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Outlook email App

“Outlook” is a widely-used online e-mail delivering and getting solution available much more than 160 nations. “Outlook” has an app which you can use to get into huge number of e-mails quickly. Nonetheless, a couple of users believe it is difficult to mark each one of these e-mails as continue reading the application form.

Quick Answer

To mark all as read inside the “Outlook” app:

1) if you use the “Outlook Web” and “365 Desktop Client” application, choose most of the e-mails in just about any folder by pushing “CTRL + A”, right-click in the chosen communications, and faucet on “Mark as Read”.
2) On iOS, launch the “Outlook” app, head to “Edit”, and choose all messages. Next, touch on “Mark All”, and select “Mark as read”. 
3) when you have “Outlook” installed on Android os, select e-mails one after the other to mark them as read. 

We took enough time to publish a simple guide on marking all as read inside the “Outlook” app with quick step-by-step practices. We’ll additionally discuss marking a whole folder as read in this write-up.

  1. Methods for Marking All As browse in Outlook App
    • Method number 1: Outlook Android os App
    • Method # 2: Outlook online App
    • Method number 3: Outlook 365 Desktop Client
    • Method # 4: Outlook iOS App
  2. Using Personalized Research Folder
  3. Marking an Entire Folder As browse in Outlook App
  4. Summary

Methods for Marking All As browse in Outlook App

If you might be wondering how exactly to mark all as read inside the “Outlook” app, our four step by step practices will assist you in performing this task without much hassle.

Method no. 1: Outlook Android Os App

It is achievable to mark all e-mails as read inside the “Outlook” Android App. To achieve this:

  1. Launch the “Outlook” mobile app on Android os and sign in to your account.
  2. From the “Inbox”, faucet and hold any e-mail and soon you see a checkmark showing up to its kept.
  3. Tap and choose every e-mail you need to mark as browse.
  4. With the mails chosen, select the three dots within the top right part and tap “Mark as Read”.


All the e-mails you have got chosen will appear as browse now into the Android os “Outlook” app.

Method # 2: Outlook online App

You may also mark all e-mails as read inside the “Outlook” internet App. Here’s how:

  1. Open “Outlook for the Web” and sign directly into your account.
  2. While in the Inbox folder, press Ctrl + A or choose the “Select All” icon for choosing all e-mails.
  3. Right-click on some of the chosen mails and select “Mark as read”.
  4. You can mark your entire e-mails as read by right-clicking on it individually.

Method # 3: Outlook 365 Desktop Client

Marking all e-mails as read inside the “Outlook 365 Desktop Client” is practically exactly like marking them within the online App. With this:

  1. check out the “Outlook 365 Desktop Client” in your PC.
  2. Sign in for your requirements by investing in your e-mail and password.
  3. Press Ctrl + A buttons whilst in the “Inbox” tab to pick all e-mails.
  4. Right-click the chosen e-mails and choose the “Mark as read” choice.


All the chosen e-mails on “Outlook 365 Desktop customer” that were formerly shown as unread will now appear as read.

Method # 4: Outlook iOS App

On your iPhone, follow the following actions for marking all as read inside the “Outlook” app:

  1. Locate and start your iPhone’s “Mail” application.
  2. From the utmost effective right corner, choose “Edit”.
  3. You will now understand “Select All” choice towards the top kept corner. Touch about it.
  4. Select “Mark All” through the bottom left and choose “Mark as Read”.


All your unread e-mails in the “iOS Outlook” application will now effectively be marked as read.

Using Personalized Research Folder

Another technique of marking all as read inside the “Outlook” software is through the Personalized Research Folder. Stick to the actions below because of this:

  1. Open the “Outlook” application on your desktop or laptop.
  2. Locate the “Search Folder” option from the “Navigation” part and then click about it. Pick the “New Search Folder”.
  3. Next, choose the email through the “Reading Mail” part (if you work with numerous e-mails) and click “OK”.
  4. This will generate an unread folder. Right-click about it and select “Mark each as Read”.
  5. All the unread e-mails are actually marked as read with only an individual simply click.

Marking an Entire Folder As browse in Outlook App

For marking a total folder as read in your “Outlook” app, stick to the actions mentioned below:

  1. Open the “Outlook” App on your own laptop computer or desktop.
  2. From the “Personal Folders” pane, pick a folder.
  3. Right-click in the folder and choose “Mark each as read”.


Wait till the e-mail count quantity within the blue disappears beside the folder title. In the event that you no further understand quantity, you have got effectively marked the folder as read.


In this write-up on marking all as read inside the “Outlook” app, we now have talked about a few practices you can make use of to create your e-mails look look over. We now have additionally elaborated on marking a whole folder as read within the “Outlook” application.

Hopefully, one of these brilliant practices spent some time working for you personally, now you’ll effectively enjoy a much cleaner “Outlook” software. 

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