How To Pause a Video on iPhone

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With the production regarding the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 professional, and iPhone 13 professional Max, it’s become easier than ever before to shoot

professional-quality videos. F

eatures like Apple ProRes, cinematic mode, brand new photography designs, smart HDR 4, and better low light performance almost eradicate the importance of expensive professional digital cameras. Plus, it is possible to easily record special moments that happen unannounced with an iPhone as most of your digital camera.

And whilst the iPhone is ideal for filmmaking, it does not have something: the capability to pause the video clip recording and carry on it later on.

Quick Answer

However, it is possible to pause a video clip on an iPhone making use of third-party apps, merging tiny, split videos making use of iMovie, or changing them into personalized Memories.

So, if you’re also frustrated about maybe not having the ability to pause your video clip recording to make sure you don’t have actually to edit and cut fully out the unneeded components, right here’s ways to work around that problem.

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