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Desktop monitors and laptop displays vary in dimensions. It could range from 13 ins to 43 ins. Some users also use a TV as a monitor allowing them to expand their monitor size up to 84 ins or higher. But how can you gauge the size of these monitor in ins? 

Quick Solution

The simplest way to ascertain your display screen dimensions are by utilizing a measuring tape to determine it diagonally. However, if you don’t have a measuring tape but understand the height and width associated with the monitor, you can make use of easy mathematics (Pythagorean Theorem) to look for the size associated with the display screen. 

Knowing how exactly to gauge the size of a monitor is useful, particularly if you need to update your personal computer monitor. Understanding how it is being calculated provides you with a sense of the anticipated size of any monitor perhaps you are enthusiastic about buying.

Keep reading for more information on how to determine a monitor. 

  1. How To gauge the Size of the Monitor
    • Method # 1: Using a Measuring Tape
    • Method # 2: utilizing the Pythagorean Theorem 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently expected Questions 

How To Measure the dimensions of Your Monitor

While an online search may be the quickest solution to inform how big is any monitor, offered you understand the monitor’s model quantity. By doing an internet explore the model amount of a monitor, you will get the monitor’s size and a detailed specification associated with the monitor, such as for instance aspect ratio, quality in pixel, an such like. 

However, should you not might like to do an internet search regarding the monitor and desire to verify the monitor’s dimension, you are able to determine it your self. There are many approaches to determine your monitor size, however in this informative article, we are going to talk about two methods for you to begin it. 

Method # 1: Using a Measuring Tape

When you need to determine your monitor display screen with a measuring tape, you have to just take the dimension diagonally. That is, you’re to determine through the first class associated with the monitor to your bottom end associated with the display screen during the other end. You’re determine how big is the display screen in ins. 

Here’s how exactly to gauge the size of the monitor using a measuring tape.

  1. Get a measuring tape with enough size. 
  2. Place one end associated with the calculating tape regarding the top-right part associated with the display screen. 
  3. Extend the calculating tape diagonally to your other end during the bottom left of the display screen 
  4. Whatever number you have got on your own measuring tape may be the approximate size of the monitor display screen. 

Method no. 2: utilizing the Pythagorean Theorem 

You may also find your screen’s size by calculating the screen’s height and width. However when you gauge the height and width, you’ll also want to do simple mathematics (Pythagorean Theorem). As your television is a rectangle, you will get two equal triangles whenever you gauge the two sizes and draw a diagonal line into the rectangle. The hypotenuse associated with the two triangles may be the size of the display screen. 

Here’s how exactly to gauge the size of the monitor utilizing the Pythagorean Theorem.

  1. Use your calculating tape to measure the width and height of the monitor display screen in ins. 
  2. Add the square for the width using the square associated with the height. 
  3. Find the square root associated with the value you’ve got; whatever your response is, that can be your display screen size in ins.  

Keep at heart

whenever calculating how big is your monitor, do not are the bezel across the display screen.


Keep in your mind that one can check always the knowledge of any monitor on line by looking for its model quantity. You could constantly gauge the display screen size yourself using a measuring tape. And don’t forget to determine from a single top part associated with the display screen to another bottom part associated with the display screen; that is diagonal. Although you are able to gauge the height and width, make use of the Pythagorean formula to determine the diagonal. 

Frequently expected concerns 

Why are monitor displays calculated diagonally? 

The reason the monitor’s screen is calculated diagonally rather than horizontally is partly to possess a conventional solution to determine displays and partly for advertising reasons. Because it is usually accepted that monitors are calculated diagonally, there will never be miscommunication in labeling monitor screen size.

Also, whenever you measure a screen diagonally, it’s the largest distance between any two points regarding the display screen. Therefore, it offers an impact of a bigger watching area. 

how does the aspect ratio of a screen matter? 

The aspect ratio of a screen may be the proportional relationship involving the height and width associated with the display screen. It really is expressed as two figures divided by a color, such as for example x:y, where x may be the width and y may be the height. The aspect ratio for the display screen matters as it informs you how big is the image you are able to fit completely regarding the television. 

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