How To Reinstall Keyboard Driver


Reinstalling Keyboard Driver

Method # 1: making use of unit Manager

Method # 2: utilizing the formal WebsiteMethod number 3: Scanning for Hardware ChangesMethod no. 4: making use of Driver BackupStep # 1: producing a brand new FolderStep # 2: Opening Command PromptStep no. 3: keeping Driver BackupStep no. 4: Uninstalling DriverStep # 5: Reinstalling the DriverReinstalling Keyboard Driver on MacSummaryFrequently expected concerns

Reinstalling Keyboard Driver

If you might be wondering how exactly to reinstall the keyboard motorist, our five step by step techniques will allow you to attempt task quite easily.

  1. Method # 1: making use of unit Manager
    • One associated with the simplest means of reinstalling the keyboard motorist in your Windows 10 Computer is to apply Device Manager. 
    • Right-click
    • “Start”
    • in your Windows PC and then click the
      • “Device supervisor”
      • option. 
      • Expand the
      • “Keyboards”
      • part and right-click in your installed keyboard.
  2. Choose
  3. “Uninstall Device”
  4. through the context menu.

A verification message can look in the display screen; simply click


to ensure.


  1. your Computer, while the keyboard motorist will immediately reinstall.Method # 2: utilizing the Official WebsiteYou can quickly reinstall the keyboard motorist on your personal computer through the formal site of one’s keyboard maker. Visit your keyboard manufacturer’s site and go directly to the “Support & Driver”
  2. tab. Scroll in order to find the motorist detailed for the keyboard.Download
  3. the motorist, unzip the file, and run the .exe file.
  4. Follow the on-screen guidelines to reinstall the keyboard motorist successfully.Method no. 3: Scanning for Hardware ChangesYou can scan your computer for equipment modifications to reinstall the keyboard driver.
  5. Uninstall the keyboard motorist through the unit supervisor as explained in the 1st technique. Right-click in the


choice through the list.

  1. Choose the “Scan for Hardware Changes” option through the context menu.
  2. Wait for a couple moments till your Windows scans and reinstall the keyboard motorist successfully.
  3. Method no. 4: making use of Driver BackupIt is achievable in order to make a backup of one’s keyboard motorist and reinstall it afterward in your Windows PC. The entire way of this method is mentioned into the actions below. Step # 1: producing a New FolderGo to your
  4. “File Explorer”

application on your personal computer and start the

C Drive.

  1. Right-click on a blank area, select
  2. “New Folder,” andname it
  3. “Driver Backup.”InfoThe back-up technique just backs up the
  4. .inf driver

and never the

.msi or .exe files

Step # 2: Opening Command PromptOn your Windows search club, type “cmd.” Select “Command Prompt” through the serp’s. Choose the “Run as Administrator”

option and verify the action with

“Yes.” The demand prompt screen will start with administrative liberties.Step no. 3: keeping Driver BackupType “DISM/online/export driver/destination: Driver Backup”

into the demand prompt screen. This can keep the keyboard motorist in your unit into the

C Drive under the “Driver back-up” folder. Step number 4: Uninstalling DriverHit “Windows+ R” Keys, kind “devmgmt.msc” into the “Run Dialog”

field, and press

“Enter” to start the “Device Manager.” Discover the “Keyboards” choice through the list and expand it—Right-click any available keyboard. Select “Uninstall Device”

through the pop-up menu and then click

“Uninstall” to ensure.Step # 5: Reinstalling the Drivercheck out Device supervisor, expand the Unknown products part, select and right-click the unknown unit, and choose “Update Driver.”Select the “Browse My Computer for Driver” choice. Simply click “Browse” and select the folder where you have got saved the keyboard motorist earlier, i.e., Driver Backup. Wait for installation procedure to perform and restart your Computer a short while later.Reinstalling Keyboard Driver on Mac

If you have got a Mac computer, you’ll reinstall the keyboard motorist into the following way.

Disconnect the keyboard from your own Mac.Launch Finder, simply click “Go,” and check out the

“Library” section.Select most of the files regarding the keyboard motorist and go them to Trash.Empty the Trash and connect

the keyboard to your Mac.

Now, the Mac’s

  1. Setup Assistant
  2. will introduce immediately and reinstall the keyboard motorist.  SummaryIn this guide on reinstalling the keyboard driver, we’ve explored multiple ways of getting this task done quickly on a Windows Computer. We’ve additionally shortly talked about reinstalling the keyboard motorist on a Mac computer. Hopefully, reinstalling the keyboard motorist fixed the problems because of the equipment, and today you’ll form with no hiccups. Frequently expected concernshow come my Laptop keyboard maybe not working?If your laptop computer keyboard isn’t working, there is a concern because of the
  3. laptop’s battery beneath the keyboard. 
  4. To fix this problem, shut down your laptop computer and remove

its battery. Now link the battery cable to your laptop computer. Switch it on utilising the AC energy just, to see if the keyboard is working fine. 

Has your PC’s keyboard instantly began acting up, and you also don’t learn how to repair it? This frequently is really because of outdated keyboard motorists. But, reinstalling them will often repair the problem.

Quick Answer

To reinstall the keyboard motorist on your personal computer, right-click

“Start Menu”

to start “Device Manager.” Increase the

“Keyboards” section, right-click any available keyboard, pick the “Uninstall Device” option from the context menu, and press “OK” to confirm. Restart the Computer, while the keyboard motorist will reinstall immediately.We have actually put together an extensive guide for you yourself to explore a few options for reinstalling the keyboard motorist in your Windows 10 PC.

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