How To Mute in Overwatch on PC

Listening to your teammates is a must in Overwatch. However with sound talk on, you’ll frequently come across rude, unfriendly, and on occasion even toxic players. Individuals similar to this can destroy a game title for all by distracting the group, being extremely aggressive, or simply just irritating.Quick AnswerIf you’re one of the numerous players who may have had their ears tortured by these noisy sound chatters, Overwatch has a couple of techniques to handle this. You’ll

switch sound talk networks

, mute certain players, and on occasion even disable sound chat altogether.

Personal assaults and insults are an important problem in on line gaming, because they happen often. In this case, muting can be extremely helpful as it enables you to avoid players that you do not need to connect to, without fretting about poisoning destroying your game.

So, if you’re playing a match of Overwatch, and you’re discovering that one player will be an annoying troll or perhaps totally toxic, right here’s ways to silence them once and for all.

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