How To Read Text Messages Online on Verizon

Verizon messaging app on a mobile phone

How To Read texts on the web on Verizon?

Option no. 1: View Texts utilizing the Verizon Website

For private Account

For Business Accounts

Option # 2: Read Text Messages utilising the Verizon Message Plus App

  1. Option # 3: watching Texting History on Verizon
    • Conclusion
      • Frequently expected concerns
      • How To Read texts on the web on Verizon?
    • To read text messages online on Verizon, you must get on your Verizon account. Signing directly into your Verizon account allows you to evaluate any individual communications which have been delivered to you.
    • The following vary how to login into the Verizon account and evaluate your talk web page.
  2. Option no. 1: View Texts utilising the Verizon Website
  3. You now read your texts while searching online through their site. Do your shopping while simultaneously reading communications from your own Verizon inbox. You need to stick to the under actions.

For Individual Account

To read texts on Verizon making use of your individual account, you need to:

Go to Verizon’s site login web page –


Verizon login


Enter your

  1. username and password to get on your account.
  2. Once logged in, regarding the My Verizonhome web page, navigate to the Accounts web page
  3. .Click on the “Text Online” choice.If you’re expected to read and accept
  4. the offered stipulations, please do this.On the following web page, pick a “Conversation”
  5. from the left-hand part pane.The selected discussion
  6. through the pane happens to be shown for you yourself to read.For Business AccountsTo read texts on Verizon making use of your company account, you need to:
  7. Go to the Our Business login web page of Verizon – My Business Login


Enter your

  1. login credentials for the company account.Next, in your My Verizon company homepage
  2. , go directly to the Accounts section.
  3. Now, faucet regarding the “Text Online” choice.You can be expected to read and accept
  4. the stipulations. Please read and accept them.Select one associated with conversations you wish to read
  5. from your own company associates regarding the left-hand sidebar.The discussion opens up, and you may read it.
  6. Apart from earnestly checking for brand new communications regarding the Verizon site, you are able to read texts passively. This can be done via pop-up communications through the Verizon Message Plus application. The following heading helps guide you to work on this.Option no. 2: browse Text communications utilising the Verizon Message Plus App
  7. The

Verizon Message Plus application enables you to read texts while on the go. If you should be on an iPhone, down load it through the Apple App shop. Android os users can install the application through the Bing Enjoy shop and commence utilizing it. You are able to install it as a desktop or internet application too!Here will be the actions to follow along with to make use of the application:

Open the

newly set up app to configure it.Use your

My Verizon account

  1. to get on the Verizon communications Plus application to synchronize your phone to learn communications.Enter your phone quantity
  2. to deliver a code for synchronizing.Please enter this code
  3. into the application in your phone to sync it.Now, select a nickname
  4. for future navigation and then click on done.You is now able to read your texting online through the Verizon communications Plus App
  5. .InformationOther than viewing communications, you may also make use of the Verizon communications Plus application to produce and deliver communications.
  6. Option # 3: watching Texting History on VerizonApart from present communications, you may also read communications on Verizon which are up to 90 times old

. Even call logs being nearly

18 months old

can be seen regarding the Verizon site. Let us check out the steps to look at the older text messages as follows:

First, you need to get on your My Verizon Account.Log in as an Account Manager

  1. or Owner.
  2. right here, relocate to the My use element of your account.Next, find the option for “View Past Cycles.”
  3. To select the payment rounds associated with communications you wish to see, scroll right down to the My Bill area.
  4. Now, pick from Data, talk, and text
  5. activity into the Get the important points area.
  6. ConclusionAs you can view, Verizon not merely enables you to see brand new and present communications but additionally old people. You must pick the conversations in your past payment rounds. You are able to read and see communications regarding the Verizon site additionally the My Verizon Message Plus application. You may also make use of the application as a desktop or internet application. You are able to select any choice you’re confident with.Frequently Expected concernsCan you message an individual who is not on Verizon utilizing the My Verizon account?As long as their US number is active, it is possible to receive and send communications to a non-Verizon individual. However they should have a valid US number because of it.

Can you receive and send multimedia or MMS communications through the Verizon center?

Yes, you could add emojis, pictures, papers, or videos for their multimedia function. Since the texting facility is embedded into the system, the communications remain plus don’t get lost.

Can you see other people’s texts in your account?

The Account Owners and supervisors can only just see message use details like mobile quantity, date, and time of every message gotten or delivered. They could see communications for every line on the account. However they cannot start to see the content associated with texts.

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Ever wondered if it had been feasible to see texts from your own Verizon account online? Yes, it will be possible. Within the under article, we are going to demonstrate how to perform some exact same.

Quick Answer

There are three straight ways you are able to do that. The initial two methods permit you to read immediate messages online via the web site or the Verizon Message Plus application. One other method allows you to read past communications by signing directly into your account through the site or app.

This post contains extremely simplified procedures for accessing your communications regarding the Verizon platform.

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