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MP3 is considered the most utilized file format for digital sound because of its superior quality of sound and paid off quality. But, numerous users don’t discover how to try out MP3 files on the iPhones.

Quick Answer

To play an MP3 file on iPhone, link your phone towards the computer utilizing a USB cable, available iTunes, and then click “Summary”. Choose “Manually manage music and videos” and then click “Music”. Drag and drop the MP3 to the iTunes screen, and it’ll be utilized in your phone to relax and play.

We took enough time to publish a thorough step by step guide on the best way to play MP3 files on iPhone with clear guidelines.

  1. Can You Enjoy MP3 data on an iPhone?
  2. Playing MP3 Files on an iPhone
    • Method # 1: Using iTunes
    • Method # 2: utilizing AirDrop
    • Method # 3: utilizing VLC Media Player
    • Method # 4: utilizing Dropbox
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected Questions

Can You Enjoy MP3 data on an iPhone?

You can play MP3 files in your iPhone. As well as MP3, all Apple products additionally help WAV, AAC, and FLAC sound structure. 

Playing MP3 data on an iPhone

If you’re wondering how exactly to play MP3 Files iPhone, our 4 step by step techniques can make suggestions through the complete procedure with no trouble.

Method # 1: Using iTunes

You can play MP3 files in your iPhone utilizing iTunes with the aid of the actions mentioned below.

  1. Use a USB cable to link your iPhone to your personal computer. 
  2. Open iTunes on your personal computer.
  3. Click “Summary”.
  4. Select “Manually manage music and videos”.
  5. Click “Music”.
  6. Drag and fall the MP3 to the iTunes screen.

All Done!

You are now able to have fun with the MP3 file in your iPhone’s Music application. 

Method # 2: utilizing AirDrop

If you’re utilizing an iPhone and wish to play MP3 files, you should use AirDrop to take action with the aid of the next actions.

  1. Open the Control Center.
  2. Touch and keep the “Wi-Fi” tray and faucet the “AirDrop” switch to show it in.
  3. Right-click the MP3 file on your desktop and choose “Share”.
  4. Click “AirDrop” and choose the contact.
  5. Click “Done”.

That’s It!

Once the MP3 file was provided for your iPhone, choose “Files” from the pop-up message in your display screen to start and play it. 

Quick Tip

To avoid any hassle while moving the MP3 file, improve your AirDrop settings with the aid of the stated steps.

1. Touch and keep the “Wi-Fi” tray.
2. Touch and keep the “AirDrop” switch.
3. Touch “Everyone”.

Now, it will be possible to get files from every person.

Method # 3: utilizing VLC Media Player

Following these actions, you may want to play MP3 files in your iPhone utilizing VLC Media Player.

  1. Open App Store and install VLC Media Player.
  2. Launch VLC Media Player.
  3. Tap “Network” and toggle on “Sharing via Wi-Fi”.
  4. Tap “Sharing via Wi-Fi” to copy the unique internet protocol address in the clipboard.
  5. Paste the IP target within the target club of the computer web browser.
  6. Drag and fall the MP3 file within the “Sharing via Wi-Fi” window.

All Done!

Once the MP3 file was uploaded, it’s going to be synced towards the VLC media Player in your iPhone from where you could play it.

Method # 4: making use of Dropbox

You may also play MP3 files in your iPhone utilizing Dropbox with the aid of these simple and quick actions.

  1. Open a browser, go right to the Dropbox website and join together with your qualifications.
  2. Click “Upload”.
  3. Click “Files” and find the MP3 file to upload it. 
  4. Open the App Store on your iPhone and install Dropbox.
  5. Open Dropbox on your iPhone and log in with your qualifications.

Once you’ve got finalized in the application, search and tap the MP3 file to try out it in your iPhone.

Additional Choices

Dropbox enables you to produce a folder to help keep all your MP3 files in one single devote the next way.

1. Start a browser, go right to the Dropbox website and log in together with your qualifications.
2. Simply Click “Create”.
3. Enter a folder title. Simply click “Create” once more.
4. Simply Click “Upload“.
5. Simply click “Files” and find the MP3 files you intend to enhance the folder. 


In this guide, we’ve discussed how exactly to play MP3 data in your iPhone utilizing iTunes, AirDrop, VLC Media player, and Dropbox. 

Hopefully, your query is answered, now you don’t need to overlook your preferred music in MP3 format while using the your iPhone. 

Frequently expected concerns

Where are downloaded MP3 files kept on my iPhone?

Audio files downloaded in MP3 structure are kept on iPhone’s internal storage space.

Can We perform music online on my iPhone?

Yes. Apps like Spotify, Youtube Musical, and SoundCloud, available on App Shop, permit you to stream music online.

Is it feasible to transform MP4 files to MP3 structure?

To convert MP4 files to MP3 format on your desktop, go right to the Convertio website and click “Select Files”. Find The file and then click “Choose” > “Convert” > “Download”.

Can We play MP3 files offline on my iPhone?

Yes. MP3 data on iPhone’s Music application Library are downloaded in your phone, and you will play them without needing the world wide web. 

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