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A little work area can look untidy without an effective arrangement of furniture, tools, and add-ons. But even in the event space is not an issue, making the area appealing can cause that perfect working environment. A favorite trend now’s to include a VESA mount to a monitor and install it to a monitor stand or supply for visual and space-saving purposes. But imagine if your monitor is not VESA suitable? How could you install a monitor without VESA?

Quick Answer

There’s only 1 dependable means of mounting a non-VESA monitor: buying a VESA adapter kit. There are numerous of those kits available on the market. Hence, you’ll discover one which is effective together with your monitor model in fat and dimension.

In this guide, we’ll let you know where you can purchase a kit for the monitor and (most of all) the actions to install it. Therefore, let’s kick things down! 

  1. Where buying a VESA Adapter Kit
  2. How To Mount track Without VESA
    • Step # 1: discover the Tools 
    • Step no. 2: take away the Base Stand
    • Step no. 3: connect Your VESA Adapter to your supply Mount
    • Step no. 4: Mount Your Monitor
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Where buying a VESA Adapter Kit

Vesa adapter kits can be purchased in vast quantities available in the market. There is one at the local electronic devices shop or purchase it online. Buying on the web is more beneficial. You’re likely to shop for at a discounted price and select from numerous brands. Furthermore, you store from the convenience of your house or workplace whenever you want, keeping in mind that the distribution could be made close to your home.  

Visit any reputable web store like Amazon, and you’ll find an adapter kit especially designed for your specific monitor model. Some adapters are universal, and thus they are going to fit many flat-screen monitors. 

How To Mount track Without VESA

Step # 1: discover the Tools 

Ensure which you have all of the tools you will need for the mounting. You’ll need a suitable VESA adapter kit, a wrench, and a screwdriver. Once you’ve these three tools, you’ll proceed to the next phase. 


You must check out the VESA adapter’s requirements to make certain it supports your monitor without an issue. Take notice, specially to your fat and proportions of the monitor. 

Step no. 2: take away the Base Stand

You must remove the beds base stand of the monitor. Take care not to harm or scrape it when you accomplish that. The screws of some base stands are within the monitor, which escalates the potential for damaging it if you’re maybe not keen. 

Step no. 3: connect Your VESA Adapter to your supply Mount

The VESA adapter can help you install your non-VESA monitor. Screw the adjustable clamps into the fixed dishes. Now fit adapter screws to the VESA holes in the mount. From then on, adjust the size of the underside and top dishes to match the dimensions of your monitor. 

Step no. 4: Mount Your Monitor

Hoping you’ve finished the actions above effectively, attach your monitor to your VESA adapter. That’s it!


Your monitor might slip through the adapter kit. Use anti-slip rubber pads involving the monitor together with adapter dishes if you notice any sliding indications. These pads could keep the monitor securely connected to the adapter.


The above had been our guide on how exactly to install a monitor without VESA. We’ve pointed out that the only dependable method to install a non-VESA-compatible monitor is to utilize a VESA adapter kit.

Mounting your non-VESA monitor applying this kit is easy. It involves four simple actions we’ve explained above – Find the equipment, take away the Base stay, connect your VESA Adapter towards the Arm Mount, and Mount the track. Therefore, you don’t need certainly to purchase a brand new display screen. Choose the kit, together with issue is fixed! 

Frequently expected concerns

What’s the meaning of VESA 100 x 100?

VESA 100 x 100 means the exact distance of 100 millimeters between each gap in the straight back of a monitor. Easily put, it indicates that the straight and horizontal periods for the screw holes are both 100 millimeters.

Are all monitors mountable?

Yes, you’ll install any monitor. Contemporary monitors consist of a mounting dish or holes in the straight back (VESA requirements). Which makes it an easy task to apply monitor mounting add-ons. Also older monitors without this set continue to be mountable with the aid of the VESA adapters.

Can I personally use a TV mount for a monitor?

Yes, (with all the VESA criteria), it is possible to connect a monitor to a TV mount for the dining table or the wall surface. You simply must ensure that the mount works with utilizing the monitor in fat and size.

Are computer monitors universal?

Any monitor from any brand name can perhaps work together with your computer provided that the linking ports match. You may also utilize contemporary television sets as a monitor since many of them include HDMI, VGA, or DVI inputs. 

Should I wall install my monitor?

Mounting a monitor in the wall surface provides lots of advantages. First, it is great looking. 2nd, appropriate mounting and plans of monitors can optimize your room by detatching the clatter developed by cables and wires. Mounting your monitor makes your workplace appear neat. 

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