How To Make PUBG Run Better on PC

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PUBG is a new player vs. player shooter game liked by numerous. It really is played on smart phones and PCs. To have a competitive advantage within the game, it is important to have the proper settings. Particularly, on a PC, there are many more choices you are able to modify to help make the game run smoother. Now, how will you begin making PUBG run better on PC? 

Quick Solution

You can decide to try configuring your images card settings to create PUBG run better on a PC. Configuring the images settings within the game will help the overall game run better. Freeing storage area, including more RAM, or updating system specifications will help the overall game run better. 

Different settings and choices in PUBG affect the game’s performance differently. Therefore, whenever tweaking the settings, ensure guess what happens you are carrying out. it is additionally well worth noting that even with adjusting the different images settings and choices, your personal computer and its particular component will nevertheless determine exactly how PUBG executes at various settings.

This article will explain more on how to enhance PUBG performance.   

  1. Different methods to Improve PUBG Efficiency on PC 
    • Method # 1: Configure the Graphics Card Settings 
    • Method number 2: Configure the Graphics Settings into the Game 
    • Method number 3: Free Up Storage 
    • Method number 4: Upgrade System Specs 
    • Method no. 5: Update the Network Card and Graphics Card Driver 
  2. Conclusion 

Different Ways to boost PUBG Efficiency on Computer 

There are a few techniques to make PUBG run better on your personal computer. While your PC’s specifications notably influence how PUBG runs, you can find a few tweaks you possibly can make to obtain more away from it. Below we highlight five types of improving PUBG performance on Computer. 

Method # 1: Configure the Graphics Card Settings 

To play a game title like PUBG on your personal computer, it requires to have a graphics card of some kind. The images card is either built-in or devoted. Dedicated images cards are better for winning contests because they are created to manage the high video gaming need better, with all the NVidia images card being typically the most popular images card of all gaming PCs. By simply making corrections to your images card on your personal computer, you possibly can make PUBG run better.  

Here’s just how to configure NVidia images card settings.

  1. Open the NVidia control interface by right-clicking a place on your own desktop, picking “NVidia” through the choice, and clicking on “Manage 3D Settings”
  2. Select “Program Settings” then simply click on “PUBG” as a course.
  3. Specify this system settings by adjusting the utmost pre-rendering structures, energy administration mode, threaded optimization, etc.
  4. Whenever you are done, simply click “Save”, near the NVidia control interface, and rerun PUBG. 

Method number 2: Configure the Graphics Settings into the Game 

In PUBG, you are able to adjust a few images settings to help make the game run better. Using high FPS, for instance, will make the overall game feel smoother, if your Computer won’t have sufficient resources to aid the settings, the overall game will lag. Therefore, adjusting settings within the game is notably about learning from your errors. 

Here’s just how to adjust the settings in PUBG.

  1. Launch PUBG on your personal computer. 
  2. Tap regarding the settings icon during the top.
  3. In the settings choice, go through the “Graphics” tab and adjust while you see fit. 
  4. Adjusting settings such as the screen scale, shadows, impact foliage, view distance, an such like can help the overall game run better. 
  5. while done making the corrections, save your selection and reboot the overall game. 

Method number 3: take back Storage 

Not having sufficient storage space room on your personal computer may cause PUBG to not run efficiently. The reason being its read/write rate will somewhat reduce whenever your storage area is complete. Therefore, to obtain more out from the game, you will need to release your storage space. 

Here’s just how to release your personal computer storage space.

  1. You may use an app like Disk cleaning to delete files you’re not making use of usually. 
  2. When your interior storage space is complete, you are able to transfer files like videos, music, as well as other files to an external storage space drive. 
  3. Delete apps you don’t need on your personal computer to generate room. 

Method no. 4: Upgrade System Specs 

You may already fully know this, but upgrading your PC’s spec is an excellent option to enhance your video gaming experience. You are able to update a lot of things on your personal computer that will help have more performance from PUBG. To guarantee you run PUBG without lag, you have to offer your pc satisfies the minimal requirement. 

Here’s just how to update system specifications.

  1. You can update the storage space disk on your personal computer from an HDD to an SSD because they are even faster. 
  2. If your personal computer has two RAM stick slots, you should consider incorporating an extra stick or updating both sticks to a higher RAM capability.  
  3. You may also start thinking about getting a brand new Computer with a better CPU and GPU

Method no. 5: Update the system Card and Graphics Card Driver 

The system and images card on your personal computer is a must in having the most readily useful performance playing PUBG. In case your system lags, it may cause a few problems while playing PUBG. Therefore, getting the very best performance whenever playing PUBG, you intend to make certain you upgrade all of your system card drives and images card motorist. 

Here’s just how to upgrade the Computer motorist. You are able to upgrade the motorists on your personal computer manually, however it’s simpler to upgrade it immediately utilising the Driver Easy device to save lots of time. 

  1. Download and install the Driver effortless application on your personal computer, that may automatically identify all the missing and outdated motorists. 
  2. Click regarding the “Update All” choice to immediately install and install all of the lacking motorists. 
  3. When an update is complete, reboot your personal computer and rerun the PUBG game. 

Quick Facts

Interestingly, there are no suggested specifications to perform PUBG since many games have actually. There clearly was just the minimum you’ll want to make an effort to surpass getting the very best performance. One compulsory thing is your operating-system must certanly be 64-bits.


There are wide ranging techniques to increase the performance of your PUBG game on a PC. Therefore, when you have been having dilemmas operating the PUBG game on your personal computer, make use of the guidelines in this guide getting better performance. If, after following through with the recommendations and also you nevertheless can’t have the PUBG to perform better, your personal computer doesn’t meet with the minimum requirement to perform PUBG. 

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