How To Make Your Phone Untraceable

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Untraceable Phone

Why Can I Make My Phone Untraceable?

Making Your mobile Untraceable

Method # 1: power down Your Phone totally

Method no. 2: Turning Off Cellular and WiFi Network

  1. Method # 3: Disabling GPS Location Services
  2. Method # 4: Masking Your Imei Number
    • Step # 1: Installing Xposed Framework
    • Step no. 2: Enabling IMEI Changer Pro
    • Step # 3: Changing IMEI Automatically
    • Method # 5: making use of a GSM system Prepaid Phone
      • Use Applications to Hide Data
      • Summary
      • Frequently expected concerns
    • Why must i Make My Phone Untraceable?
  3. You could have looked at making your phone untraceable at some time. The original method of dialing
  4. ’67’
  5. prior to the call only hides the id quantity, whereas the automated quantity recognition remains shown, which are often traced.

People have actually various reasons behind planning to make their phones untraceable, the breach of privacy being one of these. Besides the erosion of privacy, worries of being unsure of where, exactly how, and from what degree your computer data has been misused is frightening.

It is a must to safeguard your electronic impact, as well as for that, often, you intend to make your phone totally untraceable.Making Your Phone UntraceableMaking a phone untraceable and erasing its songs is normally a complex task, particularly when looking at website pages. The incognito or personal mode in browsers might help your unit from signing and saving information, nonetheless it still

does maybe not allow you to anonymous


Your phone will be constantly tracked, along with your privacy is continually compromised. Nevertheless, our step by step guidelines can make life possible for you and just take you through the entire means of hiding your tasks. Therefore without wasting any moment, here you will find the five techniques to make your phone untraceable.

Method no. 1: power down Your Phone totallyWhenever you are visiting a specific destination and desire your phone become totally untraceable, the greatest and easiest method is shut it down completely

. Ensure that you just take the battery pack from the phone aswell.

Method no. 2: switching Off Cellular and WiFi system

Someone can very quickly monitor your phone with a dynamic web connection. Therefore, disable your cellular information and


should you want to stay anonymous in certain areas.Method # 3: Disabling GPS Location ServicesGPS monitors your local area. To secure your phone, it is possible to disable the GPS by doing the next actions.On iPhone or iPad, head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Disable all Apps

by going the slider towards the top.

On Android os, head to

  1. Settings > Location > Bing Location Settings and switch off Location Reporting and venue History.Information
  2. You are able to turn on Airplane mode to disable both cellular radios as well as the WiFi radio set up in your phone.

Method number 4: Masking Your Imei Number

In this technique, you can expect to alter your phone’s IMEI quantity to help keep it safe from being tracked.Step no. 1: Installing Xposed FrameworkLocate your phone’s

IMEI number,

which can be frequently mentioned regarding the straight back regarding the phone.


  1. Xposed Framework aided by the Xposed Framework installer app.A green tick mark will show that the software is
  2. Active.Step no. 2: Enabling IMEI Changer Pro
  3. Download an extra Xposed module referred to as IMEI Changer Pro.Go towards the


  1. part of the Xposed installer app
  2. and then click regarding the IMEI Changer Pro.Xposed IMEI Changer Pro module will allow.Step # 3: Changing IMEI AutomaticallyGo towards the primary menu associated with the
  3. Xposed Installer App and then click regarding the three dots towards the top right corner to reboot it.

Xposed IMEI Changer Pro

  1. module will install.Now, IMEI Changer Pro App
  2. will show into the Apps Menu.The app permits users to alter the
  3. IMEI of the product after each and every reboot, making the product untraceable.Method # 5: making use of a GSM system Prepaid Phone
  4. Purchase a GSM community prepaid phone from an electronics shop.

Confirm through the customer support agent in case it is really the GSM phone.

  1. Call the amount into the instruction manual that included the device to trigger it.
  2. Make your telephone calls quick and someplace far from home or a hangout spot.
  3. Remove the SIM card regarding the phone once you are done utilizing it.
  4. Dispose regarding the phone after utilizing it many times along with other SIM cards.
  5. WarningDon’t disclose your name and target
  6. while talking regarding the

GSM prepaid phone

as though somebody is playing your call; they may be able easily track your data.Use Applications to cover up DataSpecific applications is installed to hide information selectively in your phone. Some apps enable you to conceal

photos, videos, communications, or information

from others.Wickr is an app available both on Android and

iOS products that help to keep important computer data totally safe, protected, and untraceable.SummaryIn this guide about making your phone untraceable, we now have talked about shutting your phone totally, changing your IMEI number, and utilizing a GSM network prepaid phone to create your phone untraceable.Also, we shared exactly how specific applications enables you to conceal certain information, or even ensure it is totally untraceable. Ideally, this guide is ideal for you, now it is possible to make your phone untraceable.Frequently Expected concerns

Are burner phones traceable?

No. If you work with a burner phone, your phone just isn’t traceable to much of your quantity. Burner phones don’t show the true quantity once you call or text somebody. Additionally, once you get a call, it’s forwarded from your own burner quantity to much of your quantity to remain anonymous.

How to safeguard your Mobile Phone Privacy?

You can protect your mobile phone’s privacy to a certain degree by restricting the level of access you share with different apps. You may want to install different anti-virus and anti-malware apps to safeguard your phone from any prospective assault.

Besides, factors to consider your phone is password protected. It is crucial to help keep important computer data secure when your phone gets lost or taken.

Your phone remains with you 24/7, and you will ensure it is untraceable by firmly taking the battery down, switching down mobile or WiFi sites, disabling GPS radio, masking the IMEI number, or utilizing a GSM prepaid SIM card.

Your smartphone provides the many private information in regards to you, from your own pictures to your communications, location history, internet browsing history, queries, app use, tracks, etc.

The reality that the phone is continually being tracked or your task will be surveilled is a scary idea. To cause you to feel safe once more, we now have put together step by step guidelines to help you make your phone untraceable.

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