How To Reinstall the Mouse Driver


2 practices To Reinstall Mouse Driver

Method no. 1: Manual Reinstall

Method # 2: Automatic Reinstall


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  1. 2 practices To Reinstall Mouse Driver
    • Method no. 1: handbook Reinstall
    • It’s very easy to reinstall a mouse motorist manually making use of 
  2. Device Manager
  3. ,

a good integral device that permits you to definitely handle different computer software motorists on your computer. This device is available on

all Windows editions

, which makes it the principal approach to reinstalling mouse drivers across Windows devices.   So, stick to the actions below to reinstall your mouse motorist whether your personal computer is running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11:Click the Windows “Start” button and search “Device Manager.”

Alternatively, press

  1. Windows + R buttons in your keyboard to introduce the “Run Box.”Type devmgmt.mscand then select
  2. “Ok” or hit “Enter” in your keyboard to start the Device ManagerOnce the Device Manager opens, you’ll find a summary of all of the installed products.Locate “Mice along with other Pointing Devices.”
  3. Double-click on this method to start a drop-down menu.
  4. Double-click your mouse driver
  5.  out of this drop-down menu.A little tab will probably appear. Select “Driver”
  6. then the “Uninstall” option in the bottom. 
  7. Alternatively, choose “Uninstall Device” through the drop-down menu (the menus might be purchased somewhat differently with regards to the Windows your personal computer is operating).Choose “Ok”
  8. or “Yes” (based on your Windows variation) to verify which you certainly desire to uninstall the motorist.
  9. InfoEnsure that the container close to “Delete the Driver computer software For this product” remains unchecked

 before pressing

“Ok” or “Yes” to verify the uninstallation. Which will enable Windows to reinstall the motorist immediately when you restart the computer. But, this task does not connect with Windows 7, and you will continue without an issue. Method number 2: automated ReinstallUsing a third-party app to reinstall the mouse motorist in your Windows PC is simpler. The software will improve your mouse motorist and all sorts of other motorists in your body. There are numerous motorist updater apps for Windows to choose from. As soon as you install and install one of these, the software will scan your personal computer for motorist dilemmas and 


them automatically

We recommend you use Smart Driver Care. This program is made to identify outdated, incompatible, and lacking motorists. With just one simply click, this software can improve your motorist and resolve any inconveniences that you could be experiencing. 

The software does more than simply upgrade motorists; it will assist sustain your system performance and enhance efficiency by presenting smart features like improve, computer software Updater, and Backup.These will be the actions to make use of Smart Driver Care to reinstall the mouse motorist in your Windows PC:Download the software on your computer through the website link aboveOnce the download is complete, available Windows Explorer

 and visit


  1. Locate the 
  2. “Smart Driver Care” setup, double-click on it, and choose “Run.”Follow on-screen directions to complete setting up the application form
  3. Tap the “Start Scan” button to begin scanning your personal computer for just about any motorist problems.The software will show a summary of outdated motorists in your system. Find your mouse motorist and then click the
  4. “Update Driver”
  5. link next to it. Follow the directions on-screen to accomplish the procedure. The Smart Driver Care software will immediately reinstall the mouse motorist and fix virtually any motorist dilemmas on your computer. 
  6. InfoYou might need certainly to update to your paid version
  7.  of this Smart Driver Care to savor probably the most away from it. During the time of composing this short article, the purchase price had been $39.95. Therefore, if you’re able to pay for this quantity upgrade all of the outdated or corrupted motorists on your computer. The compensated version offers a whole lot more (as stated above) compared to the free variation.

Use the Rollback choice to go back again to the

previously installed driver

if you’re nevertheless dealing with the situation. Here’s just how to begin it:Open the “Device Manager.”

Double-click on the “Mice along with other Pointing Devices” option.

  1. Double-click or right-click in the recently set up mouse motorist from the drop-down menu.Choose the
  2. “Properties” choice to start the mouse properties tab.Choose
  3. “Driver”
  4. through the top menu club and then select the “Rollback Driver” choice.
  5. That takes you to definitely the formerly set up mouse motorist, and ideally, the situation will will have gone away. SummaryAn outdated or corrupted mouse motorist could cause lots of inconveniences as your mouse could become unresponsive or cause some other performance dilemmas. Reinstalling the motorist can make certain that it continues to be up-to-date and clear of any corruption.In our article on reinstalling the

mouse motorist above, we’ve described two ways to achieve this. One would be to reinstall the motorist manually utilizing the integral Microsoft tool called Device Manager. The 2nd technique is to utilize a third-party application such as for instance Smart Driver Care, which immediately updates and reinstalls the best motorist for you personally. 

Smart Driver Care can be obtained across all Windows variations. Hence, technique no. 1 above takes place to function as main option to reinstall the mouse motorist in your personal computer. We wish which you could actually effectively reinstall the motorist making use of among the above methods and resolve any problems that you may be experiencing. 

Frequently expected concerns

how come my mouse no longer working?There are a few reasoned explanations why your mouse is unresponsive. One is most likely that the batteries in your mouse are dead and require replacement. One other explanation may be the mouse motorist is outdated, and you also must reinstall an updated one making use of among the methods we’ve described above. How do i am aware if my cordless mouse is broken?

There are a few outward indications of a broken mouse that you ought to attempt to determine to close out. These generally include but aren’t restricted to the next:

1) Unresponsive drag and fall.

2) Erratic motion.

3) Improper cursor movement.

4) Cursor jumping/jerking around.

5) Cursor isn’t going at all.

Fortunately, there are methods to correct broken or unresponsive mice, and another of these is upgrading or reinstalling motorists, as explained above.

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Windows is sold with computer software referred to as motorists for mice along with other products such as for instance keyboards, printers, and shows. That’s because every unit requires a driver to do business with a PC. In case your mouse driver is corrupted or outdated, you’ll probably experience mouse detection dilemmas and general functionality dilemmas such as for instance input lag and failing drag and fall. Happily, you are able to troubleshoot this inconvenience by reinstalling the motorist.
Quick Answer
There are two ways to reinstall a mouse motorist in your Windows PC – manual and automated reinstallation. The previous involves reinstalling the motorist manually through the built-in Device supervisor tool although the latter needs using a third-party software, that may install the best motorist for you personally immediately. 

Both of those practices are dependable, and you also don’t need lots of technical abilities to make use of any. Keep reading, and also by the conclusion regarding the article, you’ll know how exactly to reinstall a mouse motorist like a pro!

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