How To Raise Hand in Zoom on Computer

  1. what exactly is “Raise Hand” in Zoom?
  2. How To boost Hand in Zoom on a Computer
    • Method # 1: Raise turn in Windows or macOS Computer
    • Method number 2: Shortcut To boost turn in Zoom on Windows
    • Method no. 3: Shortcut To boost turn in Zoom on MacOS
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

What Is “Raise Hand” in Zoom?

“Raise Hand” in Zoom is an element that enables one to produce a virtual “raise hand” during presentations. Because of this, you are able to ask the participant or the conference host concerns, which works just like increasing your hand throughout the course or conference and requesting authorization to talk up.

How To boost Hand in Zoom on some type of computer

There are multiple how to raise a hand during a Zoom session using the pc. Therefore, let’s become familiar with every one of them.

Method # 1: Raise turn in Windows or macOS Computer

Follow the steps below to improve your hand while operating Zoom in your Windows or macOS computer.

  1. During a Zoom conference or class, glance at the bottom-left part associated with the display screen; you’ll see an option named “Reactions“. Simply click this switch, and a listing of responses can look regarding the top part. 
  2. Press the “Raise Hand” switch. It’s going to deliver a speaking request towards the host associated with the meeting.
  3. Once the host takes your demand, you are able to talk or ask any such thing into the meeting.

Method number 2: Shortcut To Raise turn in Zoom on Windows

Zoom in addition has provided a shortcut for the “Raise Hand” function. You’ll press Alt + Y together to improve your hand throughout the conference, and also this works just like pushing the switch utilizing the cursor. But, it is an even more convenient way.

Method no. 3: Shortcut To Raise turn in Zoom on MacOS

If you’re making use of a MacBook or a pc operating on macOS, you are able to increase your turn in the Zoom by pushing the Option + Y together. This can alert the host associated with the conference, and they’re going to permit you to talk or pose a question to your concern.


This is tips on how to increase your turn in Zoom using the pc. The techniques mentioned previously will continue to work, but guarantee your Zoom software is updated since the “Raise Hand” switch wasn’t contained in the old variations. Besides, its also wise to make sure your computer has an integral mic or that you’re associated with an external mic whenever you increase your turn in Zoom.

Frequently Expected concerns

Why can’t we start to see the “Raise Hand” icon on Zoom?

There could possibly be two reasoned explanations why you can’t start to see the raise hand symbol on your own Zoom screen. First may be the host associated with the conference might have disabled the feature, meaning they have actuallyn’t permitted you to talk verbally throughout the conference. 

The 2nd one is you’re making use of Zoom’s old variation, where in actuality the “Raise Hand” switch wasn’t included. Therefore, these will be the feasible reasons if you fail to start to see the raise hand symbol in your Zoom.

Does Zoom immediately increase your hand?

Zoom can’t automatically stimulate the Raise Hand function, however it has an element that catches the motion of someone. If you increase your hand above the head, the artificially smart system associated with the Zoom will automatically identify your motion and introduce a command which you have actually raised your hand and wish to ask a question. 

This convenient feature allows one to increase your hand without pressing your keyboard or mouse.

Does Zoom show whom utilized the “Raise Hand” first?

Being a host associated with the conference, you’ll see who may have raised hand first. If you’re using a class and numerous pupils have actually raised their fingers throughout the course, you are able to quickly determine if you’ve got raised their hand first by taking a look at the list. 

The pupil whom raised their hand first are going to be near the top of record, and people whom raised their hand at the moment are going to be at the conclusion.

Can We decrease if some one has raised a hand in Zoom?

Being a bunch associated with the conference or course, you can easily drop the “Raise Hand” request by ignoring it. In the event that you didn’t accept the demand, it could remain pending forever.

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