How To Put Two Pictures Side-by-side on Your iPhone

Photo gallery in an iPhone

Occasionally, you want to publish just one picture showing your overall self when compared with your youth self. Nonetheless, we don’t have that option within our gallery software. Therefore, how do we modify our pictures and put them side-by-side on our iPhones?

Quick Solution

You may use the in-built Shortcuts software on your own iPhone. Or perhaps you may even install a third-party photo modifying software through the Apple shop.

Let’s observe how to accomplish both.

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  1. How To Put Two photos Side-by-side in your iPhone
    • Method # 1: utilizing the Siri Shortcuts App
      • For iOS 14 Users
      • For iOS 15 Users
    • Method # 2: Using a Third-party App Like Layout
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently expected concerns

How To Put Two photos Side-by-side on Your iPhone

To put two photos hand and hand on an iPhone, you may either utilize the Siri Shortcut software or the Layout software. You may get the Layout software from the Apple shop, whereas the Siri Shortcut software includes your iPhone.

Below will be the actions you need to follow to make use of these apps to position your pictures hand and hand.

Method no. 1: utilizing the Siri Shortcuts App

If you have the Shortcuts app already pre-installed on your own iPhone, you’ll straight introduce it and proceed with the under actions. If you don’t own it, just go right to the Apple App shop and do the installation after that. Shortcuts software, but, works for only iOS 12 and above. This is how to make use of it on iOS 14 and iOS 15.

For iOS 14 Users

To place your pictures side-by-side making use of an iPhone with iOS 14, you need to:

  1. Open the “Shortcuts” app by hitting its icon.
  2. Click on “Create Shortcut” present in the app’s primary screen and include a fresh shortcut.
  3. On the following display screen, select the “Combine Images” choice into the search list after finding it into the search club.
  4. Under this program, you’ll will have to edit and put your pictures close to one another as follows:
    • As you need to combine the 2 pictures by putting them close to one another, into the “Mode” choice, select “Side-by-Side.”
    • Based on whether you need your pictures put horizontally or vertically close to one another, choose either “Horizontal” or “Vertical.”
    • To keep no room between your two pictures, keep the “Spacing” field blank.
  5. Now, select the “Save to Photo Album” choice into the search list after finding it into the search club. This may spot the last picture collage into the picture App.
  6. Again click the “Album” choice underneath the “Save to picture Album” part. Choose the location to save lots of your last photo collage.
  7. Click on the “Settings” choice, put in the very best right-hand part associated with shortcut.
  8. Tap regarding the “Name” option and key in an effective title like “Create Photo Collages” for the shortcut. This shortcut could be reused the very next time straight.
  9. In the Photos software, you will find the shortcut “Create Photo Collages” by hitting the “Show in Share Sheet” toggle.
  10. In the very best right-hand part, press on “Done. Once again, press Done to save lots of this shortcut.

For iOS 15 Users

You can spot your photos side-by-side by:

  1. Launching the “Shortcuts” software and clicking on the “(+)” indication into the top-right corner.
  2. Now, select “Add Action” and discover and select “Select Photos.”
  3. Here, toggle in the ‘Select Multiple’ choices.
  4. In the search club at the end, look for “Combine Images.”
  5. Click on “Combine Images” and choose “Horizontally.”
  6. Search for “Save to picture Album” and then click about it into the search engine results. This may keep your pictures into the picture app.
  7. Now, use the box on the top to name your shortcut.
  8. Next, in the top-right part, go through the blue toggle and then click on “Add to Residence Screen,” after which “Add.” This may simply take one to the house Screen.
  9. Go back once again to the App and then click on “Done” and “X” to save lots of every thing and exit.

Next time you need to utilize the “Combine Photos” shortcut, find the pictures you intend to combine in the Photos App. Go through the “Share” symbol and choose “Shortcuts.” Right here, go through the “Combine Photos” shortcut. It’s going to combine the pictures you selected and shop them in the Photos software immediately.


For iOS 15 users, into the Shortcut software, you need to use the arrow to modify the area between pictures.

Method # 2: Using a Third-party App Like Layout

You can additionally combine two pictures making use of a totally free software like design by Instagram. Publishing images on your own Instagram account ended up being never ever more pleasurable! Utilizing Layout, you are able to include pictures in lots of ways.

  1. Install and launch the “Layout” software through the Apple App shop.
  2. On Layout’s primary screen, find the photos you wish to place side by side.
  3. As you choose your pictures, the Layout displays different combinations of one’s photos towards the top.
  4. Choose the blend who has your photos side-by-side.
  5. Your chosen choice will start in full-screen mode. Different tools and filters will show below; you need to use them to modify or improve your combined photo.
  6. In the top-right part, simply click on “Save” to save lots of your last blended photo. The design keeps the image into the Photos app.
  7. Finally, shut the modifying mode in the Design app by simply clicking “Done.”

The design software is free and may be utilized infinitely. It can be utilized on iOS models that don’t help Apple’s Shortcut app.


Combining your pictures happens to be much simpler aided by the Shortcuts software by Apple. If you don’t get it set up currently, you may get it through the software shop. Proceed with the actions provided above to generate your picture collages. Your phone does not help Shortcuts? No issue. You are able to go with the design software by Instagram or other third-party software through the App shop. Additionally they combine pictures pretty seamlessly.

Frequently Expected concerns

How may I place two photos hand and hand on Android os?

On Android phones, you’ll combine pictures utilizing the Photo Gallery.

1. Within The gallery, you will discover the choice to mix Photos by simply clicking the “Hamburger Icon.”
2. Now you can select pictures you need to combine and then click on “OK.”

There is not any need certainly to install an external software because of this.

How do we combine two pictures on a Samsung phone?

1. On a Samsung phone, go right to the File Manager Option and touch the “Hamburger Icon.”
2. Select The pictures you need to combine and choose the “Checkmark Option.”
3. You should have both pictures combined.

Are there free third-party photo apps utilized to mix pictures?

Yes, Layout by Instagram, Collage Maker by Kapwing, and PicMonkey are a couple of free third-party photo modifying apps. They could be installed and utilized through the App shop. Another software, Photoshop Mix by Adobe, is compensated but can be utilized by Android os and iOS users.

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