How To Reboot Verizon Fios Box

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  1. Method # 1: Resetting Your Verizon FiosBox with a Remote
  2. Method # 2: Rebooting your Fios Box Physically
    •  Resetting Your Fios Box Remote
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: Resetting Your Verizon FiosBox with a Remote

If for whatever reason, your Verizon Fios Set-Top Box isn’t being employed as it’s taken care of, you can reboot it. Nonetheless, remember rebooting your unit won’t have equivalent impact as resetting your unit, so that you won’t have the ability to reset it back once again to its factory settings.

Now we made the essential difference between rebooting and resetting your package clear, why don’t we proceed to rebooting your unit. Here’s how you’ll Reboot your device.

Fios Box Settings
  1. Press the choice Button on your Remote.
  2. Now scroll to your Top Support Tools.
  3. Inside the Tools, scroll down until such time you see Reboot STB.
  4. Once in the Reboot STB screen, a prompt will alert you that you’re rebooting your unit. When you have determined about rebooting your Fios Box, press the verify button, as well as your Verizon Fios will soon be Reset.

Method # 2: Rebooting your Fios Box Physically

If accessing your Fios Box with a remote isn’t any longer a viable choice, this technique could be the approach to take for you personally. Even though this technique will come for your requirements as a somewhat careless one, we could guarantee you it is perhaps not, as absolutely nothing bad can happen to your unit. Now to reboot your unit, simply follow these steps.

  1. Turn OFF your TV and your set-top box.
  2. Take out of the chord of one’s Box for 15 secs.
  3. Now Turn On your Set-Top Box.

By after these actions and achieving only a little persistence, it will be possible to reboot your Fios Box. When you have any software-related pests, getting this smooth Reset done will likely sort them out.

 Resetting Your Fios Box Remote

If for reasons uknown, even with rebooting your package, your remote fails to operate ordinarily, you’ll simply reset your remote. But prior to deciding to do this, I would ike to alert you that your particular remote is going to be reset to its standard environment in so doing. If resetting your remote is not a problem for you personally, you’ll carry on resetting your remote by:

  1. Pressing the 2 button and OK on your remote simultaneously.
  2. Once you push on the buttons, wait for a red light to blink.
  3. After the light blinks, press 9-0-0 in your remote.

As quickly while you push on the above-mentioned series in your remote, a red light will blink, notifying you which you have actually effectively reset your remote. Given that you have got restored your remote to its Factory Settings, don’t forget to reconfigure it later on.


Whether you’re viewing a movie or perhaps blasting music in your Verizon Fios Set-Top Box, perhaps the concept of your package perhaps not responding can destroy your complete mood. Nonetheless, don’t worry, as Soft Resetting just takes a matter of seconds to obtain the required outcomes.

To conclude this guide, develop that this guide of ours can help you reboot your Fios Box with simplicity. Furthermore, when you do come across equivalent dilemmas even with rebooting your unit, it could be time to connect with Verizon’s support.

Frequently Expected concerns

How to reset your Verizon Fios Router manually?

There are a couple of methods for you to reset your Verizon router; the very first one calls for you to definitely be actually beside the router, although the other one lets you take action remotely. If you’d like to reset your Fios router manually, you will need to press and support the switch on its straight back before the light about it starts blinking.

How do I sync my Fios remote with my television?

To connect your Fios remote along with your television, you’ll need Press and support the “O” key in your remote whilst additionally pushing the Enjoy switch. As soon as you do this for some moments, a light begins blinking; hold back until the light stops blinking, as well as your remote will likely to be ready to go.

Can I reboot my Fios Set-Top Box without a remote?

If for whatever reason, you wind up losing usage of your Fios Set-Top Box while wanting to reboot it, you’ll quickly reboot it utilizing the old-fashioned smooth Reset switch. Despite the fact that rebooting your unit actually never ever may seem like advisable, it’s a thing that can fix plenty of performance dilemmas if performed right.

How to reboot Verizon FiOS Router with an app?

To take control of your router with the aid of an app. Visit your My Verizon App. Navigate through Account Tab > Residence Web Tab > Network settings > Router settings in the application. Thoughts is broken in the Router environment, press restart, as well as your unit will remotely restart.

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