How To Move Valorant to Another Monitor

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Valorant the most popular FPS games on earth. Soon after its launch, it had been being played by an incredible number of players from some other part of the planet. The overall game is just designed for Computer, and individuals perform it on various setups. Some have actually an individual monitor setup, while other people possess a lot more than own shows. In the event that you participate in the second team and are also wondering just how to go Valorant to a different monitor, read on our guide.

Quick AnswerThe fastest option to go Valorant to another monitor is through visiting the “Display Settings” and picking the “Duplicate” choice. If you wish to make Valorant appear just in the 2nd monitor, you’ll click the “Show just on 2”


PC users love producing amazing video gaming setups. Some choose having just an individual display, while other people love making use of several monitors. In some instances, they normally use 1st monitor for work, whilst the other is supposed for video gaming as it can have an improved refresh rate and image quality.

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