How To Measure PC Fan Size

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  1. Measuring PC Fan Size
    • Method # 1: Measuring the Fan Itself
    • Method # 2: assess the Mounting Holes
    • Method no. 3: Checking Manufacturer’s Info
  2. Standard dimensions of Fan Mount Holes
  3. Finding range Fans on PC
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Measuring Computer Fan Size

If you’re struggling to assess the Computer fan size, our three step by step practices will make suggestions to do this task without hassle.

Method # 1: Measuring the Fan Itself

The size regarding the Computer fan can vary dependent on its place within the casing. Consequently, calculating the installed fan it self is fantastic for matching the replacement/upgraded fan specifications.

  1. Take the measuring tape and put it horizontally over the fan.
  2. Take the readings side-by-side and note them in some recoverable format.
  3. Check the casing or packaging of the Computer to locate cooler fan dimensions.
  4. To fit the fan in a casing, compare the readings with dimensions regarding the Computer casing.


Do maybe not assess the Computer fan diagonally, because the readings mentioned officially by the manufacturers are taken horizontally in millimeters.

Method # 2: assess the Mounting Holes

If you have got an aftermarket Computer case or don’t want to start the actual situation to gain access to the fan, it is possible to assess the fan mounting holes determine the fan size.

  1. Find the mounting holes in your PC’s casing.
  2. Take the measuring tape and measure through the middle of 1 opening to a different.
  3. Make certain to just take these readings horizontally, maybe not diagonally.
  4. Add 10-15mm to your mounting opening dimension to obtain the approximate size of the Computer fan.


For 40-92mm fan sizes, the opening dimensions have a difference of 10mm. As well, 120mm and 140mm have actually a big change of 15mm through the mount opening dimensions.

Method no. 3: Checking Manufacturer’s Info

Whether you have got an aftermarket or standard Computer casing, it is possible to recognize the fan size by after these simple actions.

  1. Check the packaging of one’s PC’s casing.
  2. Look for figures beneath the Cooler section. Each quantity will denote the size associated with the fan predicated on its positioning.


The Computer fans in 80 mm, 92mm, 120mm, and 140mm are the absolute most widely used sizes that can come as standard people through the Computer situation manufacturers.

Standard Dimensions of Fan Mount Holes

It’s challenging to determine the approximate dimension once you don’t get access to the fan. Nevertheless, the next chart will allow you to discover the ideal cooler fan for your computer by comparing the horizontal distance between mount holes.

Finding Wide range of Fans on Computer

Opening the Computer casing and manually counting the fans might appear a hazardous and time intensive procedure. Nevertheless, by after the under actions, it is possible to properly check out the quantity of fans set up in your PC.

  1. Download and Install SpeedFan on your PC.
  2. Click the “Start” switch and type SpeedFan.
  3. Press the “Enter” key to operate the application form.

The central panel of SpeedFan will show the amount of fans set up on your pc along side complete information.


In this guide on how best to determine Computer fan size, we talked about three step by step solutions to direct you towards finishing this task effectively. 

We also shared a size chart for quickly locating the right-sized fan predicated on your PC’s mount opening dimension. Develop our recommendations helped give you valuable information conveniently. 

Frequently expected Questions

How to fit a PC fan within the right way?

While suitable a PC fan, note the medial side in which the framework is keeping the motor hub associated with the fan. The airflow will generally speaking blow out from that part. You may even discover the labelled arrows regarding the fan showing the airflow, making it simpler to put in within the appropriate orientation.

What is considered the most typical fan size?

The 120mm fan size is considered the most popular cooler, that will be generally speaking situated on the heat-sync associated with the processor.

Is fluid cooling much better than air cooling?

A liquid cooling system is more efficient than an air cooler for a processing product. Nevertheless, it is an infinitely more expensive option compared to air-cooling system.

Can you operate a PC without fans?

Running a PC without fans just isn’t suggested because the inner components could get completely damaged because of overheating. It is possible to adjust fan rates to cope with sound, but setting up a cooler regarding the CPU’s heat-sync help in keeping the computer operating under extreme anxiety.

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