while running your PC.

Frequently expected Questions

What noise level is noisy for a PC?

It is bearable in the event that Computer fans make low-frequency sound of 30 decibels, and a noise degree of 40 decibels will get pretty loud. It really isn’t comforting, particularly when you’re video gaming and streaming simultaneously.

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