How To Read All Emails on iPhone

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Reading All e-mails on iPhone

Method # 1: Marking Emails as “All Read” in iPhone’s Mail App

Method no. 2: Marking Emails as “Read” in Gmail on iPhoneHow To Flag e-mails on iPhoneHow To include e-mails to VIP List on iPhoneSummaryFrequently expected concernsReading All e-mails on iPhoneIf you might be wondering just how to read all email messages on your own iPhone, our 2 simple and easy quick step-by-step practices below will allow you to finish this task in virtually no time.Method no. 1: Marking Emails as “All browse” in iPhone’s Mail AppiPhone’s Mail software is an integrated iOS app that means it is relatively simple to handle email messages from solitary or numerous reports in one single spot. Apple helps it be simpler to mark all of your email messages as “Read” and can help you get rid of the group of unread communications into the following way.Launch the Mail app on your own iPhone. 

check out

“All Inboxes”

  1. and faucet the
    • “Edit”
    • choice into the top-right part for the display screen.
  2. Tap
  3. “Select All”
  4. into the top-left part.
  5. Tap


into the base left of this display screen and tap

“Mark as Read”


All Done!

  1. All of one’s past email messages will show as “Read”.Method number 2: Marking Emails as “Read” in Gmail on iPhoneIf you might be utilizing the Gmail software on your own iPhone, do these actions to learn all of your email messages.
  2. Keep in your mindYou cannot mark all email messages as “Read” when using the Gmail software on your own iPhone. Nevertheless, it is possible to use
  3. Gmail webto mark all communications as “Read” without starting them.Launch the
  4. Gmail app on your own iPhone.Tap the sender’s profile image beside the e-mail you need to mark as “Read”.

Tap the


icons into the top-right part for the display screen.

Your e-mail is marked as read.

How To Flag e-mails on iPhone

When you flag a contact in your iPhone’s Mail application, a visual marker is included with it, to help you effortlessly discover the message later on. This is a helpful solution to organize your inbox while making certain you don’t just forget about essential communications. To flag a contact on iPhone, do the next actions in series. Open the Mail software

  1. on your iPhone and start any e-mail. Tap the “Action
  2. ” button and choose the “Flag” choice through the menu.
  3. Select the color for the banner, as well as your e-mail message is included with the flagged folder.

To banner numerous email messages, follow these guidelines.

Open the

Mailapp, faucet


  1. > “Select All”, or pick specific email messages.
  2. Tap “Mark”.Tap “Flag”
  3. from the menu.How To incorporate e-mails to VIP List on iPhoneYou can add on email messages towards the VIP list on your own iPhone to prepare your communications and keep essential people in a different folder into the following way.

Go to your

  1. Mailboxes into the Mailapp on your own iPhone.Tap “VIP” or the
  2. info (“i”) icons next to it and touch the “Add VIP”
  3. option.Search for the contact

and pick it.

The brand new connection with a contact target is included with the

  1. VIP list.SummaryIn this guide, we’ve discussed just how to Read All email messages on your own iPhone with simple and easy easy-to-follow guidelines. We’ve additionally discussed flagging the email messages and including them to your VIP list that will help you organize your e-mail associates and communications. We hope your problem is remedied, and today it is possible to quickly declutter the inbox on your own iPhone.Frequently Expected concerns
  2. Can we add extra e-mail files on iPhone?To organize your messages, it is possible to produce extra customized files into the Mail software. To Do This, check out the Mail software on your iPhone and tap “Mailboxes”. Pick a contact account into the reports list and faucet “Edit”
  3. . Tap “New Mailbox” into the lower-right part for the display screen and kind the specified title. 
  4. underneath the “Mailbox Location” header, touch the account and choose the place. Tap


and select


to confirm the action.

How do I allow the unread email messages folder on my iPhone?

To allow the unread email messages folder on iPhone, available the Mailapp and faucet “Mailboxes” in the upper-left part of one’s display screen. Choose “Edit” and touch “Unread”

to checkmark the possibility. Touch the “Done” choice into the top right corner for the display screen and return to “Mailboxes”. The “Unread” folder will now be around.Why are my unread email messages maybe not showing on my iPhone?If your unread email messages aren’t showing on your own iPhone, it’s likely you have deterred the notification or the Mail software badge. To turn it on, head to


> “Notifications” , find the Mail software option, and allow the notification or badge option.

If you utilize your iPhone to test your email messages daily, it’s likely you have virtually no time to endure each message, which clutters your inbox. Luckily for us, there’s a method to mark all of the email messages as “Read” without starting any.Quick AnswerIf you need to mark all e-mails as “Read” on your own iPhone, launch the Mail app and mind to “All Inboxes”

. Tap

“Edit” into the top-right part for the display screen and faucet “Select All”. Tap “Mark” > “Mark as Read”.In this easy and step-by-step article, we shall demonstrate just how to read all email messages on your own iPhone. We’ll additionally share flagging email messages or include them to your VIP folder.

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