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Putting a Password in the Gallery on Android

Hiding Photos and Videos Without placing a Password in the Gallery

Method # 1: utilizing the Digital Private Vault AppMethod # 2: making use of Bing ArchiveMethod number 3: Using the Secure FolderSummaryFrequently expected concernsPutting a Password in the Gallery on AndroidIf you don’t understand how to place a password in the Gallery with Android os, follow our step-by-step approach to attempt task quickly.Launch Google Play Store in your unit and search for


  1. .
  2. Tap
    • “Install”
    • and start the software once downloaded.
    • Draw an unlock pattern and verify it to
  3. set up
  4. the app



  1. “AGREE AND START”.Tap the lockicon close to “Gallery”
  2. through the set of apps.Agree towards the needed permissions to lock your Gallery.All Done!
  3. once you start your Gallery once again, it may need one to draw the pattern to unlock it. You are able to place a lock on virtually any application you want with AppLock. Hiding Photos and Videos Without placing a Password in the Gallery Many apps will help you conceal pictures and videos in your Android os phone without placing a password on Gallery. Let’s quickly discuss several of those apps and exactly how to utilize them.Method # 1: utilizing the Digital Private Vault App
  4. Digital Private Vault is a third-party application that will help you conceal crucial pictures and videos using the next actions.Install Digital personal Vault
  5. from the Enjoy shop in your unit.Open the software, enter a recovery e-mail and a new PIN, and verify it to set your account.
  6. Tap




to generate a brand new record album with a brand new title and password.



  1. > “+” in the bottom regarding the display to include pictures from your own Gallery.
  2. Allow the software to gain access to the news in your phone and find the photos you need to hide.Tap the check icon and choose “Move”
  3. to move the pictures towards the personal folder.That’s It!The application will now need your password to gain access to the pictures you hid. You are able to utilize the “Import” option to help keep the pictures within the Gallery while saving a duplicate within the app.
  4. Method # 2: making use of Bing ArchiveYou can conceal the pictures from your own Android os Gallery by going them towards the Bing Photos archive utilizing the technique below.Open Google Photos.
  5. Open the
  6. “Library” by tapping the book icon in the bottom.Tap


and touch the add photosicon

during the top-left part regarding the display.

Choose the pictures you want to conceal and touch

  1. “Done”.All Set!
  2. Your chosen pictures will now be taken from the Gallery and discovered within the “Archive” folder on Bing Photos.Method no. 3: Using the Secure FolderSamsung phones provide a unique function for their users that will help them in hiding pictures on the Android os products using the next actions.
  3. Launch Settings and navigate to “Biometrics and safety” > “Secure Folder”
  4. .Tap “Continue”

, register to your Samsung account by entering your qualifications, and tap

“OK”.Set up a security PIN, password, or pattern, and faucet



  1. Follow the on-screen directions to setup your Secure Folder.All Set!Select any record album or picture you need to conceal and touch the three-dot menu. Touch
  2. “Move to Secure Folder”. You’ll be allowed usage of the Secure Folder by entering your chosen lock kind. You are able to conceal any files and apps you want into the Secure Folder.SummaryIn this guide, we’ve discussed just how to place a password in your Gallery with Android os. We’ve additionally talked about several techniques to conceal pictures and videos without locking your Gallery.Hopefully, your condition is fixed, now you’ll keep your pictures and videos through the wandering eyes of others.
  3. Frequently Expected concernsHow do I allow fingerprint on Android os?Launch the
  4. Settings app in your Android os unit and navigate to “Lock screen and safety”


“Screen lock type”. Touch “Fingerprints” and proceed with the on-screen directions to setup your fingerprint. You’ll be expected to raise your hand and sleep it in your phone from numerous perspectives.Is a fingerprint safer than a password?

A strong, dependable password is generally





pc software. If compromised, fingerprints can’t be changed, in addition they additionally can’t be changed between different reports or products. Despite having ordinary things like play dough, fingerprint sensors can be simply compromised.

Are you delicate concerning the safety of the personal photos and videos in your Android os device and desire to lock the Gallery? Don’t stress; you are able to password-protect your pictures and videos quite conveniently.Quick AnswerTo placed a password in the Gallery with an Android unit, down load AppLock through the Play Store. Introduce the software, draw an unlock pattern and verify it to setup the application. Touch


. Touch the lock icon beside the Gallery through the set of apps. Consent to the required permissions to secure your Gallery.To result in the entire procedure possible for you, we’ve written a thorough guide with numerous step by step solutions to place a password in the Gallery with Android.

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