How To Program NFC Tags With iPhone

  1. Requirements for creating NFC Tags in iPhone
  2. Programming NFC Tags on iPhone
    • Method # 1: Using the TagWriter by NXP App
    • Method number 2: utilizing the NFC Tools App
  3. Triggering an iOS Shortcut with Your NFC Tags
    • Step # 1: Launch the Shortcuts App
    • Step # 2: Add an Action
  4. Password Protecting NFC Tag utilizing Your iPhone
  5. Which iPhone unit Features NFC Tag Reader?
  6. Why Is My iPhone perhaps not Reading My NFC Tags?
  7. Summary
  8. Frequently expected concerns

Requirements for creating NFC Tags in iPhone

The following will be the needs for establishing NFC tags on iPhones:

Programming NFC Tags on iPhone

If you’re wondering just how to plan NFC tags in your iPhone, our 2 easy step by step techniques can help you undergo this method quickly. Before beginning, be sure to purchase the tags.

Method # 1: Using the TagWriter by NXP App

The TagWriter by NXP is an app that enables one to compose NFC rule in your iPhone. Ensure the tags are blank before programming them, and follow these guidelines later:

  1. Go to your App Store and seek out the TagWriter by NXP app.
  2. Install and launch the software in your iPhone.
  3. Tap the “New” option at the end of this display screen.
  4. Select “Link” from record of choices and select the URL type HTTP:// or HTTPS://.
  5. Type your domain underneath the URL information field and prevent including a description.
  6. Tap “Save & Write,” along with your NFC label are going to be encoded.

Method no. 2: Utilizing The NFC Tools App

NFC Tools is another software providing an easy and lightweight user interface on iPhone to assist you read and compose the NFC tags into the following way:

  1. Install the NFC Tools software through the App Store.
  2. Launch the software and faucet “Write.”
  3. Tap “Add a Record” and select URL/URI through the choices.
  4. Type the URL you wish to start and tap “OK.”
  5. On the last display screen, faucet “Write,” approach your NFC label, and that’s it.
  6. You have successfully programmed your NFC tag on your own iPhone.


Besides including a URL as accurate documentation, you may also pick text, application, or customized URL/URI options.

Triggering an iOS Shortcut with Your NFC Tags

The Shortcuts app in your iPhone could be the simplest and fastest solution for making use of the NFC tags.

To trigger an iOS shortcut along with your tags, perform some after easy steps.

Step # 1: introduce the Shortcuts App

Head to your Shortcuts software on your iPhone and faucet the “Automation” tab. Choose “Create Personal Automation,” scroll down to “NFC” and pick it. Tap “Scan” and put your NFC label near your iPhone.

Step no. 2: Include an Action

Type your NFC tag title and faucet “Add Action.” Choose the action you would like your iPhone to execute whenever you tap a tag and faucet the “Next” option at the very top right side of this display screen.

Toggle the button next to “Ask Before operating” to make it well and run your action automatically. Tap “Done” to verify.


If you wish to delete or erase an NFC tag, launch the NFC Tools app and tap “Other.” Tap “Erase Tag,” plus the ready-to-scan display screen are going to be presented. Bring the tag closer to your iPhone, and also this will delete the information.

Password Protecting NFC Tag utilizing your iPhone

If you need to password-protect your NFC label making use of your iPhone, follow these simple directions:

  1. Launch the NFC Tools software in your iPhone.
  2. mind to “Others” and tap “Set Password.”
  3. Type a password, tap “OK,” and touch your NFC label in your iPhone setting the password.

Which iPhone Device Features NFC Tag Reader?

iPhone products operating on iOS 14 function NFC tags audience to assist you scan the tags to see. You can include it by navigating to Settings > Control Center and including NFC Tag Reader.  

On the other side, iPhone products running on iOS 15 have actually passive NFC readers that read the tags immediately whenever you hold them nearer to your phone.

The after iPhone models have actually NFC visitors:

The following iPhone models have actually passive NFC readers:

Why Is My iPhone perhaps not Reading My NFC Tags?

The following are situations by which your iPhone may not read your NFC tags:


In this short article, we’ve talked about programming NFC tags in your iPhone with easy step by step guidelines. Furthermore, we talked about what’s needed for making use of NFC tags on iPhones and easy steps for triggering an iOS Shortcut for making use of these tags.

We’ve additionally explored tips on how to password protect your NFC tags in your iPhone and which iOS products feature NFC visitors. Additionally, reasons had been talked about for why your iPhone isn’t reading your NFC tags.

Hopefully, it’s simple to plan NFC tags in your iPhone without dealing with any problems.

Frequently Expected concerns

What will be the most useful iPhone apps to plan NFC tags?

Some of the greatest iPhone apps to plan NFC tags are, TagWriter by NXP, NFC for iPhone, NFC Tools, and Simply NFC.

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