How to Password Protect Notes on iPhone

  1. How setting Up Your Notes Password
    • How To Set Up Notes Password via Settings
    • How To arranged Notes Password via App
  2. How to look at and Lock Notes
  3. How To Change Your Notes Password
  4. How To Reset Your Notes Password
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently expected concerns

How To arranged Your records Password

You can make a Notes software password through the software it self or Settings. In any event, you need to observe that you won’t be able to place a lock on notes that contain PDFs, Videos, Keynotes, or records that sync with third-party reports such as for example Gmail or Yahoo. 

How setting Up Notes Password via Settings

  1. Tap in the “Settings” icon.
  2. Scroll and then click on “Notes”.
  3. Tap on “Password”.
  4. Assuming you’ve got numerous records, find the account you need to produce a password for. 
  5. Key into the desired Password followed closely by a Password hint. 
  6. Click “Done”

How setting Up Notes Password via App

  1. Click in the “Notes” software icon.
  2. Select the note you need to secure by clicking onto it
  3. Click on the three dots near the top of the display screen and pick Lock.
  4. Key in the specified Password followed closely by a relevant hint. 
  5. Click “Done”

How To View and Lock Notes

Before opening a locked note, take into account that it’s going to stay available for some mins to help you to include information, content information, etc. Furthermore, all locked records will immediately start if you input the right Password to at least one regarding the locked records. 

Keeping the above mentioned reasons at heart, should your records have actually painful and sensitive information, ensure you leave the application or manually secure the Note before making your device unattended.

To view a locked note, follow the actions below:

  1. Tap in the Notes app icon.
  2. Click on the keep in mind that you need to see. 
  3. The software will alert you that the Note is locked. Select “View note”
  4. Key into the Password.
  5. If you’ve got forgotten the password, simply click “Forgot Password”, along with your password hint can come on display. 

As mentioned previously, it is important to manually secure your records once you are done in order to avoid the information and knowledge from being compromised. Here’s how to do the job at hand:

  1. Click in the “Lock” icon towards the top right of this display screen.
  2. Select “Lock now” at the end of this records list. 
  3. Close the Notes software or secure your iPhone. 

How To improve your Notes Password

If you’re feeling such as your Notes password is compromised, confusing, or perhaps you wish to change it out, you are able to do therefore using the next actions. Please be aware you need to keep in mind your old password for the actions below to function:

  1. Tap in the “Settings” icon.
  2. Click on “Notes”.
  3. Tap on “Password”.
  4. If you’ve got synced your Apple devices, place and then click in the Notes account with all the Password you need to alter.
  5. Click on “Change Password”.
  6. Key in your old password, then you’ll be prompted to type in the latest password.
  7. Type an unforgettable Password hint and then click “Done”

How To Reset Your Notes Password

When establishing a Notes software password, it is important to observe that your iPhone doesn’t store the Password in iCloud information. Consequently, if you your investment password, it is impossible to recover it, meaning your entire password-protected records are lost. 

However, you’ll reset the Password for future records with a fresh password hint. Here’s just how you are able to do it: 

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon.
  2. Click on “Notes”.
  3. Click on “Password”.
  4. Click in the Notes account that utilizes the password you need to reset.
  5. Click on “Password”.
  6. Key in your Apple ID password.
  7. Click on “Reset Password”.
  8. Create an unforgettable password, then validate it.
  9. Key in a Hint that may help you keep in mind the password. 
  10. Click “Done”.


Password protecting your Notes software offers you a feeling of privacy and enables you to keep painful and sensitive informative data on your iPhone. Ideally, this short article makes it possible to discover ways to include, eliminate, reset and alter a password in your Notes software. 

Frequently expected Questions

Is it feasible to utilize Touch ID or Face ID to secure my records on my iPhone?

Yes, its. First, ensure that you have actually arranged Touch/Face ID in your phone. Then touch in the “Settings” icon > click on “Notes” > simply click on “Password” > click on “Use Touch ID or utilize Face ID”. 

Can we password protect records that we tell somebody else?

No, it is impractical to password protect records distributed to somebody else. 

Can I print a locked Note?

Yes, you are able to, supplied you’ve got the password to unlock it. Should You, type in the Password > faucet in the three dots during the top right hand of this display screen > click “Print”. In the event that you don’t start to see the printing choice, faucet “Share” > tap “Print”. 

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