How To Refresh a Page on an iPad

Dining table of articles

  1. Method # 1: utilising the Address Bar
  2. Method number 2: making use of the Keyboard Shortcuts 
  3. Method number 3: Using the Pull-to-Refresh Feature
  4. imagine if the Refresh Option Does Not Work?
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Expected Questions

Method # 1: utilising the Address Bar

The target club the most convenient and straightforward methods to refresh a web page. When you are stuck on a webpage, just find the address club at the end of the display screen. It’s the search package where in fact the Address associated with the web site exists. On its right part, you will observe the reload icon. Touch it to recharge the web page on your own iPad within minutes. 

Keep in Mind

If you can’t find the target club or the reload switch, it might be disabled. Click the “aA” menu and faucet the “Show Bottom Tab Bar” choice. Now, you are able to quickly reload a full page utilizing the reload symbol. 

Method no. 2: making use of the Keyboard Shortcuts 

If you’re a keyboard individual and utilize Bluetooth in order to connect it together with your iPad, you can expect to appreciate this process a lot more than the aforementioned. 

Now, there are two main how to get this technique meet your needs. First, you are able to find the Command function and “R” together to reload the web page. But often, it really is difficult to remember all of the shortcuts if you should be perhaps not a frequent keyboard individual. 

In such a case, you are able to just press and keep the Command key to produce all of the keyboard shortcuts. Then, find the refresh button and then click onto it. This may permit you to go through the shortcut you need right now, and it surely will be achieved within minutes. 

Method number 3: Using the Pull-to-Refresh Feature

If you need a quick energizing technique and never desire to disturb your scrolling, this is actually the way of you.

Simply check out the top the display screen with an easy scroll of the hands. Then, press and keep the the top of website to pull it down. This may recharge your web page. The sole disadvantage is the fact that it won’t work if you should be at the end associated with the web page, you could constantly switch between your top and bottom search club features. 


You may use the hard refresh feature to start out a web page from a fresh angle. This may permit you to eliminate all of the snacks and cache of this particular website and offer its latest variation.

To do a hard refresh on an iPad, head to Settings > “Safari” > “Clear History and site Data” > “Confirm”. If you don’t need to get rid of this internet page’s history, head to Settings > “Safari” > “Advanced” > “site Data” > “Remove All internet site Data”.

What in the event that Refresh Option Does Not Work?

This can happen in the event your internet connection just isn’t working. Then, in spite of how you decide to try refreshing a full page, it won’t reload the website. Likewise, in the event that you access a geo-restricted web site, you might get obstructed within minutes from attempting to get access to it.


To put it, the refresh choice on an iPad is an attribute that Apple has made convenient. We can not state the exact same for many of Apple’s features. Ideally, this web site can help you in times during the need, and you may select the simplest choice for a fast turnaround. We undoubtedly think the pull-to-refresh function is a life-saver.  

Frequently expected concerns

Where could be the refresh switch on Safari?

It might be concealed combined with the target club. But there is however an alternate; you are able to simply swipe on the next paragraphs through the the top of display screen on any Apple unit. This w reload any website. 

Will hard refresh erase all information we have actually entered in the website?

Yes, it’ll. Choosing the difficult refresh function will remove all cache and snacks. It’ll get back with a webpage which will appear not used to you because it did the very first time. You could avoid getting rid of the webpage’s history with some presses. 

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